What I Am Doing In My Car For The Pandemic
How to purify and kill the germs in your car, especially when you get back into car from shopping or any place where you can get infected. 
1. Buy a 12-volt battery to plug into your car charger or have someone wire it directly to your car battery.
2. Buy a car ionizer for your car but only the kind with a USB charger. An ionizer immediately opens your lungs so you can breathe better as well as kills germs. 
  Amazon they are about $15.00
3. Buy a UV light your clothes and skin to kill pathogens. Do not use over your eyes.
4. Plug in your hand-held high frequency violet ray so you can comb through your hair if you did not use a cap over your head. Rub it around your exposed skin and on your lymph nodes under your jaw to kill germs.  
  If you go somewhere without your face shield, then you wear your wearable negative Ion generator. Maybe one way to avoid the virus since it can be taken through the lungs is to always wear an ionizer when you go out of the house and have a home unit. 
It blows healthy negative ions up toward your nose and mouth. This means it puts a negative charge in your air space so the germs and pollutants drop to the ground before you can breathe them in. Negative ions are very beneficial to the body. Negative Ions are created by lightening, waterfalls and crashing waves of the oceans. This device also boosts up your magnetic field. It is important to have a strong unit in your home and office also to purify the air  

photos and videos coming