President of the company
Guy Coggins
Inventor of the Aura Camera 6000 Interactive WinAura Imaging and mobility aids for the handicapped.

As you become aware of your aura and the energy of other living beings and situations around you, you can go beyond the unconscious. You enter into a new reality of awareness and make better choices in your life.

When we realize that everything originates from within, we'll see that all the love, peace, and happiness in the universe is inside, waiting to be expressed. That's when we'll discover pure joy. We can have that. It's really so simple and easy when you learn about unique splendor of your own energy.

The famous healer, teacher, and lecturer, Patricia Sun expressed it quite well in this prayer: May we allow the energy of God to flow into us, vibrate within us, expand and radiate from us, as us.

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