Bio Human Organ Tuner

                                                Wear this little generator around your neck or place in your pocket or leave by your bed.

Every organ emits its own resonate frequency. These Bio Energy Tuners are tuned to the frequencies of the human organs. The frequencies were realized by Barbara Hero & The International Lambdoma Research Institute, located in Kennebunk, Maine. She passed sound waves through each organ and calculated their optimal frequency using mathematical formulas based on the speed of sound. These Bio energy Tuners are tuned to the healthy frequencies of human tissue. These Bio Energy Tuners are great for vibrational healing and for working with energies, such as opening energy blocks, clearing chakras, or cleansing auras. In the process of promoting the flow of vital life force within the human body and the human energy field, they are intended to assist and facilitate clearing, balancing, and energizing the energy body in a simple and gentle way.

Adrenals & Thyroid ..... 492.80 Hz

Bladder ..... 352.00 Hz

Blood ..... 321.90 Hz

Bone ..... 418.30 Hz

Brain ..... 315.80 Hz

Colon ..... 176.00 Hz

DNA……….528.00 HZ

Fat Cells ..... 295.80 Hz

Gall Bladder ..... 164.30 Hz

Intestines ..... 281.00 Hz

Kidneys ..... 319.88 Hz

Liver .....317.83 Hz

Lungs ..... 220.00 Hz

Muscles ..... 324.00 Hz

Pancreas ..... 117.30 Hz

Stomach ..... 110.00 Hz

DNA is 528Hz  is also called the love frequency made famous by alternative
healer Dr Leonard Horowitz I suggest reading his book.  here is an excerpt
for him book 528 being the heart (the center or midpoint) of the
electromagnetic color spectrum, the sound spectrum as well, it is the reason
chlorophyll and most of the botanical world is greenish-yellow; the reason
organic chemistry is based on C-6 (carbon six) hexagonal rings, and the
fundamental force (i.e., creative resonance) why water is molecularly
structured in tetrahedron-shaped pyramids, alternatively why all snowflakes
are hexagonal. Think about the warm fuzzy feeling you get in your heart when
in LOVE (in 528Hz). And I theorize it is the clear channel broadcast between
God's heart (for creating natural beauty in all its forms), and our creative
hearts that long to commune divinely with nature and each other.

Now if you go one or two Hertz away, like your radio dial tunes beyond a
signal, you stop hearing the clear broadcast. It is still there, but
silenced by your ignorance to find the right frequency (channel, signal,
station) to hear the uplifting music again. 

These tuners are tuned by using an expensive oscilloscope to assure these
frequencies are locked into their perfect HZ.

These tuners are similar to tuning forks. By wearing your organ tuner you
can pick up the healthy vibration and eventually that organ can possibly learn
 to be healthy again.This how a tuning forks are used for improving health. 
These are sold as experimental devices.

Suggested use
Since this is experimental there is no set amount of time but just as
common sense you should start out wearing it for about 30 minutes a day.
Wear it as a necklace, place it in your pocket or sit/lay down and place it
over the organ you are working on.
Only one organ frequency is placed on the tuner ( not all organs at once )
Someday maybe we can make all of them on one tuner but not at this time

I need feedback about these devices so please report to me any positive or
negative effects. or call Joy at 321-525-2511
Price $269.00 and $ 15.00 shipping in lower USA states         Shipping overseas,Bahamas,Hi,Ca and Alaska $35.00

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This sits on a cell phone battery so yo can tell how small it is. It comes in a little pouch.

Or give me your custom frequency, for example I have sex frequencies,  or send me a vitamin frequency
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