The Tesla Coil ,treats whole system in 4 minutes 

This is used in the homes and in holistic clinics around the world. 
This device can raise your cells vibration to an optimal state. 
Every cell in the body has a tiny battery in it. When those batteries becomes 
low from stress, injury, eating bad food, breathing bad air, drinking bad water
 or from disease it will have electrical difficulty. This device charges the cells 
back up, just like a battery charger does to your cell phone.

Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg found that Cancer is about 15 Millivolts of 
the cells, an aged cell is about 50 Millivolts and a normal cell is about 
70 to 100 Millivolts 
This device powers the voltage back up in the cells so the chemicals, 
 and enzymatic processes can work properly.

Nikola Tesla technology has been one of the most powerful devices I have studied for balancing the body. This device fills up your cells literally with energy. It creates a wide range of pulsed electromagnetic fields which aids in all health aliments.

``The concept for this machine is based on a device invented by Nicola. Tesla and George, Lakhovsky in 1926. It is commonly known today as the Multi-Wave Oscillator or MWO. The term is derived from the large number of high frequency wave oscillations it produced. The MWO device generates life-promoting frequencies which are characteristic of all living organisms. In 1935, he published his ground breaking work, the Secret Of Life explaining his conclusion, after years of research, that  living cells act like miniature batteries. He showed how cells manifest the electrical properties of resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These characteristics when properly balanced create resonance and health. 
``He further observed that during an invasion by microbes, the cells entered into a state of oscillatory imbalance resulting in disease. Lakhovsky went on to observe that high frequency radio waves could energize malfunctioning cells due to the spiral helix, or coil, found in each cell's RNA-DNA that acted as a receiving antenna for the radio waves the MWO's produced. The weak cells pick up on their own unique frequencies within the range of frequencies produced by the MWO, charging back up by drawing energy at that frequency, returning to their optimal electrical state. Those cells would now have the energy to rapidly heal themselves returning to a state of health. 
``Lakhovsky's research demonstrated how the application of an external electrical field (generated by the MWO) was able to do this. In 1925, he began using argon gas in tubes for the antennae of his Multi-Wave Oscillator. 
He found that certain inert gases, when charged by high frequency currents, helped stimulate cellular development by speeding up detoxification. 
``In his book "The Secret of Life", Dr. George. Lakhovsky, the researcher who developed the Multiwave Oscillator, formulated the theory that the DNA of every cell will receive and transmit energies of specific wavelengths. He postulated that since the DNA is shaped as a coil it essentially acts as an antenna. His research found that cells would respond to frequencies in the high hundred thousand Hz up to several billion Hz. Not knowing what each cell's resonate frequency would be, he created his multiwave oscillator such that millions of frequencies were generated and each cell could resonate with its appropriate frequency and receive the energy to maximize its cellular potential. As each cell reached optimum potential they could return to optimum function and the body could then defend itself from pathogenic 
influences and neutralize, reverse and prevent its own disease processes
            We are total electrical beings. All we are is spinning electrons, north and south poles magnetic poles. Without our body’s electricity, harmonics, sub harmonics, frequencies in balance we become sick. If our cellular voltage is not charged up to speed then we die.
                       Stealing our body’s electricity
Every day we lose our body’s electrical energies. We are bombarded by millions of germs, mental stress, physical stress, harmful water, harmful air, and harmful frequencies from the cell phone, TV, house hold appliances and computer. Even when you drive your feet are near the bad electro magnetic fields emitted from your car engine affecting your energy field.
Plus sick and negative people literally steal our voltage because we are human batteries. The electrons will flow into someone’s cells that you are touching, if their batteries are lower then your own. So when you say you are taking my energy it is not a joke.
  By using an electrical device makes a lot of sense since it gives the body the power to heal itself. After all food, vitamins, air, water are electrical. The Earth is an electrical generator, the same goes for our body.
           This treats the whole body system at once in 4 minutes
*Helps release pain by moving in fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen into the area and pushing out the sticky toxic blood that had built up. 
*Helps give the body more energy.
*Helps kills or deactivate the pathogens like parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast.
*It stimulates cellular regenerative process and improves the immune system. It improves the blood flow through out the circulation system by un sticking the red blood cells. This is done by putting back the north magnetic field around them, then they repel each. This starts the blood to flow quickly through out the veins and arteries. 
*This also brings the increase of oxygen into blood. Increase ionization and ozone.
*It helps regulate the metabolism and the adrenal system. 
*Increases bone density and muscle mass. 
*Speeds up the healing process of sprained muscles, ligaments, fractures after hard exercise by moving the lactic acid out that causes pain. 
*It improves athletic performance. 
*Helps you to absorb your nutrients better by opening up the cells a little for easier acceptance. 
*The organs are able to release the toxins so that they get rid of the impurities and regain strength thus detoxifying the body. *Stimulates the ATP production for more energy of the cells. 
*Helps with better concentration, memory and mental clarity. 
*Has shown faster recovery after surgeries. Helps regulation high or low blood pressure. 
*Helps repair nerve damage and blood vessels. 
*Helps to increase deeper sleep, vivid dreams and waking up refreshed. 
*Stimulates the body’s natural pain inhibitors. 
*Helps create a balance acid/alkaline PH in the body.
*Helps relaxes the nervous system, to feel calmer but with more energy in the cells.
*Helps with sex drive by increasing the sex glands and bring the blood flow to the reproductive areas.
*Helps move and drain the lymphatic system which holds toxins and the die off of germs.

For instance, let us suppose a cell vibrates at a certain frequency and a microbe vibrates at a different frequency; the microbe begins to fight the cell through radiation, and sickness is started.If the cell cannot repel the stronger vibrations and if the amplitude of its own vibration is forced to decrease, the microbe gains in amplitude and its vibrations begin to decrease and stop those of the cells, bringing on dangerous sickness or death. 
If, on the contrary, the living cell is started vibrating with the proper amplitude by inside or outside causes, the oscillatory attack is repulsed. 
When you stand or sit with in 2 feet of the Tesla. Coil you are bathed in rich harmonics and sub harmonics. This creates a resonance effect in the atmosphere which resonates with the same elements in your cells. Non thermal photons and electrons which permeates the cells.
``The crown which is the very top of the coil are different inert gases in the plasma tubes that are interchangeable. There are different ways to make the custom crown for you. The basic crown are 6 tubes that are krypton, xenon, argon, neon, helium and E gas which is a combination of three gases inside one tube. Each of the six noble gases creates its own signature vibrational frequency when charged by the high frequency. Each gas reacts with the human energy field thus charging up the mental, spiritual and physical bodies..
This is used in the home and in holistic clinics around the world. Raise your cells vibration to an optimal state.
The Tesla. Coil puts out an electromagnetic field with a high voltage pulse, this also creates ozone.  Ozone acts as a germicide to the body.
Benefits; Gives the body the power to heal itself
* Over all feeling of well-being
* Increase in energy
* Wonderful for the balancing of spiritual, emotional and the physical body
* Boost immune system

There are other gases you can order for your crown such as Nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, mercury vapor and CO2. 
However you can have which ever gases you prefer.
An extra tube for holding in your hands, rolling on your skin or to place in a glass of water for charging is additional $150.00 
International ordering available below. 
Do not use if you have a heart pacemaker, any electrical pumps or are pregnant

Notice the orb of light off marks right for finger and his left shoe
Below is my other Tesla Coil , a smaller one that does not have the plasma lights. It is very powerful, about 350,000 volts