Flute Chakra Therapy
                     Enjoy a healing by beautiful flute music that balances the chakras and energy field. You can see in live time how your aura/chakras changes second to second and take home the DVD so you can play it as much as you like for more balancing. You can view how your energy field changed to the different notes. Each of the seven flutes has its own chakra key that is played over your own chakras as you lay down and relax in a beautiful atmosphere. Nowhere else can you get this type of therapy. See on my website some amazing videos of how Flute Therapy works. As the musical note is played over a particular chakra, we can see how it responds by the Live Auric Bio-feedback System and know when it has been balanced. When you relax your heart rate slows and your oxygen saturation improves as well. You will have a feeling of enhanced well being.
                      Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency,
from the lowest/deepest/slowest frequency at the root to the highest/fastest at the crown – with each chakra having its own sound, just like it has its own color. Sound is vibration. Music influences us and impacts our energy systems. The notes played by my flutes are used for chakra balancing, this supports the body/mind/soul complex into a meditative state where healing occurs. This creates a continuous vibrational harmonious environment for the cells of your body. Visualization with the associated chakra colors while the flute chakra notes are being played directly over your corresponding chakra can be deepened & amplified by toning.
Chakra   Color             Note /   Tone, Vowel sound Mantra
1 Root        Red               C         UH / U “huh” LAM Lum Lang
2 Sacral     Orange         D         OOO / O “you” / “ewe” VAM Vum Vang
3 Solar Plexus Yellow   E         OH / AH “go” RAM Rum Rang
4 Heart      Green            F         AH / A “father” YAM Yum / Sam Yang
5 Throat    Blue              G         EYE / I “I” HAM Hum Hang
6 Third Eye Indigo        A         AYE / E “say” AUM Aum / OM Aum
7 Crown     Violet           B         EEE / E “me” AH Ahh... / Aum

Can play at events such as parties, weddings, etc.
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