5/14 Kris calls me about 11:30 at night saying some big black blob went by her room and when she asked, ‘Is that you Mary?” It said back in my voice ‘Yes, It is Mary”. The yes part was in my voice, but the last words turned into a deep mans voice. She got scared and she asked if I could come out to her which I did. I took my phone and videoed her explaining what happened. Also, the motion detector light by her door kept going off and on that could be activated by cats or raccoons. I saw it turn on when there was nothing that we could see in front of it. So, with my phone I took pictures around the backyard and with my voice recorder on my phone we asked questions to the entity who it is and what does it need, what is its name but no response. So she came to my room to watch Tv to calm her nerves for an hour before going back to her room. 
   This first the pic is of a small neon green orb in the middle of my backyard, near the barbeque. Next pic is it blown up. The next pic is you see a long green neon snake like entity, then it blown up. The next pic is Kris with her hand pointing toward the top of the tree over her room. The flash made her hand white but for some weird reason, on her hand, her third finger looks like it has tentacles. WHY? Then next pic is a white blog in the tree blown up. It looks like a dog, like Max, a Paillon. Last pic is the Banana trees by her room covered by a white mist, why not the whole yard?
   How could this happen? Margo said it is a spirit. So, the backyard was very active at that time. Margo said that there are many different kinds of entities, like raccoons, cats, dogs, monkeys ect because of the portal.
Below is the backyard near the barbeque. See the green orb flying around but then it changes
Below it changed into a long snake like shape. When I took this photo I saw nothing but here it is neon bright green. Again, this must be in another dimension or I would have seen it.
Below is Kris hand pointing up into the tree over room. She saw nothing, just said its over there. I do not understand why her right hand fingers looks like tentacles. Is this because of the portal? The bright white is from my flash.
Below is the banana tree with a white mist surrounding it but why is the mist only over these trees and not the whole yard?
7/3/21 Kris walking in the backyard to her room from the porch when she saw this bright orange neon orange thing fly at her head and hit her on the forehead. This was about 3pm, on a clear calm day. She said it was about 2 inches high and 4 inches long. It smacked her and disappeared. She said it must have been some Florida bug. I laughed and said NOWAY! Florida has no bug like that here or anywhere, she is from Canada. The thing is I told her at 6:30am this morning, I went outside to take more pictures to see if I can catch anything weird and I did. I showed her this photo of a bright orange neon thing on the outside of the porch window. It is the same size that she saw. I said that is what hit you but how, why, and what the heck is it? Somehow, I lost the two other photos I had in consecutive order showing it was moving across the metal from of the window. Shame, some how those two got deleted. 
So, what are these neon green and neon orange spirits? They are not seen with the naked eye. Are they coming through the portal? I think they are.

Below is a photo that was taken at 5am July 8 in my backyard facing the whole yard from outside porch door. This is at the far side of the yard, more up in a tree. What is it?
Here is that white might blown up. Notice the power source it emits from around it.
Below this white light was taken from the opposite side of the yard the same morning. This is a different white light near the ground and near a flower pot on the right. I have seen this before. why is it barely lit compared to the white light above?
This is is a closeup. It almost looks like it has wings. Is it another fairy?
What are these two weird lights, because the next photo looks exactly like the one above with no lights
On 8/3 /21  at 9 pm mark was sitting in the porch and when he noticed through the porch windows, over the fence was a weird light. He went outside and took photos, it was up in the sky. It was the same neon light from a few weeks ago and the same white light as well. Also there is a weird light just over the fence. In this photo it shows no light, the next consecutive photo shows this light, then the one after that this light was gone
Here are those lights zoomed in, never seen any lights like this
There two more photos Mark took at the same time as the photo above on 8/3. This neon light looks the same as when I took photos from 7/3, look above. Mark said it was above the fence but higher up. The other whitish light was taken the same time. Looks like it is clumped lights. WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE? IM scared to go outside because of these lights, monkeys and elementals. This property should be researched by professionals
From here on, these photos and videos are from my current haunted house
This is a video of orbs and spirits flying by while I was sitting in my backyard on 4/20/22  at 5am in the morning. These two mists that float by are called spirit wisps. As I was filming this I heard a deep breath in and out right behind me, It scared me so I went immediately into the house. I figured it was one of those monkeys and this explained the weird noises I had been hearing behind me.
Here is a close up of the white thing, is it a flying bug or spirit?
This is from the first night we had a trail camera setup in the backyard. Notice the white thing flying by. What is it?