Body Vibration Machine
Consume the unwanted fat on your hips, thighs, waist, and on your abdomen by vibration massage. Therefore, polish the skin and reshape your overall body and wellness. 
Spur circulation of blood and improvent of metabolism
With ageing, detrimental stuff like cholesterol and calcium will deposit in the vein and tighten the interior diameter and stiffen the vein which often ensures high blood pressure and Anoxemia and even coronary heart disease. Frequent vibration by our Vibration Machine spurs the circulation of blood flow therefor spreading the vein and dissolving the detrimental stuff with increasing your metabolism and finally evacuating them.

Regulate the neural system
Improve conductive ability of your nerve cells,and regulate the neural system and mitigate neurasthenic.

Simulate intestine
Refresh yourself by stimulating intestine and cure constipation by massage the points according to ancient Chinese medical theory.

Better constitution and enhance immunity
Keep fit without the struggle or burden and better constitution to enhance immunity by enhancing local circulation of your bodys blood.

Whole Body Vibration originated with Soviet scientists finding a cure for muscle atrophy and loss of bone density for Russian cosmonauts returning from the Zero-Gravity of space. Similarly, Russians applied the WBV technology to rehabilitate injured athletes.
Refined in Russia, Europe, and taking elite US sports and entertainment celebrities by storm, Whole Body Vibration has tended to remain both exclusive and expensive. For years, only stars, sports and Olympic teams, or medical institutes could boast a WBV unit, which would usually cost $10,000 or more. 
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck credits such a device with helping him lose 17 pounds in a program of controlled diet and training (Sports Illustrated, August 13, 2007).


1.   10 Minutes is equivalent to 60 minutes of jogging.

2.   Excellent body shaper melts away mass body fat.

3.   Activates entire body, relieve tiredness quickly.

4.   Soothes insomnia and to help you sleep better at night, helps you unwind, stress deduction.

5.   Enhances digestion and soothes constipation, detoxification.

6.   Increases blood flow (circulation) to keep you healthy .

7.   Activates joints, soothes arthritis pain.

8.   Increase metabolism, helping to burn fat and increase your energy levels.

9.   Increase your muscles strength and tighten all muscles.

10. Excellent way to lose weight quick with only 10-20 minutes a day.

11. Increases your body’s ability to naturally improve bone density and fights osteoporosis.

12. Increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH) output by up to 361%.
13. Decreases cellulite and boosts your body's natural collagen production.

14. Elevates your serotonin and neutrophine levels (better mood and sense of well being)
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Price $ 350.00 and $ 75.00 USA 
lower 48 only

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Sorry I no longer sell them
The machine is 4 foot tall,and  
27 1/2 " wide and 31" long
weight 100 pounds

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The Body Vibration machine I bought becuase of my own testimonial
here it is ( Today I went to this place where I pick up my Energizer wands. In their warehouse was a demo of the Whole Body Vibration machine. So I asked if I could try it. For years I have always wanted one but they were thousands of dollars, I know because I sold them. So I stand on this platform that looks like a treadmill but the platform is short. This man turns the speed to about a 5. I think it goes from 0 to 20. WOW!!  what a feeling, it does not really feel like a vibration because one foot goes up while the other one goes down about an inch. So it does not feel like a vibrating massage but more of a wobbler machine. I stayed on it for about 20 seconds. I yelled  “ OH my gosh, this is wild” Actually It made me giggle because it felt fun like a carnival ride. I had never had that feeling before but when I got off I could still feel my self wobble for a few more second. 
So I get in my car only about 5 minutes later and drive off. In about 2 blocks down the road I noticed my eyes were not bothering me at all. This morning when I woke up I had put a new facial cream on for the first time and it got in my eyes. So for about 4 hours while I was at work my eyes burned. I had planned to go home and put in eye drops to hopefully relieve the redness and get that cream out. BUT in only 20 seconds of using the machine they cleared right up. No burning at all. I was shocked that in that short of time my eyes could get the fresh blood in and the detox cream out. Plus my lungs had felt like I had exercised a bit. I felt by a few more minutes my energy increased. I was so impressed I turned around, went back to the warehouse and bought it.

I love my whole body vibration. This is day two. I was sleepy when I came to work because of staying up until 2 am in the morning. So first thing when I got to my shop I got on the machine for about 2 minutes. Not long after I got off not only did it give me energy but my legs had a lot of energy. When I walked I felt lighter. It felt kind of strange like floating. Also when I have to  get into my truck I have to lift myself up into it with the side bar because I am 5'3, kind of short for those big masculine trucks. But yesterday every time I climbed into the truck it was mush easier then ever before. My thighs had more energy in my muscles. What a difference,
Can’t wait to keep using it, only for a few minutes at a time here and there during the day.