The Bio Energy Tuner given to me in my dream

I have psychic dreams that come true every once in a while. Sometimes I have people come to me in my dreams to give me information or to show me something that is important to me. A psychic dream has a very different feel then a regular dream.
In 2004, I had a psychic dream of a woman who looked to be in her late 50’s. I did not recognize her as someone I knew. She was wearing white clothing and had short dark hair. We were standing in a room I did not know either. She started showing me a design of a simple little electronic device that she wanted me to make. This little device was attached to a headband so that it would be over the crown chakra or in the middle of the forehead. Then a wire was attached from the forehead to the feet and then up to the wrists at the same time in a certain way (positive and negative sides of the body)
Then these wires could be attached to the person lying next to you to share your dreams, energy and psychic energies. IT could also just be used for a single person.  So then after her showing the design of the wires she melted away and I woke up. I was amazed at what I had seen but did not understand what I saw. The next day I went to a used electronic parts store. I walked through the aisles looking at the hundreds of parts and not knowing what I was looking at. But I went ahead and made the headband with wires attached on it but I could not figure out the device that the wires attached to so I put it away and basically rarely thought about it for the next couple years.
Then one day a customer said to me that someone is regrowing teeth by implanted a small Multi wave oscillators into the gums. I thought that was pretty wild so then I had a thought that maybe this concept could be used in a different way.  I asked him if he read what the frequency they were implanting into the gums but he did not know it. I figured it could possibly be the bone growth frequency. So I called Robin who is my inventor friend to ask him if they make tiny multi-wave oscillators yet. As far as I knew there were only large ones like used for example in the Violet Ray or Body Enhancer. A multi-wave oscillator is a device that emits millions of frequencies.
Robin said he did not know they made very small ones until yesterday. Someone had sent him a brochure in the mail and it was on his desk in front of him. He was about to throw it away he had said. Now Robin has been an inventor his whole life so he would have known. So we laughed and said WOW, What a coincidence!  Looks like a sign from above. I asked him if I gave him the frequency of bone growth could he tune it in and make it small so people can wear it. Maybe they could place it in their pocket, wear it as a necklace or wear it on their wrist. I said maybe it would help people’s health in some way. He said yes, he could do that and we would discuss it more later.

A week went by without talking and then he called me to say he saw a design with this device in a dream. He explained it as this device that he will make for me as attached to the forehead of a person with wires connecting to the wrist and ankles. These wires also connected to another person’s wrist and ankles to share their dreams and energies. I said Robin!!!, Being very excited!, I had that dream some years ago but mine had a lady showing me the same design, did you see the lady? He said no, just the design.  We were so freaked out. So we realized this lady who was in my dream years ago came to Robin in his dream to show him the design of what would be called the Bio Energy Tuner. We figured it must be pretty important to humanity.
About two weeks later a psychic called me to tell me what had happened just before she fell asleep. This psychic I had seen many times over the years but never had she called me before. She said she was in that state of mind just before drifting off to sleep. All the sudden a male angel appeared to her. He gave the feeling to her he was of great importance. She felt honored to be in his presence. He said to her that he needed her to give Mary a message about her invention. He said “ She just doesn’t listen to me”  She knew immediately it was meant for me. As he started to tell the message she drifted into sleep and did not get it. So when she called me the next day she said she was upset with herself for not getting it. I said don’t worry it is coming together so I must be getting it anyhow. She told me I needed to meditate so I could get better communication with the beings that wanted this invention about there.
I said to her funny thing though. This angel said I just don’t listen right? Well yesterday morning my girlfriend placed a bumper sticker on my van saying
“ I just don’t listen” we laughed as we were doing it thinking it was funny but I told my psychic friend that I will go right to my van and cross out the “don’t” so it will say
“ I just do listen”. SO now this is three times this has happened to the three of us in our dreams.
It took a few weeks until Robin called me again and said he was going to work on it. He said he would call me to come over and see the prototype soon. We would discuss the frequencies it emitted and the different colored LED lights, the biofeedback ect. It was his idea to add the bio feedback that takes negative frequencies and inverts them to healthy frequencies. A fantastic addition!
When the product was finished we both came to the conclusion to call it the
Bio Energy Tuner. This also went along as the name because I am co-inventor with him for the Bio Energy Meter which measure voltage of the body’s cells.
As time passed the name has been changed to the Bio Health Tuner.
By now it has been out in the public for years helping people with all kinds of health issues and even mental issues as well.
Well this is certainly meant to be isn't it, divinely guided I’d say.

Rev. Mary Seid