Live Blood Analysis , microscope 17,000 times of red blood cells, not moving , clumped and white blood cells very still , meaning compromised immunity - after using the energizer Health Tool for 20 minutes , again amazing results, almost perfect blood samples , of red and white blood cells.  Also noticed bacteria being rid of into blood stream !!  Reviewed by Neuropathic Doctor totally amazed ! 
These results can be done by using other devices such as the High Frequency device, Bio Energy Tuner
This is sticky red blood cells shown on a test slide before using the Energizer Health Tool. See how the red blood cells are clumped together and cannot move. This is poor circulation which inturn can cause strokes, pain and disease
See red blood cells now are unstuck and moving freely across the microscope slide improving circulation and oxygenation to the cells. After using the Energizer Health Tool for 20 minutes