The Energizer Scalar Ionic Zero Point Electrical  Pendants
This Energizer Scalar Ionic zero point pendant is perfect for men and women
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The Energizer Scalar Ionic zero point energy pendant with clear crystal diamond 25pcs of crystals
Price $ 59.95
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Imagine a product that could change the flow of your life force energy through the right physical, emotional, and spiritual body.The Scalar Energy Pendant changes these imbalances which means changing the very basis of the world around YOU.  Imagine a product that you only paid ones and benefits for 3 generations. Protect yourself, your children and grandchildren with this amazing Pendant.
Scalar Energy Pendant is a wearable handmade jewelry made from special Japanese volcanic lava containing over 70 Natural Cosmic Energy Minerals, manufactured in our ISO Certified factory in Asia processed under extreme temperature before it is coagulated to form bio-ceramics under low temperature treatment & structurally bonded together at a molecular level. Our Quantum Pendant has the highest negative ions count in the market making it the most effective & fast action results. We combine in the mixture the deep-sea volcanic rocks only found in Japan and emits more scalar energy than Pendant in the industry guaranteed.  This Pendant emits scalar energy including the essential K40 resonance that promotes positive flow of energy & helps to maintain energy balance.  You can get the same energy level 2500 negative ions by going to water falls or caves. 2500 negative ions can only emit scalar energy that can penetrate up to 2" deep in our body. where as 3500-4000 negative ions can go as far as 4" & energizes water & food faster. Scalar energy is a natural good energy & doesn't have any side effect. It potentially harmonize your body's life-force by absorbing heat energy and transforming it into bio-energy which helps your body's metabolic functions achieve holistic wellness.  Wear it on a chain or carry it in your pocket.
The scalar energy Pendant works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly scalar energy enhances the body’s bio-field. Inwardly it works to facilitate cell permeability and thereby enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body.  You can also use the Quantum Pendant to energize drinking water, food (raw or cooked), personal beauty applications (lotions, moisturizers, hair grower etc..), prolong shelf life of flower, fresh fruits and vegetables, energizes your pets or aquarium fish(es) and many more.... 

Health Benefits
Energizes the body & prolonging youthfulness
Strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, against damaging electromagnetic frequency (EmF)
Maintains proper function of the nervous system
Improves metabolism and detoxification
Takes away your aches and pain – including pain from surgery, injury and chronic pain            like arthritis
Improves stamina, endurance and strength, also shorten recovery time during workout
Achieve super quality sleep
Natural solution for hair loss problem due to stress
Reduces skin problems and breakouts
Transforms the water you drink into Alive Water, organic, health giving and purified                 state
Sharpens concentration and mental focus instantly
Increases your flexibility and balance

                What is Scalar Energy?

According to the principle of conservation of energy, energy is perpetual but can be transformed. During the process of transformation, part of the energy will be converted into heat in order to maintain its balanced condition. The resultant heat produced must then be dispersed through processes such as emission or radiation, and a portion of it is converted into energy. The human body is made up of 60 trillion cells, a basic phenomenon of life. Human behavior and activity requires energy. The major source of energy is derived from the energy produced through the activity of ATP in cellular water. Bodily cell regeneration can promote metabolism, which is beneficial to ATP functions. During the process of energy production and nutrient assimilation, toxic waste substances are produced. The unwanted toxic waste will in turn be eliminated via the processes of respiration, perspiration and excretion through the body’s organ systems. Therefore, the breath of healthy people is fresh, they have clean and clear urine and non-odorous, soft stool.

To find out more on Scalar Energy and its healing effects, search Barron Report botom of webpage

Scalar Energy is more field like than wave like and it tends to fill the environment. It is capable of passing through solid objects with no loss of intensity. The Scalar Energy once embedded into an object, the energy will remain in the object indefinitely and can regenerate and repair itself indefinitely.  The effect of Scalar Energy is cumulative, it gets stronger with time.  Scalar Energy is capable of imprinting itself on human DNA
The Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s biofield. The  Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.


Wear it on a chain or carry it in your pocket. The scalar energy from the pendant works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly scalar energy enhances the body’s biofield. Inwardly it works to facilitate cell permeability and thereby enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body.

Health Benefits
Reduces inflammation
Promotes unclumping of cells
Enhances circulation
Enhances immune and endocrine systems
Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
Enhances cellular permeability
Increases energy
Helps to protect DNA from damage
Helps to retard the ageing process
Helps to fight cancer cells
Strengthens the body’s biofield preventing
        electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health
Increases focus and concentration

1. Zidov Akuma, Star of Contender Asia & 2008 Swiss Muay Thai Champion
I have been involved in Muay Thai Kick Boxing for many years. I am currently the 2008 Swiss Muay Thai Champion and the 2006 Swiss SANDA Champion (SANDA is a combination of Muay Thai and Kung Fu). Recently, I starred in Contender Asia as Captain of the Team. Contender Asia was viewed by 400 million viewers around the world! I have been featured and interviewed by numerous magazines and newspapers around the world (including Malaysian Star Newspaper).As you can see, I lead a pretty hectic lifestyle!

Ramazan Ramazanov (World Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion) introduced FE's The Pendant to me and did the demos on me, I was very impressed. WOW!

Now when I train, I always drink the charged water. I feel more powerful and I train so much better. I also noticed since I started wearing the QP, I dont have as much headaches as before. I feel much more relaxed and calm and at night I sleep much better. I have no hesitation recommending FE's QP to everyone!  Thank you so much FE for such a wonderful product!by Zidov Akuma, 2008

2. Ramazan Ramazanov, The Punisher, WMC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Champion  
2008 5th World Title at WPMF World Heavyweight Championships (South Africa)
2008 WBC Muay Thai World Champion Title Fight, (Dubai)
2007 WMC Intercontinental Muay Thai Heavyweight champion (Sydney)
- 2007 WMC Middle East Muay Thai Heavyweight champion (Dubai)
- 2006 Winner of S-1 Heavyweight tournament (Bangkok)
- 2006 PK-1 World champion (Phuket)
- 2005 WMC World champion (Bangkok)
- 2004 King's Birthday tournament Finalist (Bangkok)
- 2004 WPMF World champion (Bangkok)
- 2003 IFMA Russian champion

Training hard day after day takes a toll on my body. 3 years ago I sprained a ligament on my right hand wrist. Every time I punch a punching bag, I can feel the strain on my wrist. When I was first introduced to the Pendant, I was a bit sceptical. However, after hearing how the pendant has helped many people, including world class sports people , I decided to give it a try. Since wearing the it, I noticed the pain in my right wrist is much reduced! Furthermore, my recovery rate has also improved. I feel stronger and has much more energy and power. My concentration has improved and I sleep much better at night. It is indeed a wonderful product! Thank you FE! I have no hesitation recommending it to everyone.

by Ramazan Ramazanov, 2008

PRICE $ 59.95 and $10.00.00 shipping USA, to ship oversease add $28.00
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How to use the pendant
wear around the neck for general health and relaxation
Use pendant to ease back pain
wear at night for deeper healing sleep
Rub pendant over  forehead, or gently rub the sides of temple and over eyes

Place Pendant at the bottom or near a glass of water for 15 mins. to  energize it before drinking

Place Pendant over the abdomen to reduce stomach-ache and period  pain                                

Price $ 59.95
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Pendant with chinese good luck symbols