These are reports from people using the Violet Ray device
These reports do not mean you would get the same result

My cat Ra was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was straining in the box
and only blood was coming out. He couldn't pee at all. I put the ray on
his bladder area on his belly. Within less than a minute he got up,
walked over to the box and had a pee! I started using it 3-5 times a day
sometimes for 5 mins other times for 15 mins depending on what he would
allow. That was over 2 weeks ago and he has never bled one drop of blood
since. I really feel that if I didn't use this device on him he wouldn't
be alive today. Every time I use it on him he gets a blissful look on
his face and soon starts to nod off to sleep. He even lets me use it
around his face and mouth and that helps him with his stinky breath.

Hi Mary
And of course you probably already knew what an
incredible aphrodesiac the ray is! Today I put the
mushroom attachment on my "private parts" (through
clothes) - not INSIDE like you recommended! - for only
5 minutes and I couldn't believe how switched on I
have been feeling all day....I normally don't have
these feelings as I'm so focussed on work all the
Kitty is slowly getting used to the ray ... I think.
At least it has been helping his constipation so that
is terrific! My cat is doing better every day. Today he
> let me work on his back leg at last and tonight he
> wanted to go for two walks one of which he was walking
> ahead of me (instead of me carrying him as in the
> past!). And his fur is really silky and shiny and so
> are his eyes. He seems happy.
I am so grateful to Nikola Tesla and of course, to
> you! A friend did a facial on me last night and I can't
believe the difference in my face. WOW! Gone puffiness
under eyes, greatly minimized wrinkles everywhere.
The ray helped her with her head cold. Her stuffy head
went and overall she felt much better.
I can see why you are recommending the Body
Enhancer.... how much does it weigh?

Hello Rev. Mary
This Violet Ray together with the Beck's Silver Pulser and the LED unit have been an absolute God Send to us treating the various medical problems poorest of the poor people in Thailand’s Esan region. We have been using them in the Buddhist Temples with success.
Sister Fatima

Hi Mary,
>>We are pleased with our purchase of the hand held violet ray.  It
>>is helping me with water retention that I was having to take water
>>pills for. I haven't taken them in a few days because the violet
>>ray seems to be doing their job.  I've also seen a reduction of the
>>calluses on my feet. Also, my husband's back seems to be some better.
Linda H

My violet has helped me with my spine and posture so much, especially with doing Yoga.

A testimonial:
My wife had tennis elbow, used the mushroom electrode around the area for 5 minutes twice a day and within a week the elbow was fine again.
I found the comb electrode excellent for stimulating circulation to my scalp.

Kind regards

Hi Mary,

We are pleased with our purchase of the hand held violet ray.  It is
helping me with water retention that I was having to take water pills
for.  I haven't taken them in a few days because the violet ray seems
to be doing their job.  I've also seen a reduction of the calluses on
my feet.  Also, my husband's back seems to be some better. Now I am
interested in the full Body version called the Body Enhancer.
Linda H

Hi Mary
My mom’s wart is totally removed from the arm with 2 treatments except I've still proceeded to use the surface electrode around the area. Her feet are amazing and you wouldn't believe they were the same feet. ALL discoloration has been removed from nails to make them white as they should be. ALL dry skin is removed and pure pink along with all fungal infections. Most of the fungal infections had totally gone after just 2 treatments.

Her shoulder one day was stiff and hurting near her neck so I used the Violet Ray for 3 minutes on this area. All her pain eased dramatically and left it at that. The next day she still only had this minuet amount of pain so I blasted it again for 2 minutes and EVERYTHING DISAPPEARED.

My mother has lost 4lbs since having the Violet Ray on her body. She had many toilet trips for 2 days which has stopped and feeling fatigued. Today she has had a pain in his side where she had a scar from 46 years ago. I'm presuming all these reactions are Herkimer die off reactions

As you all know by now I help an old lady with alternative protocols with excellent results. Her painful joints from Osteoarthritis have dramatically changed and have eased by a massive amount. I've been working on her spine with great results. She could only walk for 4-5 minutes before the back and joints would hurt. She would have to lean up against a wall or bus-stop etc. She informed me that she had walked to a shop 1.5 miles away for a newspaper and back with hardly any grief at all. Today she was out doing her garden for a good while and then went shopping carrying 2 heavy bags on either arm. She doesn’t use shopping trolleys so there’s you’re PROOF of the power of this device.
I’m sure I will send you more

I had a tiny whitehead near my nose. I applied the ray for a minute or
two. The next day I noticed it was gone. In the past they have been hard
to get rid of for me.

A friend had a swollen knee and was in pain and couldn't walk. She
ordered the ray. After using it for 5 mins on the knee several times a
day for 2 days she was able to walk for an hour without pain! She then
decided to get the Body Enhancer which only requires 4 mins a day for
the entire body to be charged.

As a result of the last 3 months of using the Violet Ray I am now going
to order the Professional Model as you don't have to hold the button
down the whole time (very tiring!). Also you are not limited to using it
for 20 mins on, 20 mins off. You can use it for an hour before resting it.

Everyone of us who have been using the Violet Ray  have noticed deeper sleeping and very vivid strong dreams. I have encountered excellent dreams for a while now due to ORgone etc but its far greater now. The dreams are so real you could almost taste and touch them haha. My mother who’s a terrible sleeper is sleeping like a baby with awesomely vivid dreams. She told me the dream was so real it was incredible and the next night she fell asleep right back into the same dream. People who know about dreams would be very happy with them results.

My neighbours sleep has changed dramatically and shes sleeping nice and heavily now unlike before and dreaming big time. She told me she had a real deep dream that the roof of her house was damaged and that a workman phoned her up suddenly saying he was coming to fix it out the blue. Not long after she was woken up by the phone and a REAL workman told her he and his fitters were coming to fit her new window and door she had ordered. SHE WASN'T EXPECTING IT! Now thats strange and its six sense timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I start work once on my cousins fungal infected nails so I wont know results till at least another time or 3.
My calf is much better and sometimes my other calf feels worse which is the better one. My fingers dont hurt now where near as bad as they did. My spot thing on the leg has disappear.
I am telling everyone with a brain whos into helping themselves to research and grab Violet Rays ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,
Thank You Mary Seid
Hi Mary, 

Hope your doing well and that you have stayed out of the path of all
the storms down there. Just wanted to update you on a few things where the Violet Ray has
come to the rescue. Canker Sores: infrequently I'll bite my lip and get a canker sore.
But here's what I found. If I put the end of the Violet Ray probe on
the out side of my skin opposite where the canker sore is, it will go
away over night!
Walloped on the noise by a drawer: Last Thursday I had a termite
inspection and while moving things in the garage, I had a drawer
slide out and hit me on the bridge of my nose. This was a plastic
drawer, but it was heavy and man did it hurt. After the inspector
left, I ran in and applied the Violet Ray on the bridge of my nose
using the large spoon probe. It stopped stinging, never turned black
and blue. It was tender to the touch for about 4 days. The fact it
never bruised was amazing!
Got rid of a wart on my nose: I was able to get rid of a wart that
was on the tip of my nose. Just zapped it with the long skinny probe
one time. Warts will sting while you zap them, but the skin around
them never hurts. This particular wart just crumbled to dust in a few
days. I still have a red spot where it was, but skin is smooth and no
protruding "bump".

Stopped the start of a blood blister: I had a start of a blood
blister starting on the same finger where I had the large ugly wart
that I finally got rid of earlier this year. It started on the
opposite side of the finger. These things are like a stringy red
wart. So got the Violet ray and zapped it till it stung. Looking at
it right now, there is just a tiny red dot where it was! Wow!
All the best,
-California Scott

I had some problems that I could not fix. One of which was a circulation problem with my legs. I am a diabetic and over the years my legs from the knee down discolored to the point that they were almost black and they itched so bad that I drew blood from scratching. No One was able to help this.
Then I received the Violet Ray and it stopped the itching; and over time the normal color is returning to my legs. The circulation is returning. Thank you very much.

It also relieves some pain areas. Simply rubbing the tube over pain areas the pain diminishes.

I wish I had access to this device years ago.

John W.  3/6/07

Hello everyone,  
Violet Ray and Neon Ray Testimonies
This is the first email of what I’ll be sending out of testimonies i receive from people, or see for myself of what the Violet ray and Neon ray has done for someone. I’m going to try to send a new email out every two weeks to keep you updated on people’s results.
I appreciate it, when any of you use it on yourself or someone else and get a great result, email the result to me to so i can send it out to everyone and file it. I demonstrate this on many people at the Cassadaga hotel, conventions, fairs and health food store, during aura photography sessions, Every where actually. If you don’t realize who I am, I’ll explain, Either you own a healing device called the Violet Ray, Neon Ray, have signed my guest book, or met by taking your aura photograph, you showed interest in the healing devices I sell like the violet ray or neon ray.  If you don’t remember much about the Violet or Neon Ray, click here to learn more
Below are real testimonies of real people

1) I’m going to start with today at the Cassadaga Hotel, 1/26. My assistant was demonstrating the Neon ray today while I took aura photos. This man maybe in his 60/s has Diabetes. His hands have arthritis and the top of the hands had big spots of black and blue bruising, covering the whole top of each hand from lack of circulation.  She applied  the Neon ray I think about ten minutes each hand, his family was with him. People gathered around as everyone watched the bruising disappear, little by little. It was awesome! He could move his fingers and wrists without much pain, more flexibility
His flesh color came back to his wrists that quick except for one spot. They walked around, came back an hour later and that spot was gone. .
The neon drew the circulation to the area, ozonated the blood which means it put in oxygen, moved the stagnated blood. A GREAT TESTAMONY

*) Steve in orlando gave his violet ray to his 86 year old mom because after putting it on her Diabetic wounds once a day for a week, they healed up.

*A women at a convention center came over and said she had pancreatic pain for weeks. She put the violet ray over her pancreas for a few minutes, right away she said her pain was gone.

2) A women with Crohn’s disease had and pain on her right big toe. Her right foot was swollen. She applied the Neon ray to the toe and swelling. Within minutes her toe pain was much better and about 5 minutes later her swelling was down. She was freaking out, could not believe it. I told her the ray drew the circulation there, moves the blood. WOW!! These two bought the ray

3) A women with shoulder pain, in minutes was pain free.

4)Another women wanted to try it for energy, she got it, She put it on her face mostly.

5) Isis at the health food store in Indiatlantic was tired as she placed it on her third eye, or brow for a bout a minutes, right away she felt increase in energy, now she wants me to give demonstrations at her place.

6) at a small party, a women in her 60’s has a bone spur and the bottom of her right foot was purplish, After rubbing the neon on the bottom of her foot for about ten minutes her normal color came back as we compared the color to her other foot.

7) day before that Elizabeth cooper was about to take pain medication for a bone spur, instead I had her try the neon ray for about 5 minutes, She got up walked with no pain, she said it lasted two hours, she has ordered one

8) Dr.Kioni has had polio 40 some years. After a week of using the violet ray on his legs a few times a day, he walks more balanced and reduced pain. Easier for him to get out of bed in the mornings, increased energy. He loves it

10) my brother had a pain on the bottom of his foot, after a few minutes of the violet ray, it left, never came back

11 I've used the ray with benefit mostly sparingly.  It ups the energy so that I could really dispense with the coffee.  Neck and knee fact,don't notice the pain in my neck, forgot about it.  Hope it lasts.  Energy is the main thing. Boosts. Elizabeth Gillard

13 Alan my husband was in a fight, they tried to mug him. Alan got punched above his eye. He used the violet ray to help the pain, His knuckles were scratched and swelled from the fight. Minutes after putting it on his knuckles the swelling was gone.

14) Lynn an aura photographer had a infected tooth for two week, in pain. After a few minutes of putting the violet ray on her check over the toothache, the swelling and pain reduced greatly, an hour later we did it again, She left feeling much better.

15 There have been many people with arthritis on there hands and in minutes the pain is gone and they can mover the hand more freely, using the neon or the violet ray.

16) A psychic, she use too run everyday for years. She injured her knee and had not run for a year. He had been to a doctor, no relief. She was wearing jeans but I put the violet ray on her knee through the material, anyway for a few minutes, she moved her knee ad the pain was gone. She recommends it to many people As many of these people do.

16 There have been many people with headaches and migraines were either ray applied to the head and back of neck, very quick relief.

17) Many people with back pains, neck and shoulder pain within minutes of using either ray the pain is gone or the back is not so stiff.

18) Melanie’s cat had no hair on her back, from allergies. The vet and holistic vet could not help her. She called to tell me after a few days of rubbing the violet ray on her cat, the hair is growing back and has more energy. She put her testimony on video

19) the other day a women at Cassadaga put the neon on her cyst that was on her finger, in minutes it shrunk.

20) Rhonda told me she put the violet ray on her friends foot that had not been out of pain for 20 some years from a sting ray bite. Rhonda put the violet ray on it and right away the pain was gone for the first time. AS far as I know it is still gone.