These are photos and videos of us being abused by the spirits in our very haunted house. wait for these pics to load up.
This is weird orb in my bedroom. I wonder who it was. The ten years we have lived in this fixer upper house I have had many orbs that fly around and sometimes in the daytime.
This photo was taken on another night. Again you can see this same large Orb that came in my bedroom for a visit.
Here this same Orb that came to watch my girlfriend bent over to moon her butt to me in my bedroom to make me laugh. We had been laughing and joking, so I guess who ever this orb was likes to  laugh too.
Izah was in his bed trying to sleep when he felt a punch. This is the bruse the next morning. It is as big as a fist.
Another bruise Izha woke up with , with no explanation except he said a spirt was in his room last night.
This is Kris with a bruise a few moths later. She said she woke up with it. 
This is Kris's shoulder with three scratches that burned. She asked me to to take a look because she said she was attacked by a dark shadowy thing. Kris lives in a room in my backyard.
Marks calf right after being attacked by the big monkey while digging a grave for me dog Princess who had passed on. He was digging this hole in my backyard behind my bedroom in the garden  Go watch the video of Mark talking about his experience
Mark woke up with a scratch on his stomach with no with no explanation  other than one of those monkeys again
Kris and Izah who lives in my garage bedroom, over these past ten years have been scratched, punched, strangled, bruised countless times. 
In this house five men have been strangled in their beds while sleeping. I   have 12 people who can tell you their horrable experiences.