Blood drop under microscope.
Here you can see what a drop of blood looks like under a microscope that you can do yourself at home, this is called Microscopy. You, like I did, buy a dark field microscope or a microscope that will view blood easily and learn to use it from going to youtube. Im not doing it professionally just o see what my blood and my friends blood looks like at different times in life. Ths is a great way to understanding your health that you can not get from your physician. You can do experiments with your blood to see what makes your red blood cells sicky and what makes them flow again. Eat something then see how your blood changes. See what kinds of germs are in your blood, or see uric acid crystals. 
  I like to see blood before and after my healing machines, to see the improvement, Wait for these photos to load up
Above is my drop of blood in a dangerous condition called Rouleaux. The red blood cells are stuck upon each other creating poor circulation of the blood. I purposing eat some ice cream before and fried chicken hoping to show how my blood would be sticky, it worked.
Now my blood after using the Energizer Health Tool for 20 minutes. see how the north magnetic field has recharged the red blood cells so they can push apart and flow quickly improving circulation. This is now very healthy blood.
When my blood started to flow I could see into the plasma and I saw these uric acid crystals which actually are a blue color. They get stuck in your joints and cause arthritis that I had not suffered from but it scared me.
This is the same drop of blood and now you can see a large blue crystal that is from to much uric acid in the blood.
This is a still photo captured from this video of the white long thin parasite in my girlfriends blood. It seems to be running through the red blood cells to get away from the big white round blood cell. I do not kow what type of parasite it is but I do know my friend was not sick with any illness and was 30 years old. We were shocked to see it. 
This is my girlfriends blood under my microscope. The interesting thing about her blood is the long white parasite running away from the white blood cells.
This is my one free radical I had in my drop of blood. Im happy to see only one because some people have many meaning. Free radicals are linked to aging and  many diseases
My blood shows my one free radical
Same drop but yey no undigestive fats but he does say I need to take digestive enzymes with each meal and im taking his advice
Same drop of my blood showing a tremendous amount of fungus. I have never seen in in my blood before. This really concerned me. I did get Covid three months ago that lasted a few days because I used my Energizer Health Tool and my blood zapper machine to get rid of it quickly. I asked the man who took my blood in this health food store could this be why. He could not say but he did say he did see peoples blood while having Covid and people who never had covid but got the vaccine, and he said it made their blood an unbelievable mess, not sure exactly what he meant but its not good. WOW< SCARY

It is known that fungus in the blood can lead to cancer. He sai I need B vitamins because my red blood cells are in different shapes and sizes.

My girlfriend was with me at this health food store to see our blood. Hers looked almost exactly like mine, why we do  ot know why. Never did get covid or take the vaccine.

We decided to experiment the next two months in different ways to get rid of the fungus. She will take Ivermectin every three days and I will only use my blood zapper and my Energizer Health Tool.

In about two months I will report back with our blood again and see what changes has been made.
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