The Electronic Muscle Tester is a breakthrough in technology that brings the useful technique of muscle testing it is used to test and measure muscle strength when squeezed by the hand. This replaces the traditional arm test where the tester forces the test subject arm down and gives a less subjective result. The use of the electronic muscle tester gives a quantifiable value that is reproducible and 90% reliable.  

The instrument gives a readout of the Maximum force of the squeeze and the speed of the squeeze on the analog display. Substances which give a higher result are strengthening and therefore presumably good for you, while substances which give a lower result are weakening and therefore presumably not good for you.

You can also check the effect of forces in the environment such as microwave ovens, computers, by testing with them on and off to see any change.

The technique of testing the strength or weakness of a muscle has been taught to chiropractors for over a decade. George Goodhart, D.C. has been one of the chief proponents of the approach.

Another chiropractor, John Thie, developed the technique further and discovered that the relative strength of different muscles is associated with specific glands and organs. When the client puts a finger on a particular gland or organ and the associated muscle strength is tested, it will be weaker if that gland or organ is malfunctioning.

This system is called "Touch for Health", and has been widely taught for over eight years. Other people found that foods, vitamins, herbs and other substances also affected the strength of muscles as well as thoughts and emotions. This system has come to be called Applied Kiniesiology.

The instrument uses a 9 volt rechargeable battery and comes with a charger. 

Price $350.00 and free shipping USA lower 48  , For  Hi, Canada and Alaska shipping is $35.00,  oversease and bahamas shipping is $45.00

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The Electronic Muscle Tester
Test food, supplements, liquids, crystals. computers and so much more

1. First you adjust the sensitivity
2. Then you squeeze!!!!

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