This is my 4-minute meet and greet with Travis Taylor and myself. Our meeting on Skinwalker ranch was on 6/17/21. This was able to be done by zoom by the I was super nervous so keep that in mind when watching this video. I asked him if he was concerned about him having an alien implant and I told him that they are tracking him. I told him we make Tesla Coil machines that delete implants and I invited him to come to My Collection of 90 Different Electric Healing Machines Tesla Museum in Palm Bay Fl. Or visit
This is my 3 minute video of my meet and greet. I was so excited to meet sweet Dragon from Skin Walker Ranch. I woke up minutes before the zoom meeting and I look like it, it  was done late at night. I did get to say the things I wanted to say. I told him about you guys wearing EMF Faraday shielding hats and clothes. I told him to get Faraday material to cover Travis or who ever sleeps on the ranch to protect themselves from the harmful EMFs. I said we build large Coils here and two times we have had aliens that are not of the same species come to watch us, CREEPY. I mentioned how to create a portal using three Tesla Coils. I showed him a photo of my husbands right calf that got injured when he was digging on our property by something invisible. Then I invited him to my museum of 90 different electric healing machines in Melbourne/Palm Bay Fl 
This pink cap is for protection of harmful electro-magnetic fields. You can google faraday clothing protection of EMF