This photo shows how we had a weird fire in a candle
This was a normal cheap pretty candle from the dollar store. One night in Lorraine and Georgie's room he decide to open up the vent of the air conditioner to get it cooler in their room. When he did this something flew out of the vent at a 45 degree angle and ended up inside this candle. They both saw something and heard the raddle.  The next morning Lorraine starts to clean the top of her chest of drawers where the candle was. She saw it had been caught on fire during the night so much so the bottom of the candle left a burnt ring on the bottom to the wood of the chest. 

She showed me and Mark, we could could not figure out how this happened. We found burned up inside the candle were roach egg pods that had been dead from poison the the attic. Still, just because some how they flew at an angel and landed in the candle how sometime later when they were asleep it catch on a powerful fire. This scared the heck out of me.