How can I be successful using this equipment at fairs?

There are plenty of things to do to drive customers to your booth. You can tape the photos on peoples' shirts, do short, simple readings, talk to a member of the audience, draw a crowd, create a colorful booth, decorate with flashing Christmas tree lights, pass out flyers, put your contact info on the print outs, stand up (don't sit down), reach out to people, entertain them, don't wait for them to come to you, do mini lectures with a kareoke machine, make it fun, be positive, and just help people have a good time!

How many pictures can I expect to take at an event? At a bookstore?

If you actively attract people to your booth, you should be able to take an average of 75-150 photos at a smaller event. At a larger event, especially if it's well advertised, you may take hundreds of photos a day. If you are a book store owner you can expect to take an average of 10-20 photos a day. This is an average based on little or no effort put into advertising or attracting customers. If you put enlarged Aura photos in your window, put an ad in your monthly newsletter or flyer and do other advertising you should average many more photos per day. If you are visiting a bookstore be sure your event is mentioned in their newsletter and advertised in their window. This way you are sure to attract many more customers.

Are there already Aura Cameras in all the fairs?

In most of the major psychic/holistic/new age fairs there are already Aura Cameras. There are many smaller fairs that don't have people to run Aura Camera booths. The smaller fairs are really the most profitable because there's much less expense, especially if the event is near where you live. You can also start your own mini fair circuit in your area. An Aura Imaging representative can tell you how to do this. The small fairs, bookstore appearances, evening work shops and home parties are the most profitable activities. You can now do main stream fairs like home shows, gift shows, art fairs, just about any place there's lots of walk by traffic.

Do you have a list of places I can take the camera?
Yes. Please contact us for more information.

How much money will I make? What about taxes?

Please visit the Aura Equipment Profitability page for more information. Be sure to also check with your state board of equalization about your states sales tax requirements. Many fairs and events require you have an identification number from your state board of equalization.

Do I need a computer to run the Win Aura Camera?
You only need a computer if you want to run the expanded print out or the Interactive and WinAura programs. There is also a way to use the camera alone, without a printer attached as well

Does it have a warranty?
As long as you buy Warranty Modules from us at an average of one per year, you camera is warranted for any damage or malfunction. We do not cover loss or theft, however.