Above, As you walk in, you sit down, place your keys and cell phone into the black UV pouch so the UV light can kill germs. Check your temperature on your forehead, if it over 100 degrees you can not come inside. I have seven elderly people living in this house and we cannot take a chance. But if you are ok then you turn on the ozonator machine for 3 minutes so the pod will fill up with ozone because ozone is a germicide. Then turn on the High Frequency Violet Ray and the comb attachment through your hair for about a minute. Then rub it on any open skin area for a minute because this kills germs by direct ozone not only going onto your skin but it will go into the blood stream as well. This will also emit a magnetic field, million of frequencies and small amount of voltage to charge up your immune system. Then you will hit the fogger machine for a moment, this has a safe oxine disinfectant. After a few minutes you are ready to come inside. Then hold onto the two copper pipes to get direct 9 volt current to also kill germs. Now you are finished.
Above is the sign to come inside or leave letters and packages inside for decontamination.
Above is Mark after using the fogger
Above is Mark using the 9-volt Hulda Clark zapper for a few minutes.
This is the zapper that got rid of my Lyme within two weeks.
This is a video of Mark demonstrating the Decontamination Pod while I explain it. I explain how Mark built it and how much it cost us.
This is a photo of my Decontamination Pod that I created for the entrance to my front door at the beginning of 2020 pandemic. I do not believe this is over kill, this is a pandemic people. I am hoping this will spark people to do the same at some point. Hopefully, someday they will be installed into every new home. I am sure they will not look so homemade
Build A Decontamination Pod For Your House
This will be used to decontaminate people, mail, and packages before entering your house.
Build a simple inexpensive decontamination pod before entering your house. This way u you are safe from any pathogens. You will be purified and have killed germs before entering the house. I cannot tell you which or how many germs this will kill, it is experimental, but it makes sense. Someday all new homes will have them and will be very sophisticated. You can build it at entrance. Do not worry about what the neighbors think. It is a pandemic plus it can be taken down easily.
From the hardware store buy 6, 2inch x 8ft wood, screws, a roll of plastic that will be 4ft wide and at least 40 ft length. This will cost you about $55.00. You will need tools like a screw gun and a hammer. Build it like in the drawing or the photo on my website. Hang plastic from top to bottom the four sides. Make a slit for entering from your sidewalk and a slit into the side of your front door. Place a chair and small table inside

What Machines To Buy For The Pod
There are devices I want you to buy from my Amazon Link

You will need a power strip for the electrical machines.
1.Buy an Ozone Generator. Place your air purifier ozonator generator inside the pod. Ozone is a germicide and disinfectant. This will cost you about $60.00

2.Buy a UV wand, this is about $20.00

3.Buy a high frequency violet ray to rub it all around your face, ears, arms, hands, everywhere you can get to the naked skin. Use the hair attachment on your hair or bald head. Place gently the straight rod into your nostrils, not high up. Place a chair inside the pod or stand while you are being ozonated. Place the hose from the ozone generator around your clothes, hair, bottom of your shoes and exposed any area of your body. Do not place ozone hose directly into to your nose. Have a timer inside pod and turn it off in 5 minutes. Too much ozone is not good for your lungs Amazon $30.00

4. Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt zapper, Use the zapper for 3 minutes to kill germs Ebay $15.00

5. UV light Sanitizer Bag, UV light disinfectant for cellphone, keys, glasses Ect. $34.99
Keep disposable shoe foot covers before going out he door or in your car. Throw them away before waking in the house. Amazon a has 100 for about $23.00

6. Head thermometer gun-

Buy plant-based biodegradable gloves that has a hundred in a box so you can throw them away and feel good you are not harming the environment. Amazon has them 100 for $14.00 use these words- Compostable Food Prep Gloves – 

Disposable Latex-Free Gloves Made of Plant-Based. If you do not have gloves, then use a small garbage bag to put your hand inside like a glove.

Delivery of Boxes and Mail
Place your deliveries inside the pod. Also put a sign on your pod to tell the delivery men to slip it under the plastic. Keep your gloves by the front door and put them on before touching the boxes or the mail. Then you can spray them with your disinfectant and turn on the ozonator for 20 to an hour, that is up to you. The pod needs to fill up with ozone. “ DO NOT DIRECTLY BREATHE IN OZONE FROM THE HOSE” . Throw away the gloves in a garbage bag inside the pod.
Each time you go the mailbox wear your gloves and bring your bottle of disinfectant preferably with the solution of safe Oxine sanitizer to spray the envelopes and the mailbox. Amazon has this, a gallon for $27.00 it is safe for all human and animals.

Part 1 video shows only outside the Pod explanation
Part 2 shows Mark inside demonstrating the procedure using the Violet Ray, Zapper, ozone machine, UV pouch