Museum Of 90 Different Electric Healing Machines
These are photos of my museum, these are not very clear. When my new website is made these photos will be better
Below is when you first come inside. I show you the books that have helped me understand the bodies electricity and how to heal using it. Also are photos below the books of Mark and Mines underwater wedding in Orlando. Above the books is my interview from a radio station in New York about Nikola Tesla. Above that are the certifications
​ from people completing my Electro-Therpy course
Below is a view of my museum. There are machines on every wall but you still cannot see the two walls
This is the first wall, my Self-Diagnosis devices. Their are eight of them, some are Bio-feedback. Along every wall is a border I made of my mentors, healers and scientist that I admire. Also above each machine is an explaination of them.
These are from the Self-Diagnosis wall. From left to right is the Body Voltage meter, Chi life meter, meridian organ level tester, the quantum magnetic resonate analyzer
On the far right is the E meter
On the left below is the Live Aura Imaging system and next is the live blood cell analysis microscope
This is a better pic of my microscope. In this gold cabinet are many types of testers. Urine, chi, hand strength, nitric oxide and more. On the right on the wall is the Heart Math Bio-feedback. On the table is the Bio Energy Meter tester
Below is my wall of energy machines. On the left in the number healing machine called the Energizer Health Tool. Next is the TDP mineral Therapy Lamp, next the Giddy Up Core exerciser, on the floor is the Electronic Foot tens pad, next is the Electronic Foot Bath, next is the static Van De Graff generator and last on the far right is the Nikola Tesla Coil. my new website will have clear pics of each machine and a short video as well.
On the right of the tesla coil, on the white shelves at the top are antique machines. The shelf below that is the antique master Violet Ray, Edgar Cayce devices, the Dr. Hulda Clarks, then Dr. Bob Becks protocol, acupuncture and my covid shelf. Below on the shelf below that is a small Tesla Coil, Orgasmatron, galvanic, VoxxLife, red light wrist device, infra red, and a singing crystal bowl. On the floor left to right is a sleeping bag infra red sauna, Swing chi machine, grounding pad and radionics
Below are 4 glass shelves 
On the left is a vowel tuner for toning, sport tape, magnetic items and a hot/cold therapy device.
Second shelf down are my inventions, Bio Energy Tuner, Colormserizer, Bio Chi Meter and the Bio Energy Meter also a book that information on it is in a book
Third shelf down is the Schumann 7.83 Hz frequency generator, scalar, tachyon and Tommy Copper
Fourth Shelf down on the copper Eeman Bio-Circuits, Herbal Cushion and orgone energy blanket
Then next to the shelves is the Whole Body Vibration Machine
Next wall are the Pet Healing Devices, Zapper, small tesla coil, zaero poine energy wand. below thatis a color/sound generator,and the pet violet ray
Below, on the floor is a radio frequency plasma healing Machine
next wall is the Pet Health Scanner and the DNA plus the Human Organ Tuning Forks, Pet L,E,D light,
Last wall below are more antique machines. left to right is an old UV Light doctors use to use for skin problems, Then Dinsha Color Therapy lamp, a   , two high voltage Jacob's ladder and last a Bagdad Battery. Blow on that shelf is a whimshurst Wheel, Vidic rods, Faraday Material, antique Davis Kidder and the Portable Faraday Battery