Aura photo experiments done with the instamatic aura camera
This is a face of an alien, humanoid, a person in another demension or spirit? I do not know who or what it is but it wanted its photo taken.
  One morning my friend Caroline was in her porch and she heard in her head intuitively to go get her aura camera. So she got her poloroid instamatic  aura camera and and she was told to aim it at her empty wicker chair. She had put up her black background behind the chair for preparation for the photo. IShebdid not know what was going to appear but she was very shocked.
  You can see it is a face that has its head turned like a person in a pose for the camera. It is either wearing a headband or it has tattoed hieroglyphics around the head. The eyes are amazing. You can easily see the pupil of the eye and structure, even of the eye on the other side of the little nose. The nose is little, you can see the nostrils but look above it, there is a hole in between the eyes. Is it an adorment like the headband? Is it needed to breathe? Is it the third eye chakra?
   I do not see the mouth. it is covered up by the aura or it is just not there. The neck is interesting because it is almost like ours but still different. See how the jaw line is in an upward curve and you can see the neck muscle. So is it a male or female? Why does just the head seem to float? Where is the body? When she took the photo at the chair its funny because it is like this is a tall humanoid, Like we are looking upward at it.

Below are aura photos taken at the famous Cassagada Hotel in Cassadaga Florida on the second floor hallway. This place is known for ghost hunting and psychic readings.
1. This is the original aura photo taken of my girlfriend Maryjo. I had her stand at the end of the hallway as we called in the little lost ghost girl who is allways looking for her mother. We asked her to stand in front of Maryjo. When the photo developed sure enough it looked like there she was standing in front of her.
2. So when I got home I scanned it in, cropped it and started to change the contrast of the photo. see how now the little girl is coming in more clear
3. See how Maryjo is fading out as the contrast changes even more and the little girl with the bun on top of her head is coming in more clear. The girl is about 6 inches shorter then Maryjo
4.Here Maryjo is completly faded out and you only see the little girl. AMAZING I'd Say
This is a UFO white saucer shape and underneath it you can see another UFO that is cloaked. This was taken one night outside Carolines house in Palm Bay Florida
1. See the orb above Mike's head?
well I scanned it in and cropped it
and it has chakras see next photo
2.See how the orb has a green heart chakra and above it a violet crown chakra. It does not have a red or root chakra becuase it does not need it for grounding to the Earth or for reproduction. It also has its own beauriful golden aura. This is proof it is an entity of some kind, either a dead relative, guide, or angel.
These are orbs taken from other people, some are very colorful

This is a cluster of white orbs

pretty orb star shaped

String of orbs
This is some kind of entity, do not know if it is like an elf or nome but it climbed Carolines tree in her background. She took the photo of her tree at the base not knowing why at the time then right away She took another photo at the top of the tree. So what developed is an orange round body and white head but see when it is at the top of the tree its head is turned. I believe this proves it is a real creature
This is a room full of psychic mediums before they start their readiings for people. This is in Melbourne Florida.
This is the same mediums 2 hours after they finsihed giving readings. See how much more violet they made the room also Trish who is sitting down next to the table is vibrating as well as the others. The camera never picks up a photo like this before, it is not the camera
I opened my door and all the sudden there was a 21 and a half foot alligator walking down my road looking for food. The neighbors called the game and wildlife. When they got there they had to shoot it. Just about a minute before it died I took this aura photo. See how all the chakras are shut down except for the crown which is the last one to go before death. First the red closes because it is losing its grounding to the Earth. Then the orange then the yellow, then the blue while the last is the violet and white.
Here about three minutes later when the man said it is dead I retook the aura photo and now we see no aura. Edgar Cayce says just before people die they start to lose their aura. Heres the proof.
1. This beautiful women named Wish had lost her 17 year old son to a car accident a year before I met her. When I saw her aura it just did not look right to me so I asked her if something was wrong and she told me about her son. So I asked her for this next photo to call him to you to join in the photo
2. So she did and look at the difference. It is interesting that now it is bright red orange becuase most children have mostly red/orange auras since they are still very grounded to Earth.
This photo is Wish's fathers gold medallion->
that many years ago was blessed by the pope. So we hung it and took the photo to see the energy. Notice the white string of ectoplasma
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Praying the Lords Prayer over food
Here these stale pretzels have a low energy field
Minutes later after praying the Lords prayer and retaking the aura it proves how much more energy
( Healthier ) the food becomes,
See how this yam which is a very nutritous vegetable has the same aura as the prayed over pretzels. Shows the important to pray over your food before eating it.