7/9 Fairy Dragon, About 5am Kris comes in my bedroom; I was already awake watching Tv. She showed me a pencil drawing she did of a creature that was sitting at the bottom corner of her bed. She told me that she tossed and turned all night and she felt hot. She said it could be menopausal hot flashes, but the weird thing is when she felt something on her bed, she looks and sees this thing sitting there. The drawing she did is on the website, you gotta go see this. She said it was sitting on her bed staring at her with black eyes and she did not feel fear or felt threatened. It was about 2feet long and 12inch high, It had two long front teeth like the saber tooth tiger. It had a mane around its neck that was dirty brown and stringy fire was blowing off its head backwards about 12 inches long. FIRE? That really freaked me out. She said the skin on the paws were so thin she could see the veins. It was about a foot high and a foot long. I asked her if she felt it was demonic, she said all she knows is she felt no fear from it, that is felt like they were looking at each other thing what are you. It disappeared when she moved but the sighting lasted about ten seconds. I said Wo, that pretty long. 
That portal is only a few feet away from her room, if not encompassing it. If we did not have a portal, I would not pay attention to this, but it could be a creature came in from it like the other things.
Only a week ago she had the fairy in her room. We talked about putting a camera in her room to watch her while she slept. I like that idea.

On July 11.2021 I went to the Atlantean Healing Conference in Melbourne FL. One of the speakers of all things, was a man talking about real dragons as elementals. He talked about how they are real in the other dimensions and can occasionally come into this one. He talked about 4 different types. I knew most of the people in the audience were not convinced. So I thought that this was synchronicity meant that this elemental was a dragon especially because of the flames coming off his head.
   So I stood up, showed the audience the photo and explained kris that she had this experience and drew it. I asked him if it is a dragon. He looked amazed at the photo but could not say for sure what it was, which made sense.

Look at the two similar creatures. The top photo came from my backyard in the oak tree. I was out there one night and heard a weird sound so I took this photo. I saw a white energy in the tree so I blew it up and to me it looks like a weird dog. I kept this photo for a year or more without putting on my website when last night I was watch the Travel channel. They had interviewed a man that seemed to have caught a bigfoot with a trail camera but when he blew it up it looks almost exactly like my creature, right? Even though this creature looks dog like is it really a bigfoot. we have had for the last 10 years of living have seen gorillas, a chimpanzees, a baby monkey, an 8 foot tall monkey and they are  interdimensional.