Read Your Oxygen Levels      Pulse Oximeter  
Place your finger inside on one end and in one minute you wil be able to read your oxygen level and pulse rate. 

                                       Do Experiments to see what raises your oxygen levels
* Walking
* Deep breathing
* Laughing
* Exercise
* Before and after the healing machines like the Energizer Health Tool  or HIgh Frequency Ray

Product Description
Oxygen saturation monitors, Oxygen Monitor, Oxygen Monitors, Fingertip Oximeter CMS-50L, CMS50L

FDA 510k Approved, FDA 510k #: K082641 
Free neck strap 
Free soft zippered carrying case 
Free batteries(AAA 1.5V x 2) 
Warranty: 1 year

Technical Parameters 
* Display mode: LED display 
* SPO2 measuring range:35%-100% 
* Pulse rate measuring range:30bpm-240bpm 
* Pulse waveform display: bar graph display 
* Low battery indication: LED display 
* Power supply Requirement: 1.5V(AAA size) Alkaline Batteries * 2; 
* Working current:<=25mA 
* Resolution: SPO2 : 1% Pulse Rate: 1bpm 
* Accuracy: SPO2 :70% to 100% (+,-)2 digits,below 70%unspecified Pulse rate:(+,-)2bpm or (+,-)2%(select larger) 
* Measurement at Low Perfusion: The values of SPO2 and pulse rate can be displayed properly when pulse saturation is at 0.4%. 
Accuracy of SPO2:(+,-)4% 
Accuracy of Pulse Ratio.(+,-)2BPM or (+,-)2% (Select Larger) 
* Resistance to surrounding light: 
Deviation is smaller than (+,-)1% between value of Oxyhemoglobin measured in natural lighting indoor condition and present lighting sources and that measured in dark room. 
* Automatic shutdown function:The device will power off automatically within 5 seconds when there is no finger in the device.

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