Giddyup Core Exerciser Abs Abdominal Workout
Horseback riding has long been a recreational and therapeutic activity for individuals of all ages and abilities. Not only a sport, horseback riding is also considered a beneficial form of therapy. The trotting and galloping action of a horse helps strengthen the rider’s spine and pelvic muscles, improves posture and stimulates seldom-used core muscles, in the dorsal and abdominal regions. 

Sunpentown International introduces the revolutionary exercise equipment the Giddyup!™ Core Exerciser. This equipment simulates the actions of horseback riding with its dual motions: a horizontal 8 motion and an up-and-down motion. As the equipment goes through its multiple combination of motions, the rider is constantly thrown off-balance. This requires the rider’s muscles to involuntarily contract and relax in an attempt to re-balance and stay upright. This reflex action, known as counter-balance exercise, reaches the deep postural muscles of the pelvis and muscles of the thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutei. The most appealing aspect of this Counter-Balance motion is that the user is exercising without really doing anything, as there is no exertion from the user. 

AB-757 with dual-motors and dual-controls
Features user-friendly LED control panel with 3 program modes plus Auto program. User can set the speed (1 to 5) for each motor (horizontal 8 motor and up-and-down motor), giving the user up to 25 speed combinations.

Through frequent use of this equipment, the benefits are endless: build and strengthen the core muscles, increase metabolism, improve balance and correct posture. As there is no exertion from the user, a 15-minute workout is done effortlessly. 

Builds core strength
Improves balance 
Corrects posture
Improves muscles strength (abs, back, thigh, hips, glutei, quadriceps and hamstrings)
Increases blood circulation
Increases metabolism
No physical stress to the knee or the lower body
Low impact and no exertion
Shape and tone with fun
UL approved
Power supply: AB-757
Power supply: 120V / 60Hz
Power consumption: 150 - 260 watts
RPM (speed 5): 80 ( /- 3)
Recommended max weight of user: 265 lbs
Unit dimension (L x W x H) in.: 30 x 16 x 27
Package dimension (L x W x H) in.: 33 x 18 x 30
Net weight: 39 lbs
Gross weight: 46 lbs 

PRICE $ 480.00

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