I have many unusual aura photos, other bizarre paranormal photos and video's so I thought I would list them with links. I suggest first starting at the beginning and just going through them, but if you want to get to a certain one then click on link.                                     These are true photos, some have been cropped or the resolution changed for the better.
Page 1, has an aura photo of what I believe to be a female alien who wanted her photo taken, comparison to an area 51 alien and an alien healing tool. 
Then at the famous Cassadaga Hotel in Cassadaga Florida on the second floor hallway are aura photos of a little lost ghost girl. 
Then an aura photo of a UFO white saucer shape and underneath it you can see another UFO that is cloaked. 
Then Photos of orbs that are in peoples aura photos and one of them actually has chakras.
Then an aura photo of an elemental.
Then aura photos of room full of psychic mediums before and after doing readings.
Then an aura photo of a dying alligator.
Then an aura photo of a women who had lost her 17 year old son to a car accident and his orb and also an aura photo her fathers medallion blessed by the pope.
Then aura photos of food prayed over.
Then before and after aura photos of my colonic.
Page 2, has aura photos of crystals.
Then aura photos of before and after Reiki capturing the color of blue Reiki energy.
Then aura photos of Healing Touch Therapy which is a form of Hands On Healing.
Then aura photos of before and after Reiki session.
Then aura photos of breathing in the essential oil Lavender.
Then aura photos of before and after mediation.
Then aura photos of being in a 7ft copper pyramid.
Page 3, has green orbs flying around in my backyard.
Then Kris's weird fingers.
Then white mist over banana tree.
Then weird orange light in backyard
Then white lights in backyard.
Then more weird lights in backyard.

Page 6, has my meet and greet video with Travis Taylor of Skinwalker Ranch and also my meet and greet video with Dragon from Skinwalker Ranch
Page 4, has a weird looking dragon creature that appeared on her bed and two photos of a dog like thing, one from my backyard the matching one from the Travel channel
Page 5, has photos of a fairy pixy in my porch
Page 7, has Marks weird white creature coming out of his TV during attack in him
Page 8, has a photos of something weird that started a fire
Page 9, has some weird paranormal videos, a video of my bedroom with a hundred orbs, a video of Marks calf attacked by one of the interdimensional; monkeys on our property while digging a grave for our precious dog.
Page 10, has photos and videos of us being scratched, bruised and abused by the spirits in my haunted house. We believe most of these scratches and bruises are from these Interdimensional monkeys on my property. Then to an alien healing tool a UFO and then to my spirit voice app recordings.