Covid Recommendations
There has never been a time in our lives like this that we HAVE TO eat healthy, lose weight and exercise. This is NOT the time to sit on the sofa and eat junk food. WE do not know when this will end. Even when it does, we have the seasonal flu anyway. So, keep protecting yourself. You must use this fear of dying and spreading of covid19 to build your immune system.  

Ozone is probably the single most potent antipathogen agent available today. It readily eradicates all pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa. Ozone has been documented to cure advanced cases of Ebola virus, for which there are still no known effective mainstream medical therapies. For someone with ready access to ozone, different applications of ozone could certainly be used to prevent COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses as well. Commentary by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD Ozone (improves, cures)
1. Purify and kill the germs in your car. 
Buy a car ionizer for your car but only the kind with a USB charger with a long enough cord so when you get into your car you can roll it all over yourself for purifying your hair and clothes. Hold your breath when placing the hole around your nose and opened mouth plus close your eyes then in no way is this harmful for you. 

An ionizer immediately opens your lungs so you can breathe better as well as kills germs. Go to Amazon, Ebay or google car ionizer. I believe these car ionizers are the best ones. I have spent a lot of money

Always wear your DR. Bob Beck blood purifier germ killer zapper while driving if you can. Or keep in your car a DR. Hulda Clark 9 volt zapper so when you get back in you ca n zap the germs on your skin.

Buy My Air Purifier Face Shield 

This square on top of the shield is the Schumann Frequency 7.83HZ generator. I want you to google these words and go learn about it, ------------------------------- Near my nose on each side is the wearable negative ion generators. One on each side of my nose and mouth so I can breathe in the healthy negative ions that kill germs before I breath them into my nose and mouth.------------------------------

 2. To make your own 
Instructions. Go to amazon or Ebay and google the words “Wearable Air Negative Ion Generator” there will be many to choose from. I have spent hundreds of dollars researching which ones put out the strongest ions. There are two I recommend but any will work I have found out is fine. The larger generators are not worth the extra cost and they are to heavy for the shield. Each generator runs on Amazon from $22 to $29.00 including shipping. You should buy 4 of them because you can keep 2 on the charger while your using the other 2. You could buy an extra one if you want the extra one to face downward. It is up to you.
  Buy Velcro and cut small strips to place inside the mask to hold the ionizers. This way you can take them out easily and even change the direction of the air. ALWAYS remember to switch them off when not in use. 
  Cost will run you depending on what you buy from about $50.00 for just the 2 ionizer and the face shield which you can buy them at Amazon. They come 5 shields for $23.00 DO NOT LEAVE IN THE CAR OR THE HEAT WILL CRINKLE THEM.

To make it a higher quality for $180 you can get 5 ionizers at $25 a piece. You do not have to buy them all at once you buy one at a time if you can only afford to build your shield that way. to an extra $40.00 for the Schumann generator

The Schumann 7.83hz Frequency generator is an addition I think is important but not a hundred percent needed. You can Velcro it to the top of the shield. This gives you extra physical and mental energy.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

3. Decontamination pod for your house
Build a simple inexpensive decontamination pod before entering the house so you will have purified and killed the germs. I cannot tell you which or how many germs this will kill, it is experimental, but it makes sense. Someday all new homes will have them and will be very sophisticated. You can build it just as you enter the inside. Or anywhere in your home but best at entrance door.

4. Building the Decontamination pod
From the hardware store buy 6, 2inch x 4inch, 8ft wood, screws, a roll of plastic that will be 4ft wide and at least 40 ft length. You will need tools like a screw gun and a hammer of you have bought nails. Build it like in the drawing. Hang plastic from top to bottom of the four sides and the top.

  What machines to buy, where and how much.
Buy an ozonator and place your ozonator inside it. When you stand or sit then you’ll ozonate your clothes, hair and exposed area of your body. Please use on the bottom of your shoes and bare feet because you could track it in. Breathing strong ozone could or could not be good even for 5 minutes so place a hole in plastic to like a flap so you can breathe air not the ozone. This way if you can ozonate your body much longer. Place a chair inside, sit and have patients. 
  Place the high frequency violet ray all around your face, ears, arms, hands, every where you can get to the naked skin. Use the hair attachment on your hair or bald head. Place the straight rod into your nostrils.DO NOT USE ON YOUR HAIR IF YOU HAVE HAIR SPRAY OR USE ANY FLAMMABLE PRODUCTS ON YOUR HEAD. The use of this high frequency device is used for growing hair by bringing the blood circulation to the scalp and killing bad germs.
  Use the UV wand all over yourself the same way as the ozone hose. Keep garbage bags inside so you can take your shoes off and clothes so you can and immediately place in washing machine or at least the dryer. Keep fresh decontamination clothes to put on before going inside the house. 

5. Disposable shoe and foot cover 
to place over your shoes when you go out so you can take them off inside the pod and throw them away before waking in the house. Amazon a has 100 for $23.00

6.Delivery of boxes and mail 
Buy gloves that has a hundred in a box so you can throw them away. Amazon has them 100 for $20.00 If you do not have gloves then use a small garbage bag to put your hand inside like a glove.

7.Place your deliveries inside the pod. 
Put a sign up to ask the delivery person to slip the packages inside the pod. Keep your gloves by the front door and put them on before touching the boxes or the mail. Then you can spray them with your disinfectant and turn on the ozonator for 20 to an hour, that is up to you. Throw away the gloves in a garbage bag inside the pod 

8. Each time you go the mailbox 
SPRAY YOUR 3 TO 4 HR HAND SANITIZER or wear your gloves and bring your bottle of disinfectant preferably with the solution of safe Oxine sanitizer to spray the envelopes and the mailbox. Amazon has this for $27.00 it is safe for all human and animals.

9. Buy a UV light wand and roll it over the packages after ozonation is done. Now for how long you want to turn on your ozonator is up to you for the packages. I am only guessing no less than 5 minutes. Do not place the mail on top of each other but lay the letters or boxes to ozonate both sides.

                   When You come into the house
The Energizer Health Tool should be used sometime after you come home. You can also wear the Dr. Bob Beck blood purifier germ killer zapper while using the Energizer.  

 the Herbal Breathing Therapy bottle called Inspiro. It is at which sells Edgar Cayce products. Edgar Cayce had recommended this for all kinds of lung problems. It is a bottle that you open the top and breathe in the fumes of Oil of Eucalyptus, Tolu Balsam, Tincture of Benzoine, Oil of Pine Needles, Rectified Oil Of Turpentine, Rectified Beechwood. Instructions says to use it 1 to 3 times a day. Cost $17.95 Look around this website under the section of the lung

Oder the red-light wrist nose device. – Place these little clips on the nostrils. Also,
 this device you can place over the arteries of your wrist that improves blood circulation. In other words, it unsticks the red blood cells and get them flowing. 
Reduce sugar in the blood for Diabetics. Reduce high cholesterol, Improve the cerebral vascular system Improve the cardiovascular system. This device makes the blood less sticky and improves circulation. It`s also has good curative on the Rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps
 go to Amazon or Ebay Approx $65.00 and up

3 to 4 Hr Hand Sanitizer germ killer-


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