Pet Healing Tools
I believe the most important one for pets is the Violet Ray. Of course there is no guarantee that these tools can help your pet the way you hope for but in my 23 years of experience getting results, this is what I recommend. None of these devices can be harmful in anyway, it only gives energy and relieves discomfort.

1.                                             Violet Ray High Frequency Device           

2.                                               Tesla Coil

3.                                               Dr. Hulda Clark Pet Zapper

4.                                                  Zero Point Energy Wand

5.                                                        L.E.D Color Lights

6.                                                         Tunning Forks

7.                                                        TDP Far Infra-Red Mineral Therapy Lamp

8.                                                          Magnetic Pulser

9.                                                         Ionizer For Collar or Bedside 
This negative Ion air purifier on your pets collar so he can breath healthy air, especially around cigarette smoke. This opens the lungs immediately so a pet can breathe easier if it has a lung problem.

10.                                                        Herbal Magnetic Cushion 

11,                                                         Rife Device

Supplement I recommend the Blue-green Algae. You can google it but for a pet use one capsule a day. You can open capsule and place it in a cup with a tiny amount of water then use an eye dropper to put it in their mouth
Any questions call Rev. Mary at 321-525-2511 or email