​Purple Pixy Event that happened to Mark on his 67th birthday July 1, 2021.

  Kris had been in her bed asleep when she woke up to a beautiful Pixy floating above her. She called me at 12:30 am, I was in a deep sleep. She said I had to come quickly because there is a pixy in her room. I said WHAT? A PIXY? She yes, come here. Not knowing what to expect I grabbed my cellphone to hopefully catch a photo or video. I was there in about 5 minutes and when I walked in, she said it flew out the door. She said it was hovering above her very close to the fast-ceiling fan blades that were spinning on high. The wind from the fan had no effect on her. 
  She described it as about 4” high and 4” wide with the body in the middle being pure brilliant white with no features. The wings were a beautiful purple and pink flowing back and forth. She was shocked because of the weird stuff we have seen these past 8 years this is a first. She said she realized the Pixy was trying to tell her that she was stuck in the room and could not get out. So, before I got to Kris, had gotten off her bed and walked to her door and opened it. As soon as she did it shot right out. 
  I was disappointed so I sat in a chair and told her tell me exactly what happened. When she was finished, I walked outside about 5 minutes later and started quickly snapping photos in the dark as I was going to walk back to my bed. We saw nothing as her and I looked around the backyard hoping to see it but with no luck. The next morning, I downloaded the photos to my laptop and “OH MY GOD”. I had captured what we believe to be the pixy.
  Here are some of the photos to show you on my website and some I have printed out. All these photos were taken when I was standing just outside her room in the backyard facing the porch of the house. When we looked with our eyes, we could not see these purple lights at all, we saw nothing looking at the porch. What do you think?
  We do not know if this Pixy is male or female. Mark was asleep in the porch on the sofa and this Pixy with a lot of purple energy flowing over Mark was happening, but he never woke. We told him about this the next morning and showed him these photos. My psychic said that he was getting an upgrade for psychic ability and healing from this entity. Interesting it occurred on his birthday,
So why when we saw nothing on my cellphone photos and walked back to the porch to go back to my bedroom I did not see any violet? This purple energy and pixy must be in a different dimension or I would have seen it.

Below is a photo of the porch in my backyard of the house. Mark is asleep on the sofa completely unaware that there is this purple energy swirling around him giving him a healing by the pixy on the far right. This energy is inside over the sofa. This purple energy did not show up on my cellphone photos after I took them and Kris and I still in the backyard going over them, we agreed we got nothing on the photo but after being downloaded all this purple shows up, how?
Below I zoomed in on the pixy. Notice it is turned sideways but you can easily make out the wing, face and energy body, WOW
Below is a small orb on one of the photos blown up, what do you see in it?
This ends all the photos but we will never know how this energy was over Mark