What is Interactive Aura Photography?

Research in Auraphotography paved the way for advances in Interactive Auraphotography; these techniques share strong similarities due to their close histories.

Auraphotography, using the AuraCam 6000 and the biofeedback hand sensor, measures your energetic and auric qualities and exposes that on a single Polaroid photograph. However, this only shows your aura for your current feelings and emotions, and does not represent subsequent changes.

Interactive Auraphotography, on the other hand, measures and continues to measure this data in real time. This information is then displayed on a computer or television screen, allowing us to see changes in your emotional state live as it happens. As the video-feed is being shown, the person and their personal aura colors may come to considerably large changes and can also show the instability of ones aura, especially if the emotional state of that person is not in balance. Generally the aura picture does change with every emotional or mental change of the user; this enables us to see the kinds of effects that therapy and adjustments of personal vibrations can have upon ourselves.