For many years, we have had videotapes available to show off our many products and services here at Aura Imaging. But in recent times, the cost to duplicate and mail out videotapes have become overwhelming, to the point of having you buy a copy of the videotape. Fortunately we've been able to transition over to the DVD age; because of cheaper and easier production costs, we can now provide our videos to you for the amazing price of FREE!

We currently have almost eight hours of video spread over two different, double-sided DVDs. Below are the DVDs we currently have available; more DVDs are planned in the near future!

THE AURA SEMINAR DVD - A double-sided DVD containing lectures about auras and Aura Imaging.  SIDE 1 - The 1996 Aura Symposium
• Two hours of lectures about auras from Jacques Beauchamp and Guy Coggins
• Lectures include:
--- Scent and the Aura
--- Aura Healing Methods in Action
--- Color Interpretations
--- Hands on Experience
--- Helpful Hints for Camera Owners
• Only NTSC videos available

SIDE 2 - The 2005 Aura Workshop
• One and a half hours of lectures about and experiences with auras from:
--- Guy Coggins
--- Karen Williams
--- Cynthia Sue Larson (author of "Aura Advantage")
--- Sandy DuVeau (Aura reader, with tips on reading auras)
--- Raines Spirit (Aura reader, showing a live aura session)
• Only NTSC videos available 

THE AURA IMAGING DVD - A double-sided DVD containing about the history of Aura Imaging and our current product line.  SIDE 1 - Introduction to Aura Imaging
• Two hours of videos about Aura Imaging, including:
--- A Tour of WinAura
--- Eleven television segments from shows like Extra and Animal Planet's The Most Extreme where Aura Imaging is showcased prominently!
--- A main video segment which explains Aura Imaging products in full detail.
• Both NTSC and PAL videos are available! 

SIDE 2 - Making the Invisible Visible
• Two hours of videos about Aura Imaging, including:
--- A History of Aura Photography
--- Helping Hand Trainer
--- Videos of several, live aura sessions!
• Both NTSC and PAL videos are available! 

USING THE AURACAM 6000 DVD - A single-sided DVD which shows you how to use the AuraCam 6000.  Using The AuraCam 6000
• A short instructional video on how to use, and take care of, the AuraCam 6000.
• Other videos include:
--- Science Faction, a local television interview with Guy Coggins
--- A quick overview of Auras
--- A short video which describes Kirlian Photography, a precursor to aura photography, in depth
• Only NTSC videos available 

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