If I Get Covid 19 Corona Flu or any illness ,This Is What I’m Going To Do

If I become sick with this covid19 flu or any illness there are many things I will do to help heal myself.
Since I have a museum of 70 different types of healing machines, I have a big advantage of those who do not even have any machines. I am scientifically minded and love to do experiments, so I will use my measuring devices to keep track of my progress. Firstly, I will measure my energy with these devices;
Starting with the Bio-feedback software called 

Meridian Health Detector
This can diagnose the change of physical energy & mental energy. It gives you a health status report by a sensor measuring human body resistance value of 24 acupuncture points. This is important because it tells you the energy level of each of your organs. You need to know this if you continually have low energy in acupuncture points. This graph shows you the energy level an organ and then shows an increase after using any kind of therapy. Example, before and after the Energizer, The High Frequency Violet Ray, exercise, any kind of therapy. 

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer
This Full Body Analyzer Bio-feedback measures, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, vitamin levels, energy levels of each organ and much more. It provides 48 different print out reports. When our health is not in good condition, our body will automatically give out certain alarms. This device will simply detect your suboptimal health and can capture the changed pathological of cells that can be a precursor of disease. This analysis will tell you the condition of your health in just one minutes. 

Bio Energy Meter
Noble prize winner Otto Warburg states that cancer is 15mv of the cells, an aged cell is around 50mv and a healthy cell is 70mv or higher. It is important to keep up the electrical charge of the cells to maintain optimal health. Measure the electrical body voltage in your cells, your foods, plants or trees. In order to stay healthy, you must eat the foods of the highest electrical value.

Live Aura Imaging

Hand Grip Strength Tester

Body Voltage Tester 

Experimental Life Chi Meter

Check my blood under my microscope

The urine analysis 12 test strips- 
The Nitric Oxide saliva test strips-
Blood pressure-
Oxygen meter-
Blood sugar meter-

Above are all my self-diagnosis testers. I would keep track of my progress.

These are the machines I would use to give my body the power to heal
Most importantly is the Energizer Health Tool while wearing the Dr. Bob Beck Blood Germ Killer Purifier

Energizer Health Tool-

Dr. Bob Beck blood zapper purifier or a similar one you can buy off Ebay or google the words ‘ DR. Bob Beck Blood Electrifier Blood Purifier. I suggest the Scada Research one called this RSG 1 is my favorite because it has the Blood zapper, Dr. Hulda Clark zapper and you can make colloidal silver water http://www.scadaresearch.com/RSG1_Pulser_Zapper.htm

Dr. Hulda Clark 9 Volt Zapper

Tesla Coil

Electric Foot Therapy

Far Infra-red Mineral Therapy Heat Lamp- for over chest and back

The Chi Machine

LED light for over the chest and back

  Use This Hand Sanitizer That Stays On For 3-4 Hours
   What I Will keep By My Bedside If I Am Sick 
The High Frequency Violet Ray to place on my wrist arteries and rub over my chest. Also, to place on my face over my sinuses, eyes, ears and just inside my nostrils and back of my throat.

Red-Light wrist device for my wrist and use on my nostrils
Oxygen meter 
Blood pressure wrist cuff
Thermometer Laser on your forehead, very quick result and accurate, amazon has them for $23.00
Hand Grip Strength Tester
Magnetic Pulser for over my chest
Schumman Frequency 7.83 Hz Generator I will keep on my bed close to my body for strength
Infra-red sauna blanket
Wear at all times my Voxx socks, patch and wrist wrap
Wear my little magnetic toe rings
Wear my magnetic gloves
Grounding pad on my bed

   While I sleep
Wear Voxx socks
Magnetic toe Rings
Grounding pad
Tommy Shirt
I will turn off my power strip by my bedside
Eye drops before I after you wake up,
Blood pressure cuff
Blood sugar tester

   Reduce Inflammation
Castor Oil Heating Pad
My Herbal Breathing bottle “Inspirol”
My Tiger Balm to rub on my chest
My bottle of DMSO for reducing inflammation
BC powder aspirin and Tylenol to reduce inflammation

I am also lucky I have that a friend gave me a large oxygen concentrator that I can use at bedside
I have bought on Amazon cannisters of Oxygen in case there was ever a fire I could grab them and have oxygen to breathe instead of smoke but now I can keep them by my bed or carry them where ever I go. They are exceptionally light weight.

Angelica throat lozenges
Zinc Lozenges

  I would Keep in my bathroom 
Ozone water maker- 
Hydrogen water maker-
Colloidal silver water-  
Urines test strips-

Blue-Green Algae
Co Q 10
NO capsule bottle to improve Nitric Oxide
Hawthorn Berry
Angelica powder

  Essential Oils
I will apply on my skin, take breathes and use in my diffuser.

   What I Will Eat
Mostly what I have already been eating since quarantining.
Every day is I eat half a can of asparagus-
Two Olives a day-
Some raw ginger-
Live mushrooms-
Eat as much live uncooked vegetables as possible because of the high energy that is needed for healing.
Cooked food does not have energy, its dead.
Here is a pic of live food showing the needle showing high energy
Here is a pic of dead food that does not move the needle
To order got to www.Heliognosis.com.
Non sugar dressings
Small portions of meat like beef heart which has more co-q 10 than anything else liver, ect. 

Essiac tea
George's Aloe water
Alkaline and Hydrogen Water 
Vegetable juices
Chocolate Protein drinkChocolate Protein drink
Muscle Testing
You should muscle test all the foods before you eat it so you know it will not steal your energy. By someone pressing on your arm
Sitting with books on your lap
Pray over my food-Aura photo