Highly Recommended Machines, supplements and books

First off I want you to get the testers off the internet. The alkaline strips, Nitric oxide strips and the test strip that do 11 all in one. And buy a Finger Oxygen Meter

1. The Energizer Health Tool $1900
2. The Handheld Violet Ray $25.00
3. The Chinese Meridian Health Detector along with the acupuncture locator 200
4.  Hulda Clark 9volt Zapper or the Bob Beck RSG 2 Zapper from www.Scadaresearch.com 
​5.  Red Light Wrist Device approx. $60
6.  EEman Bio-circuit $100
7.  Orgone Cushion $100
8.  Herbal Cushion $50
9.  Earth Grounding Pad approx $150
10. The Chi Ionizer $200.00
11.  Zero Point Energy Wand approx. $20

Tips and Misc things I recommend
Cell phone air tube
cell protector

Algae, Geritol, cardio plus

Book I recommend if you want to learn about Bio Human Electricity