Here you see it is two Amethyst crystals placed on a black blanket , photo taken immediately, shows no aura yet. Five minutes later I take the aura photo again and here it shows mostly orange with little green and yellow. Then I took the aura photo about 5 minutes later, see how the crystals aura shows up now as yellow, orange, green, blue, white, the higher vibration colors.
Experiements below: Amethyst Crystal, Reiki, healing touch, essential lavender oil
Elizabeth is a Reiki Master. Her aura was full of life this morning. Then that day we went to an all day fair. By night she was very tired and her right arm had been hurting her. I had noticed all day she kept doing Reiki on it. So I retook her aura photo and it is so amazing because the only aura that came out was the Reiki color itself which we see is a beautiful indigo blue for healing.
The Color of Reiki
Reiki Indigo Blue ->
Before and after Healing Touch Therapy which is a form of ( Hands On Healing )
Before getting the energy healing on left   and after the healing touch therapy on the right, now the aura is so strong you cannot see her face
This is katie who did the healing touch therapy, see how her before aura is a low color of magenta and after working on the blonde lady her own aura is stonger and the same red color as the lady she worked on
Before and after Reiki session
This is Sandy before getting her session. She said she was very tired and did not feel well. See the very low green aura.
This is Sandy after her half hour session.
the red. This shows she is grounded and full of energy, circlation and life force. She said she felt much better
This is Debra who did the Reiki on Sandy before she started, See how her aura is orange, full of energy
Here Debra has been working on Sandy for about 20 minutes, see how her aura has changed to a magnetia color. She has raised her vibration while working on her
This is a half hour after working on Sandy, see how she has gone back to her orginal aura
Essential oil Lavender experiement
Diana before breathing the essenital oil Lavender, see how she has a low aura
Diana 1 minute after breathing the lavender
Diana 1 hour later, she is full of energy. When you breathe in the frequncies of essential oils it has immediate healthy effects on the aura
Before and after meditation
here darish is grounded in his lower chakras
After 15 minutes of meditation see how his aura is now in the higher violet chakra
 6 ft copper Pyramid experiement
Alan before entering the pyramid. He in his lower chakras
Here is is in the pyramid after 5 minutes. See how quickly his aura changed to the higher chakras
He is out of the pyramid after 15 minutes. Notice how he has the same mediatition aura as Darsh in the photos above him.