Mary"s Bio Energy Inventions
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Bio Energy Tuner-The Bio Energy Tuner- Wear this one of a kind pendant that emits millions of harmonics, emits 23 specific frequencies and has a bio-feedback that takes the negative frequencies off the energy field and inverts them to healthy frequenices for energy and healing, click here for full info

Bio Energy Human Organ Tuner-Wear this one of a kind pendant that emits the healthy frequency of a specific organ of the human body. Wear the frequency of the liver, lung, stomach, brain, etc  or give me your custom frequency that you want to wear such as a vitamin, DNA etc. click here for full info

Bio Chi Meter-Take it to the grocery store and touch the foods to see what foods are giving you energy and what is talking it away, Test energy of food, supplements, or harmful substances. See who is literally draining your energy.
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Bio Energy Meter-Measure the electrical body voltage in your cells,
your foods, plants or trees. In order to stay healthy you must eat the
foods of the highest electrical value, see how it goes higher by breathing deeper breathes or laughing. 15 mv of the cells is cancer, 70mv is normal
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Bio Energy Human Organ Tuner Console Unit-Simular to the human organ tuner that you wear one healthy organ frequency at a time, this console unit can tune in the different healthy signal frequencies of all the organs , blood and bone. click here for full info