3 to 4 Hour Hand Sanitizer keeps working killing germs.

   Alcohol free, many people don't want to keep putting alcohol on their skin. 
We have a unique ingredient in our sanitizer that makes it far superior to alcohol-based sanitizers. Alcohol-based sanitizers quit working after about 2 minutes when they dry. Ours lasts up to 3 to 4 hours, until the outer layer of your skin cells die.
   As a comparison, many germs are encapsulated by a membrane. Our active ingredient creates microscopic “spikes” when spread on the skin that penetrate a germ’s membrane and disrupt inter-molecular interactions within it, just like the spikes penetrating the tire.

I see people not wearing gloves any more which makes no sense to me. I hate wearing gloves because my hands sweat like crazy but now I just rub this on my hands and fore arms and go in the store. The alcohol based ones are drying to my hands and this is not.
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