Photo Rejuvenation Photon Light Therapy 412 LED's!
Bright Therapy L-18 LED Cluster: 412 LED's! Red 660nm & Blue 420nm LED Cluster for Acne! Works great for 
Anti-Aging, Wrinkles, Pain, Wounds, & Related Skin Problems. 


A total of 412 LED's! - Aprox 350 x 660nm RED LED's & aprox 150 x 420nm Blue LED's for a total of 412 LED's! 
Programmable pulsing (5Htz) 
Red or Blue LED Light therapy can be selected separately or both Red & Infrared can be used at the same time. 
Built in AC adaptor so no batteries needed. Good from 100-240v AC adapter. . 
treatment protocols included in manual. 
Can also be used for anti-aging therapy, wrinkles, spider veins, scars. 
Supper easy operation. Handy Desk Top Mounting adapter allowing the device to be used Hands Free! Great for surfing the web or watching TV while treating your skin! 
Drug Free, Non Invasive Bio stimulation Therapy Device 
Red LED indicator light and 3 level brightness control. 
Non-burning LED's so cannot burn or over treat. 

  Bio-Stimulation Treatments work: 
Conditions suited for Red & Blue LED Treatment: 

Skin & wound care:
Acne treatment
Bed sores
Diabetic Ulcers

Open Wounds
Post-operative Wounds / Stitches 
Skin Ulcers
 Anti-Aging & Beauty:
Scalp Hair Growth 
Scaly Skin; Psoriasis; Seborrhea
Varicose Veins

Comes with Handy Desk Top mounting bar,
I no longer sell this, google it