The Energizer Health Tool
   Electro-therapy, the wave of future, my favorite quickest healing machine. I have studied about 90 different machines over 25 years and this is my most important because it gets the best results and heals quickly. The most powerful healing tool on the market. I NO LONGER SELL THIS MACHINE

    Every cell has a tiny battery in it that holds milli-volts. It has
 positive and negative charges. When that battery's voltage 
becomes low from stress, injury or disease, 
then it will have difficulty working properly. This device 
charges the cells back up just like a battery charge. For 
example when you plug in your cell phone.
Cancer is -15 Millivolts of the cells, an aged cell is -50 Millivolts
 and a normal cell 
is -100 Millivolts   This device powers the voltage back up in 
those cells so the chemical, hormonal and enzyme processes
 can work properly.
    For 15 years I have studied healing machines. All kinds of 
frequency, zappers, color, sound, magnetic, energy, subtle 
energy, infrared, acupuncture machines,
 Edgar Cayce devices., Tesla Machines that use 
Electro-therapy to gives the body the power to heal itself. 
Through my research this health tool I have found to be 
 the best of them. It is all the machines rolled up in one. 
     People have reported great benefits with Diabetes, People with abnormal cells, 
Fibromyalgia, Lupus, paralysis, gangrene, edema, heart con, severe back pain, 
and so much more. The Energizer health tool 
creates more oxygen in the blood because it ozonates the tissues. Oxygen is a 
nutrient; you can live only a couple minutes without. Food, supplements and water
 you can last days without. Also harmful germs cannot live in a high-oxygenated 
state. Ozone is a germicide. This amazing device acts as a cellular massage
This can create a more balanced alkaline state, disease lives in a high acidic state,
 when the body becomes more PH balance it can regenerate to normal health
Moves the lymph’s. We are 60% lymph material and the toxins accumulate in the
 lymph’s that runs along side the circulatory system. This drains the lymphatic
We are made up of electricity, we are spinning electrons and when we are in pain
 or dis-ease we are missing harmonic frequencies. This can replace those  
missing frequencies. The copper and aluminum oscillate off each other causing a 
broad band of harmonic frequencies. The copper is at one end of the mineral 
spectrum with the aluminum at the other end.
When we are in pain, we have a build up of positive ions, this replaces the body with healthy negative ions, thus releasing the excess positive ions. Ever see the info-commercial where people are lined up in a convention to try a positive ion bracelet and immediately their pain is gone? 
When we are in pain we have a build up of too much hydrogen, this replaces that painful area with oxygen. Promoting the feeling of well-bring. Allows the body to release toxins at its own rate. Also emits infrared a healing wave length
This device causes electro-poration, meaning the cell membranes become more permeable by opening up the cells more so that the nutrient rich blood can rush in and the toxic waste can flush out for detoxification
Causes better hydration and makes the communication of the cells work better
This device can unstick the sticky red blood cells that causes pain, most pain and disease is the caused from sticky red blood cells and this gets the blood flowing, literally moving again.
This enhances the sodium/potassium exchange of the cells. Making the pump work better, the more electrical energy it has the more efficient it works.
Restores the natural frequency of the cells, the resonate frequency for rejuvenation of the cells.
It does not pass electricity through the body because of the glass insulation but creates a strong magnetic field
Balances and charges the Chakras, thus enhancing the (Aura) energy field
Can be used as a crystal therapy device by placing crystals on the glass to incorporate that particular crystal or gemstone frequency
* It seems to stimulate endorphin production and neurotransmitter output. This may be why there is an effect on mood/ relaxation and energy level. 
* Improves nutrient absorption, assimilation and improved memory.                                                                  
* Digestive system and metabolism improvement. 
Improves sleep. Relaxation, mental clarity 
Speeds recovery after surgery and injuries

Devitalizes parasites, viruses, bacteria, molds, yeast in the body 
Great for enhancing athletic performance                                                              
The Energizer Health Tool has helped people for the last 30 years.   
It is in many Holistic Clinics around the world. 
This does not cure you; it only provides the vehicle to recovery. This is used as experimental and research only

None of these private reports mean you would have the same results
I have been researching alternative medicine and the many different electro-therapy machines that are out there for giving the body power to heal itself. The testimonies you are about to read are from my own family, friends and people who have bought the machine. Many people would come to my house for help so some of these are myself writing them down. Or, what they told me over the phone or from emails. These private reports do not mean you will have the same results. I am making no medical claims; just repeating in their own words what they believed the machine did for them.  

I am starting out with this testimonial below because not only was it one of my very first one, but it shows how if your cells get low in electricity how important it is to raise it.

(Adrenal failure) Fred had been seriously ill; his adrenals were almost shut down. He was very weak. He is 38 years old and his weight had dropped to 130 pounds. I brought to him my Energizer; he used it for an hour and a half. When he got off, he said his shoulder pain was gone for the first time in a few months. It had been dislocated, but the pain had stayed gone since the session. The next morning, he woke up with improved eyesight so much, so he did not need his glasses to read. He had had bad eyesight since a child. 
  When I saw him, he was barely able to hold his head up while sitting in the chair, he was that weak. I told him to stay on another hour and a half. This was one of the first people I had every put on my machine. So interesting is what happened with Fred. Within about 20 minutes of him being on it he told me that the bulb was hot and his feet on the footplate were hot. I said “Really?” Let me use it maybe something is wrong, it had done that with the other people who have tried it or myself. I told him that I thought the sound of the transformer was different, like it was working harder, louder. So, when I used it for 20 minutes the bulb and my feet did not get hot and the sound of the transformer sounded not nearly as loud. I immediately realized because he was so severely low in energy that he drew a lot more electricity (electrons) from the transformer. How interesting! For myself I was not sick, my cells were full of energy so the transformer did not have to work so hard. I left the machine with him between him using it and him going to a holistic doctor he recovered. Thank god because he is my brother.

(Lyme) Hi Mary, Here's my testimonial for the amazing devices that I purchased from you. Sorry It wasn't sooner, however I actually wanted to take the time needed to really appreciate it the most myself, and I believe I have seen that happen now. I know that the movie "Coccoon" was playing on cable television today, and all I can think of saying is that this (Energizer)is the closest I have probably come to a "rejuvenating" experience like" the fountain of youth". Though my Lyme disease is not entirely gone, I am experiencing incredibly better health today than before, and am confident that even better health will come about soon as well. Thank you so much, David
(Lyme) Hello Mary, I am so grateful for your helping me to purchase this machine with the (then) promise to pay from my disability income, as at that time I didn't quite have the full amount to purchase it. It is certainly a bargain though and worth every penny and more, for sure. I also bought (on your good advice) from you the Scada Research RSG-2 (Bob Beck Zapper and Colloidal Silver Maker). 
I am proud to tell you that both are working out rather well for me, since first receiving them. Suffering from Lyme disease and other parasites for at least the last two years has been tough, and nothing had seemed to show any promise of helping the healing process in any significant way. I was experiencing constant head and neck pain, sore muscles, and fatigue due to very low energy levels. I was constantly falling a on the sofa and sleeping well into the afternoon on a daily basis, that is until I started using the "Energizer Health Tool" machine. Now I can function normally, and with even less than normal amounts of sleep, and never uncontrollably falling asleep like before. It's as if I am now energized like a fully charged battery!
Though I haven't (after only two months use) actually eliminated all my lyme disease symptoms, absolutely unbelievable results have been seen, and I feel amazingly better after spending some time with the devices. I am replacing a mostly aching weak body, with one that is totally energized from the soles of my feet to the crown of my head, with hardly any trace of the previous aches. I use the glass bulb to erase those aching areas of my body such as my face, neck, arms and hands, by simply rubbing over those areas a multiple of times with the glass bulb, while grasping it well with either one or both hands, and the soothing relief it gives, is not only pleasure full and amazing, but lasting too. I also had an abscessed tooth back in December, that was driving me insane with pain that I had to take pain relievers throughout the day to deal with it. Now it seems miraculously that there is no pain problem there at all. 
I am now manufacturing and drinking colloidal silver water and zapping my blood with the RSG-2, and my previous problems with intestinal parasites that plagued me for so long, seem to be almost nonexistent now. I almost forgot to mention too, my diabetic father-in-law, has been using the "Energizer" a number of times and has seen his blood sugar levels lowered from well over 200 before being on it, to just under 100 now, and that after only a few uses too. I am so impressed. It regenerated the blood among many other physiological activities. My wife tried the Energizer and like I hypothesized it "barely" lit up even at 120V. She is a martial arts instructor, extremely purely-high-spirited and healthy person, maybe that's why the machine could offer much help. My whole family has benefited from the Energizer Health Tool. Mary, I am profoundly grateful for having purchased your wonderful machines and do thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent, helpful, warm, and friendly service. If I had I not come upon it, I would most probably still be experiencing a painful and weakened existence today. Thank you most sincerely, John D

Susan called me to tell me what has happened with her husband. She said her husband used the Energizer for an hour a day for seven days. He went to his doctor for a check up and the doctor said to him, what have you been doing? In all of my career I have never seen this happen. Your prostate numbers have dropped dramatically. She asked me how this could happen. I said I have heard this many times. What the machine does is bring in the fresh oxygenated blood into the prostate and push out the old stuck toxic blood. It also brings in energy to it so it can start working the way it is supposed to.

(Peritonitis infection, stomach pain) Hi Mary, You saved my life
I want to tell you what happened to me. I had stomach pain for days and I thought it would just go away on its own. I have a friend who has an Energizer and he had me try it for a about an hour. It helped with my pain and gave me energy, but it was not healing. The pain was getting awful. On the fourth day I was in severe pain and my stomach was swollen like I was pregnant. I came back over, and I used the Energizer for 4 straight hours that day. Later I went to the hospital and when I told them I had this pain and swelling for 4 days they rushed me right into surgery. They pushed my surgery ahead of other surgeries that were scheduled. They thought I was going to die if they did not operate immediately. I found out I had a perforated stomach. The doctor said to me after the surgery that he had never seen anything like this before, but my inside cavity was clean. No infection or peritonitis at all which I could have died from. The doctor told me it should have been black ink like substance filling my stomach, but it was clear fluid. He took photos and called in other doctors to see it. He told me people die on the fifth day of having this problem. He asked me what I had done. I said I do not know what you mean I did nothing. I knew not to tell doctors because they mostly are not interested in alternative medicine. My friend explained that she thought the ozone killed the bacteria and flushed the black dead die off out of my system. I was thankful my friend had the Energizer. So, I bought one and get on it almost every day now. Thanks a lot, Tina S, Jacksonville 

(Cancer lung) Happy New Year. Hope all is going well for you up in Melbourne. My friend Martin, with the stage 4 lung cancer is doing quite well (considering the medical community said he'd be dead by now) and attributes his improved state of health largely to the use of the Energizer. I pass along his thanks. Take Care, James

(Cancers) a lady who gives ozone therapy rectally to horses said her brother-in-law had tongue cancer. He used Linda’s machine while he was getting radiation. Each time he went to the doctor after using the machine his blood work got better and better, but the doctor did not understand this and asked him what he was doing. He did not tell him, but the doctor said whatever it is keep doing it. Her brother-in-law will not return the machine, that is why she is buying another. I am assuming tongue cancer came from smoking.

This man from Colorado is ordering another Energizer. He has had one for many years. He said like this: He told me he had cured four stage four people's cancers with the machine. One was prostate, breast and colon, the other one I don't remember. I told him I know I believe you. I have heard this many times.
(Cancer uterine) Hi Mary, My wife, Judith around 16 years ago had fast growing uterine cancer, so had her uterus plus ovaries removed, plus very intensive cobalt radiation therapy. A few weeks ago, she noticed a large hard lump growing fast anterior of her left illium. She ignored it at first but then mentioned it to me and I was shocked at the size of it. She had not been on the energizer since I got it thinking it was one of my usual gadgets!!! That lump shocked her into starting to regularly use the machine, and over the last few weeks the tumorous mass has stopped growing, shrunken somewhat, and Judith is feeling a lot fitter. Her skin is also starting to look a lot better as well. She now cannot be kept off the thing!! Over time, maybe a year or two, with regular "recharging", we expect the fibrous mass will slowly be broken down and absorbed by her body., John Row Australia

(Cancer bladder) My friend Irving started selling the Energizer because it reversed his bladder cancer in two months using it at an hour a day. Tumors were completely gone. The doctors had wanted to take his bladder out but no longer needed to. He has proof from the Universality of Miami medical center. He was in his 80’s and now some years later he had died but he had put his medical report on the internet, unfortunately it is not there anymore.

(Cancer brain) Mary it has been about a year since we have talked. I wanted to tell you how my husband is doing. When we bought the machine from you, he was diagnosed stage 4 inoperable brain cancer. He was 79 years old. Last effort we thought we would try your machine and so happy we did because now he is cancer free. Not only that but his memory is much better, has more energy and more mental clarity. We can not thank you enough. Betty

(Cancer vaginal) A man from Ireland called me to say his wife is so much better. She called the Energizer her lifeline. She has had vaginal cancer for about a year and in tremendous pain. I want to thank you, she is not cured, but much less pain and has more energy. Also, interestingly her wrinkles have gone away. She is 46 years old. How being so close to death and suffering has she gone from that to feeling so much better but her wrinkles clearing? This is like an anti-aging machine, right? I am in good shape, but it does give me energy. You are an angel, Bill in Ireland

(Gangrene) The Energizer saved two men from amputation, both having gangrene. Both had from Burgers disease, which is the nicotine from cigarettes causes sticky red blood cells that slow the circulation to the limbs. The blood becomes very sticky with nicotine in their hands, feet and legs and causes gangrene.

The doctors only want to amputate, this is the only means they know to stop it from spreading and stop the intense pain these people have. The first man is Mike Fighte who lives near me in Melbourne Florida. One day a friend of his said why don’t you go see that women with those machines, maybe she can help you. He said yes, I will. And this woman gave him my phone number. When he called me, he said his name and I said Mike, Its Mark and Mary. It turned out he was a friend of ours, that we lost contact with him a few years earlier. When he came over, he was walking on crutches and had to have been dropped off by a friend of his because he could not drive. It was so sad to Mark and I to see him in this condition, he was only in his late 30’s. As soon as he came in, I put him on the Energizer and we chatted for about an hour when he said, Mary this is weird, but I do not smell the infection flowing through me anymore. I can always smell that nasty smell but for the first time in a long time I don’t. I said, Great, stay on it for another hour. I explained to him that the machine was taking his red blood cells that are sticking together, pulling them apart using a magnetic field and making them flow again increasing the circulation to your legs. I explained that the fresh blood pushes out that old sticking toxic blood and brings in fresh oxygen with nutrients to help heal. I also told him that his body uses the frequencies as well and the machine moves and cleanse his lymphatic system. Also, the ozone that goes into his body is killing germs.
  He had already had half of his toes on one foot amputated and was scheduled in one week for an amputation from the knee down. It looked horrific, you see the photo. I hoped I would never see anything like that again. The next day he came back over and used the machine for a couple more hours. He said he needed to buy one so he could use it at home as much as possible. We got him one that day and set it up for him at his house. A week goes by and he said he had gone to the doctor to talk about his upcoming amputation. Mike said when the doctor looked at his leg that the doctor almost fell over. The doctor could not believe what he was looking at. He asked Mike what he had done but I had told Mike not to tell him, so he did not. The doctor told him you do not need surgery and keep doing whatever you are doing. As a month goes by Mike calls me and said that he could not continue using his machine. I said WHY? He said because I keep getting an erection. I told him that is quite common because that circulation goes into the prostate and energizes it. I said well now go out and get a girlfriend, which he did. Obviously, the machine gets the circulation down there too. About six weeks later he pulled up to my house on his motorcycle and walked in his boots up to me and hugged me. He thanked me profusely. He said he has a girlfriend now and he can do his mechanic work again. I almost cried with happiness.

The Energizer saved another man’s ten toes. This man was also named Mike. He lived in the United Kingdom. One night he had a dream that a woman with an electric machine could help him. When he woke up, he went online and type in Berger’s disease which what he has, just like Mike Fighte. Because of my first Mike, I had put his testimonial on my website so that showed up. This man calls me and explains about the dream and that he has never had any kind of a psychic dream or no paranormal event in his life. He was scheduled for an amputation of all his toes in one week. I said you better get on a plane tomorrow and come stay with me so you can use this machine. He did, the next day he was already on the Energizer. The first day he stayed on it for a couple hours and when he got off, he said that he felt his toes had some circulation. He was a very nice man in his 40’s but like the other Mike he could not stop smoking. He stayed in my guest bedroom and had rented a car. Each day he used it for at least three hours. We kept seeing small improvements which were exciting. On the fourth day he was at the gas station pumping gasoline when all the sudden he started to get an erection all by itself. When he came home, he told me and then said the night before he watching CNN news when it popped up on its own again. So, I explained what was going on like I did with the first Mike. He was happy hearing this and said I cannot wait to go home to my wife. We have not had sex in a year now I know I can again. 
By the time he went home we knew he would not need an amputation and the pain was much less. A
These are the only two times I have heard of Berger’s disease. Both men came to me with a few months 
of each other.

(HIV) Lab results , first was under control around 750 viral load which is quit low, after using the Energizer
 it is down to 168 viral load. This is not supposed to happen. When you do meds, you get your very best 
results right away. As time increase results get worse. The doctors say this is virtually impossible to 
happen. I used the Energizer for 2 and a half months twice a day for an hour a day. Still use it an hour a
 day now. I talked to my doctor and said I am supposed to stop taking medication, I have 
and now 2 weeks 
I feel fine. When I had tried to stop the Energizer, I had become very sick and had to start 
meds again.
 Now I want to go around teaching electrotherapies, Thank You So Much, Sidney

(AIDS, neuropathy, sexual benefits, melanoma) Thank You Mary, Dennis was on his last leg when 
a friend had him try his machine. The first half hour, his Neuropathy in both legs from the hips to 
the feet was gone and had not come back. Plus, he received a lot of energy. He used the Energizer
 for about once a week for two months then went back to the doctor for tests. The doctor asked 
what he was doing because for the first time in ten years it is undetectable. Dennis would never
 tell them because he knew any of his doctors would not like it. Dennis had gained weight, could 
drink a couple beers, and eat again. His Melanoma spots on his back were gone. That surgery was
 canceled. Dennis will tell anyone who wants to know about the Energizer and how it helped him 
regain his health. The Energizer is something like a Viagra machine as well. The men that he has
 had on the machine report waking up like a teenager again and their wives are happier. Proves 
how the energy gets everywhere. Thank You so much!!! Dan

(Hair) Mary, I am impressed with the Energizer, it has stopped clumps of hair from falling 
out in the shower and in my comb. Plus, it has helped to subside some tremors that were 
going on in my body and gave me a lot energy. Thanks, Fred Tampa Fl  

(Hair) WOW! Mary, I love this machine. I don't know how it is doing it, but my hair is turning from 
grey to Auburn. I'll let you know of other changes. Thank You, Chris

(Diabetes, depression, neuropathy) Greeting Mary,
Have been using the Energizer daily and it really seems to help with energy and find I'm not as 
depressed, panicked and able to deal with things a little better. My neuropathy is better and also 
hypoglycemia better, Cosamina 

(Diabetes) Bob is in his early sixties, blind and he has diabetes. He wanted to see what it could do 
for his swollen leg and blood sugar. He tested his blood sugar before getting on the Energizer 
machine, it was 249, too high. He stayed on it for about 45 minutes; his leg was very swollen from
 his knee to his toes. When he got off he went to put his shoes back on and he said “ Hey, my shoe
 just slipped right on without forcing it” he stood up and he could feel a decrease. He retested his 
sugar and it had gone down 63 points. I told him this is very common for the machine to move the
 excess sugar out of diabetic’s blood. I am happy that they have the testers to see that. He was 
smiling when he left and days later, he told me the swelling was still down. 

(Diabetes, stomach, neuropathy) A man with diabetes came over. Within a half hour his back pain 
was gone and his stomach pain also. I do not know what the stomach pain was from, but his legs 
needed circulation. I told his that many people this machine helps with neuropathy because of the
 increase of circulation to the legs, knees and down to toes.

(Hip pain) ,Thank you, Mary, for helping my daughter. She is 33 years old and 4 years ago she was in 
an accident that severely injured her hips. Not only has she been in pain constantly since but every
 20 minutes her legs spasm. We had bought a lounge chair for $7,000.00 that moves her legs. 
I bought the Energizer because getting sessions from Dr. Jose it had helped my hip pain. When I got
 it I put her on it for 4 straight hours. Hers legs never spasm during that time. Even her 7-year-old son
 had mentioned that. When she got off, she walked over to me to hug me for the first time in years with
 no pain. The next morning, she was knocking at my door at 8 A.M wanting to get on it again. Normally 
she does not wake up until 2P.M every day. I will keep you posted with any more changes. 
You’re an angel. Thank you, Margie

(Hip pain, sexual benefit) This woman who was in her late 60’s came over to try the machine because
 of hip pain. She was born with a bad hip she told me and when she walked, she needed a Cain. 
but had operations that never took the pain away. She was on it for about an hour then went home.
 She called me the next day because she wanted to order the Energizer. She told me that not only 
was the pain greatly reduced but she had always had to crawl on all fours to go upstairs in her 
condo. She told me that for the first time she just walked right up the stairs without crawling. I said
 Fantastic, the machine increased the blood circulation to your hip. A month later I went to go see 
her and she told me that why every time she gets off the machine, she has to have sex with her 
husband. I giggled and said well I suppose it is increasing your hormones. I asked her can I video 
her telling her testimony and she pretty loudly said “ Oh god no”. LOL 

I had done video filming years ago of people telling their testimonials but over time the VHS tape
 went bad. Maybe someday Ill redo it with the cell phone camera.

(Sexual benefit) The Attack of the Hubba Habba, Listen up boys and girls. Mary was right she said 
one of the benefits of the Energizer is that it has a positive effect on your sex life. I will let her fill
 you in on how I did it but to describe how the first attack was, it went something like this: at 
11:30 a.m. I was at home watching TV and it was like a wrenching feeling at my groin area. My friend 
starts to pop up on its own. The circulation has increased tremendously down there. I asked her why
 it is so good for the prostate gland? I said because of the blood circulation, getting in fresh blood 
and pushing out the old blood. I told him I hear this so much from the men that I should do a
 webpage as an erectile improvement page. Just an aside: and my eyes don’t hurt. Mr King in Chicago

(Parkinson’s) Dr Jose has two men with Parkinson’s coming to his clinic. One man he told me, 
he worked on that came back from Iraq. Dr Jose said it took only one week of sessions to 
completely stop his shaking. Then, another man, an older man that had this disease much
 longer took 3 months to stop his shaking. Dr. Jose who is a medical doctor in Mexico and a 
holistic doctor here says the machine regrows the Mylar sheaths as well as kill 
the germs that attack these men. I agreed, then I told him the physicians say there
 is no way to regrow them but here is proof.

(Heart) HI Mary, Ya know it's unbelievable- My problem with urinating is 80% healed after being on the Energizer health Tool -I CAN"T BELEIVE IT- How freakin amazing!!!!! Today it's like almost as if it even got better and is completely healed- it's like I can't wait to go to the bathroom again. lol!! I am 24 years old. Since July I had been having heart palpitations, chest pains, shortness of breath and back pains, i had also gained 25 pounds in the last year and have acid reflux. I bought my Energizer and after the first 30 minutes on the machine I could breathe better, and my heart had calmed down. I went home charged up and very happy. That night I had lots of energy. No back pains, shortness of breath, heart palpations, I cried because I knew now I was not going to die. I had been to the cardiologist and they had done an electrocardiogram and my heart was normal. I was told it might be anxiety by the physicians. You’re my angel, Thank you so much, Scott. 

(Heart) Mary, Hello. Thank you for your time, your demos and for the Energizer Health Tool. I am using it twice a day and can really feel the pump in the left ventricle of my heart. I’ve been looking for a machine for about two months, and sweating money, looking at alternatives, dreaming and budgeting. This is really a gift out of the blue and it is appreciated more than you know.
  I am generally doing well. My normal state is tired and somewhat cloudy. The machines (inert gas) particularly, make an obvious difference. I keep thinking about the aura photo of you in Mr. Ed Mc Cabe's book : Flood Your Body With Oxygen. the obvious clarity around the left ventricle. oxygen? heart connection? both? wondering what a current aura of you looks like. I bet its more even. I could see that particular clear light, the kind that’s been purified by oxygen around you. It was nice. And a nice validation of something at work. Thanks again. Michael

(Back pain) Mary, The lower part my back has been replaced with titanium, I have suffered with years of back pain. After the titanium, the pain was no better. I bought the Energizer and found it helps with my back pain when I thought there was no hope but now, I see there is. Thank you, Tom

(Back pain, wheel chair) He had been on SSI for ten years and in a wheel chair for the last two years, man in a wheel chair came over to my house. His wife wheeled him in. We put him on the machine for an hour. Mary, 

(Back pain, urination) Mark has had constant pain for many years. He is 45years old, he has arthritis and a degenerative disk in his lower back. He has been a smoker and drinker since a teenager. He used the Energizer for a half-hour. He told me about a half-hour after the session his back pain was almost gone completely and stayed that way all day. He got back on it the next day and he started to experience a detoxifying effect. It cleaned out his bowels, but it was not diarrhea. When he urinated, the color changed from dark to yellow/clear. This means the body is getting rid of its toxins, heavy metals, chemicals. all kinds of unwanted things. Another time he had prostrate pain for two weeks, he went back to get on the Energizer and stayed on it for an hour. After he got off the pain was gone, came back a little next day then was gone for a few weeks. Now he bought one and we will see what happens.

(Back pain, ankle swelling, fibromyalgia) Hi Mary, I wanted to tell you something about the Energizer. I used it for my chronic back pain. I had a bad lower backache for ten years. After I got off, I was on cloud nine, I have never been so happy. I stood up from a sitting position without any pain. I could not believe it. I also have fibromyalgia and very sick from this but when I got off the machine, I felt so light, like I was floating.

The next day my 21-year-old daughter came over because her hand was swollen from typing the day before and it was painful. Ten minutes into the session she called us over to look at her hand. The swelling was gone. Then I put my 13-year-old son on the Energizer, he had had a sprained ankle for 2 weeks, it was still swollen and painful. He stayed on it for ten minutes then got off because he thought it was boring being on the machine. About 15 minutes later we got him back on the machine for another ten minutes before he wanted off again, when he stood up he said “ Mom my ankle doesn’t hurt” We looked, the swelling was gone. So, he went outside to play with the kids. We watched him run and every once in a while he came to tell us the pain was still gone. It never came back. I’m so excited, Thanks Dee

(Head pain) Hi Mary, since my accident in 2003 I have been in constant pain with my head. I thought I had tried everything going to doctors as well as acupuncturist, chiropractors, and healers with no relief. The first time I tried the Energizer You put it on very very low because I am so sensitive to energies. After an hour I got off and for the first time I could touch my head with no pain at all. II was so thrilled. I went that day to the hairdresser and she was amazed she could touch me while she did my hair. It has been 3 weeks later and still no pain, I will be getting one of these machines. Thank you, Mary for what you do, keep it up, Beverly. Yeehaw junction FL

(Eyesight and Numbness) Terry is a 48-year-old man in good health. He used the machine the first night for 3 straight hours. He said it made him feel euphoric and that is why he was on it so long. When he was sleepy, he went to sleep in my guest bedroom. The next morning when he woke up, he picked up the newspaper and noticed he could read the print before he put his glasses on. We were astonished. He had worn magnifying glasses for 6 months, so he did not have bad eyes for years. He was not able to use the machine until a couple weeks later but by then his eyesight went back to the way it was before. He now uses it daily and his eyesight is great again. This is a good example of the daily need for the Energizer, just like you need healthy food, clean air, and water every day you need to keep up your electrical energy. Terry also injured his hand severely in a construction accident; it had been numb for a few years, now he is regaining the feeling. Also, the numbing in his toes is gone. Thank fully he had collected on a lawsuit from a construction site before he ever used this machine. I told him I have heard many people have improved eyesight even from the first time being on it. I believe it gets the fresh blood and oxygen into the eyes and flushes out the old sticky toxic blood. 

(Bicep pain) Hi Mary, I wanted to tell you that for many years my biceps have been in pain off and on from an accident. After one time on the Energizer all my pain was gone and stayed gone for a week, I am happy to have something to keep the pain away. Thank you, Angel

(Bleeding gums, glaucoma, breast tumor) To Mary, I have had constant problems with bleeding gums. As a result, my dentist Mr. Amire has me use a water jet, which helps. Also, I just use salt to clean my mouth and teeth. The last two times my dentist cleaned my teeth October and January, my dentist was amazed. He said my gums were stronger than ever whilst before he described them as 'fragile.' Also, they did bleed very much when he cleaned them. I told him what I was doing, and he agreed that it was the machine that was making the difference.
    Second testimony: My father has glaucoma which was controlled by drops. The pressure in my eyes has been high for a couple of years. When I was checked at the Western Eye Hospital, London, in November 2007, my pressure was 27, which is borderline glaucoma. I had an appointment at the eye hospital one year on in November, and my pressure has been reduced to 16. This is a total miracle as what can be predicted is the pressure will normally continue to rise. The ophthalmologist just could not explain why the pressure has dropped so dramatically. I started to use my machine in late March and have used it about 4/5 times a week ever since. 

  Third testimony (you may not be able to publish this one). The breast tumor was 12cm x 7cm and was open and bleeding. Plus, I had about 6 tumors in my lungs, two under my arm and one on my collar bone. As the tumor was stuck to the chest, the only thing they could do was do chemo in terms of conventional treatment. The doctors have been completely amazed as I was told I would not eradicate the breast tumor or the one on my collar bone or under my arms. They are now all gone. Additionally, I am down to 2 tumors’ in my lungs, one measuring 1cm and the other 9mm. Thank you again Mary, Jean in the U.K

(Double-vision) Recently, my Godparent, came to visit me from Guatemala. He was in a car accident and still had a black-eye and was seeing double vision. Well, I introduced him to the machine and the next day, both the double vision and black eye was gone. He's an MD and was equally regarding ageless bodily pains! I can't wait to travel to alleviate my grandparent. Edwin

(Kidney, liver) Hello Mary, I bought your Energizer machine last year and I am very satisfied with the results of using it every day for about 15-30 minutes. My kidney and liver functions were not optimal based on the blood tests. I had blood tests done every 4 months since then, 3 months after using the Energizer, my kidney and liver functions shows up normal. I had a complete physical exam last month and my blood test still shows that everything is normal. I am thinking of purchasing your Energizer wand. Is this readily available, what is the lead time for ordering this device? Thanks, Ed

(Chronic Fatigue) Hello Mary Did I tell you that I suffered from "CFS syndrome" which is chronic fatigue syndrome, for many years and was unable to work or do anything much at all. It is only over the last few years that I have been able to get some of my energy back and work part time. I put it to using my Energizer, plus the usual lymphatic clean out that initially occurs when first using the machine. Just the other day, I felt totally worn out after walking the dog for 2 to 3 miles in the early morning, so jumped straight on the Energizer for an hour, and this time "Whoopee", I got off it feeling charged up and ready to go! Karen

(Anti-aging, hair) Dear Mary, Last year I bought an Energizer from you and I want to tell you how pleased we are with the results. My wife and I use it for one hour each day and have noticed some excellent results. Our hair has become darker, having lost some of the grey and it grows more quickly than it used to. My wife’s bone density has improved immensely, having been slowly diminishing during the last few years and is now normal. The lines on her face have almost disappeared (she is 50) and the readings taken by my bio-resonance practitioner have greatly improved and he tells me my biological age is 28 (I am 80). We know it is an excellent machine and we would not be without it. It seems to be an anti-aging device. Thank you to again. With very best wishes, Reg and Beatrice in the United Kingdom

(Thyroid, sleep apnea) Dear Reverend Mary, I like to hold the bulb with two hands, of course, but touch my neck where the thyroid gland is located. I keep it there about 5 minutes, and I've noticed that I do not have so much trouble keeping my airway open at night now. You see, with an enlarged thyroid gland, there is a problem with weight over the trachea and it makes you feel like you can't breathe at night. Also, the airway is narrower (from the swelling) and I had been sleeping with my head back and off to the side to keep the passage open. Now I notice that I haven't done that in more than a month after I started putting the bulb on my thyroid. For me, that is wonderful because I used to wonder if I'd even wake up the next morning or die because my airway closed and I was so tired that I could not wake up in time to make myself breathe. I am wondering if it's helping with my snoring/Sleep Apnea problem. I spent the night at my sister's last week and I was told that I did not snore until very early in the morning, and it was a very soft snore. My sister is merciless, usually. If my Sleep Apnea has improved, that would be the reason I wake up feeling so rested in the mornings now. Thank You So Much, you’re an angel, Becky

(Thyroid) My girlfriend has a problem with her thyroid. It was enlarged and could not swallow very well. The doctors want to something to it. She is scared to have that procedure done. So, I put her on my Energizer Tool for 30 minutes. She did not hold the bulb up to her throat only kept the bulb in her hands. When she got off, she could swallow much better since the swelling of her thyroid went down. So, I’ll keep putting her on it now, Cape Canaveral Florida
 (Sleep, swollen ankles) Hi Mary, This is Lucie. I set my machine up and sat my dad on it for 45 minutes. It made him feel relaxed. That night he had deep sleep and when he woke in the morning his swollen ankles where gone and felt reenergized. Can’t wait to put my mom on it, as well as some friends. I’ll keep in touch with any other testimonials, Thanks so much, Lucie

(Lactic Acid, exercising, breathing class) Breathing Class caused me a lot of pain. One night I took a breathing class a couple years ago. This is a class on Tantra breathing, or yoga breathing. The instructor had us do very quick breaths for a long time. I was hyperventilating actually. Some people got dizzy. When i got home i went to sleep. In the middle of the night i started to have legs cramps and soon they got very painful. They both ached from my toes to my hips. I started to moan and woke my husband up. I tried walking it off and it did nothing. For about 20 minutes this went on until i got my husband to set up the Energizer for me. It had not been set up after I had lent it to a friend.
  He said maybe I should go right to the emergency room since I we thought it might have something to do with an oncoming heart attack, never experiencing anything like this before. I said let me use the Energizer first. So, he got it setup and i used it for a half hour. I noticed after the first five minutes my legs started to feel better. I stayed on for at least another 45 minutes and got off to see if I could walk ok? All the pains had stopped using the machine within 15 minutes. Sure, enough as usual my Energizer saved me again. The pain was gone and never came back.
  The next day I mentioned it to my girlfriend who went with me to the class and she said it was a buildup of carbon dioxide in my body. So, I called the breathing instructor. She said yes, this is what happened. I told her if I had not had my Energizer, I would have been in the emergency room. So, no scientific way of proving it but it makes sense the Energizer got my blood flowing again in my legs and oxygenated them, plus releasing the pain or Carbon dioxide build up? 

A couple years later I took an extremely hard exercise class for 2 hours. The man had us breathing only through our nose, some were also quick breaths, so I was worried about doing this as you could imagine. After the class was over, I told everyone in the group it was the first time I had exercised like that in ten years, or even exercised physically like that period. They clapped for me and someone said you are going to be super sore from this. I said maybe but as most of you know I have my Energizer at home. The ones that had their own said OH yeah, better get right on it. 
  It was a 45-minute drive home and when I opened the car door to get out, my legs barely worked. As I walked in the house my legs were shaking and they felt weak. I walked to the kitchen grabbed an orange, water and sat on the Energizer right away. I used the Energizer for a half hour. When I got off no weakness or shakiness. To my amazement I never got sore, absolutely no soreness even the next day. It was like I had never exercised. I know my body and if I had not had this machine, I would have been in bed for a week in agony with every muscle hurting. So, it had to have moved again the lactic acid build up out of me don't you think? This testimonial is from Myself, Mary V

Athletic Performance) Hi Rev. Mary, I am happy to report that this machine has increased my athletic performance. I do not know how but it does. This also helps me recovery from injury much quicker than before. I am sure I will send you more testimonials. I have been telling my friends about this. Thank You so much, Barry

(Acid Reflux) Hey Mary, The first time I utilized the Energizer it alkalized and cured the painstaking acidosis I had for over six years. No prescribed antacid or medicine I have used has done such a long-term cure: The first time I used it, I felt much activity in my esophagus, a coating-like and healing-like feeling whence I breathed in (that first day); all those years of acid refluxes had harmed me internally and it repaired this part of my organ indefinitely. For the first time in six years, I ate Taco Bell without bearing the acid refluxes! Edwin
(Moles, Skin Tags) Mary, I’m very happy with your Energizer. I bought the machine mostly for my skin. I have skin tags and moles that I would like to get rid of. I have heard the skin tags are from a poor liver and moles are from viruses. Well after a month of using the machine three to four times a week from a half hour to an hour I have seen good results. So, I thought I would let you know. I had a mole that looked suspicious. I had had to have them taken off before, so I know they get cancerous. After about two weeks it just fell off. Saved me from a doctor’s appointment. Thank you! I see other moles starting to shrink. I notice my skin feels smoother and little lines are diminishing. I rub the bulb around my face even though you told me even by just holding the bulb in my hands it would work on my skin. It gives me more energy. The skin tags now are getting smaller and lighter in color, so I am sure it is charging up my liver. I have a friend who wants one now so I will get in touch.
Thanks so much, Hugs, Kerrie

(wrinkles) Mary, I am so amazed at my changes so far. As for myself all my wrinkles have gone, and I am 52 years old even the deep wrinkle above lip. Also, my hair was growing back for the time I gad the intensity on low. When I turn it up higher it grew even faster. I want this machine for my mother, it seems to give her energy and pain relief. Chat soon, Ivan In Ontario

(Fibromyalgia, fatigue, allergies) Mary, I got the Energizer about 4 years ago from you. I got it because I have fibromyalgia and severe allergies to pollens. I can get extremely fatigued at times. I use it and find I always feel better when I do. It definitely lifts my energy and helps me be less vulnerable to the pollen allergies I have especially during the spring. I would recommend it too almost anyone as it helps increase health and makes your cells vibrate at a higher rate and then the cells work to take care of any health problem. The Energizer health tool has saved me money by keeping me away from needing to go to the doctor!!! I am convinced of this. Mary-Anne. Ventura, CA

(Lupus, energy, eyesight) Thank you for letting me come over last week when the hospital refused me a blood transfusion. I was so weak when I came into your home. You placed me on the machine called the Energizer for I think about an hour. I have had Lupus for years and it makes me so fired all the time and pains all over my body. I have had a blood transfusion for the hospital, and it made me feel better but for only a couple days. Amazingly when I got off your machine, I felt just like I had a transfusion. I went to your guest bedroom soon after that and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I felt great, I noticed I had energy and not much pain. Then when I was reading the newspaper my granddaughter said to me “Grandma, your not wearing your glasses”. I stopped and realized for the first time in years I was reading without them. I said, well you got fresh blood circulation in your optic nerve I suppose. This energy stayed with me for a few weeks without getting back on it. I plan on ordering one very soon. Thank you again, Sylvia
(Power Lifting) Mary, My parents have been using the Energizer for almost three weeks now. I wanted to report that I used it for approximately five straight hours before a power lifting meet I was entered in last weekend. Even though I’m 46, I set a personal record in the bench press at 314 pounds. There must be something to all this stuff…Mike E, Calif

(Vascular, colon, asthma) Hi Mary, I have three testimonials. My friend Rudy had a vesicular operation since he had stones, however a side effect was that he had to go frequently to the restroom every time he ate with a sort of diarrhea for the next 4 years after the operation. After using the Energizer for 3 times, he did not go to the restroom the third day until later that day, which he thought was weird. For the first time in 4 years after the operation, he began to go to the restroom normally and did not have diarrhea ever since.  
  Also, my cousin which is 9 years old has asthma and after using the Energizer one time, her asthma state did not reoccur for that month and this is just after 1 session.
  My older cousin has chronic colon pain for more than 3 years of which doctors had prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and fiber; this did not help for long. After using the device 6 times, she had unbearable pain one night at the colon. She has not suffered from the pain ever since. Edwin A.C

(Numbness, skin tightening, neck pain) Hello Mary, PS: Remarkable things are happening as I use the Energizer. My nerves on the top of my feet were numb for months from using my inversion table. The feeling has come back on the top of my feet. I am considerably stronger in every aspect of my weight training and am going through my workouts faster. I have a bruise that healed overnight and my mind is clearer so I am able to get more done during the day. My chronic neck pain is less and my skin is tightening around my face and neck which makes me look younger. The Energizer is working! Joe, Palm Beach Florida

(Osteoporosis) Thanks, Mary. Here's my testimonial: My mother uses the Energizer Tool on a daily basis. At one point, she hurt her back. For a brief period of time, she stopped using the machine. She experienced pain and was only comforted when she used the machine. Her doctor diagnosed her with osteoporosis. She has opted only for natural treatment processes only. When using it, she is pain-free!!! Thank you, Mary! Aloha, Allie

(Knee) OH my gosh! One Christmas, I slipped on the ice and slammed my knee on the road. I was out of town and could not get to my Energizer until the next day. I used it for an hour and all pain went away. Two weeks ago, I went exercising and the same knee area, well something happened inside my knee and the kneecap felt loose. So, for a week I could not get to my Energizer because I had lent it out. I was so scared That I would be was crippled for life or need a knee surgery, I have no insurance. But I knew the Energizer has helped other people not get knee replacements or surgery’s, so I had hope. As soon as I got it back, I used it for an hour in the morning, had to go to work but seemed not to help. The next morning, I used it for another hour and as soon as I got off the machine my pain was gone, it did not feel loose anymore. I could now bend it with no pain. This machine for me, has always been a blessing, IT SAVED ME AGAIN YEY!! Myself, Mary

(knee, menopause, anti-aging) Hi Mary, Well, the Energizer has also amazed my mom. Her knee is doing very well due to the Energizer she and I believe. When she has pain, she goes for extra 10 min. Mom does the Energizer 2x 15 min. and has remarkable results as the specialist was very amazed that her wound and leg did progress so quickly. He does not see this so often he said. What is strange though is that my mom who will be 70 next year and had her menopause several years ago, is starting to have slight Moon time again, perhaps this is from the balancing effect. She went to her gynecologist and they did a scan, but everything was normal!! When I stopped treating her with the energizer, mother stopped bleeding. Could it be of the balancing effect the Energizer has on her system or is this the antiaging effect, I think so, have nice weekend, from overseas, Holland

(Knee) Hi Mary, I had fallen on concrete hitting my right knee. It had been painful and swollen for two weeks. I had not been able to work since I hurt it. I came over to try your machine After being on the Energizer for ten minutes I rubbed my knee, it did not hurt any more. I stayed on for 20 more minutes and when I got off the swelling and pain were completely gone. It never bothered her again. Can’t wait to see what else it will do. Keep up the good work, Thanks Glenda

(Knee meniscus, rapid healing) My friend Dean, tore his meniscus and he had told me he had an operation to replace it. He said a few days after he went to the doctor and the doctor said he had never seen anyone health that fast. He was already walking without a cane. He said he wanted him to be his poster boy. Then he went from there to get physical therapy. When he told the man at the desk that he had his operation three days earlier, the man said “No fricken way. Impossible” My friend said that this guy had to look it up because he thought his leg was being pulled. I told Dean that this machine helps with speedy recovery because of all the energies it does.

(Eczema, heart palpitations, feet) Hi Mary- I know you want to know how I made out since I started with the Energizer. I used it for about an hour and a half altogether. I probably had almost 7 hours sleep (amazing for me)..Also did not have heart palpitations......usually by morning my arms and hands are pretty stiff and a little achy - not noticeably today. My feet were much better to walk first thing on arising. Today I'm kind of thinking that my abdomen is not quite as swollen, feels like an umbrella had opened up. I have been dealing with sinus congestion while I'm in bed; last night I didn't take anything for that, and I almost forgot about it. My foot is quite a bit better, in fact I'm thinking that maybe the problem with it is that my knee (where the meniscus is torn) is the reason that I don't walk properly, and this then puts the foot out of position where it strikes the ground. My ear has had something like eczema of the skin, and I've been putting different creams on it; last night I put nothing on it but held the glass bulb on it for a while. It certainly is more healed today than when I use topical liquids or creams. I have happy expectations of feeling much, much better in many aspects of my health. Thank you so very much Mary for getting the Energizer health tool to me so quickly and believe me, I'll use it every day. In appreciation – Marnie

(Groin pain) Sharon brought her friend over one day because he had been in excruciating groin pain. He had no money to go to the doctors. She wanted him to try the Energizer before taking him to the emergency room. She put him on the machine, and he held the bulb in both hands for about an hour. About every fifteen minutes he mentioned he felt the pain getting better. When he was done, he stood up and all the pain was gone. I heard weeks later it did not come back. We don’t know why this had happened to him, was it an infection? Will never know but it was wonderful to see him out of so much pain

(Groin pain and bruising) A friend Robert after an operation a few weeks ago was left with a giant bruise throughout his whole right groin and down his leg. His Doctor said that it was supposed to take 3 to 6 months to heal. For a week he has been coming daily and the bruise is almost fully gone. He was just using it with holding the bulb in his hands. Then few days ago he stared to to put the bulb right on his groin, not on the skin but on his shorts and the bruise is almost gone. It was a deep purple color when he started with the Energizer. He will be here till Wednesday morning, then will return to NJ. So, he will continue to use the Energizer till he leaves. AMAZING - Ann 

(Uterine fibroids, palpatations, fatty lump, tooth ache) Myself, I stayed on the Energizer for a half-hour the first night we had bought it. I noticed I stayed up later than usual that night and the next day the bump of infection I had over my lip was 2/3 gone, I had had it for 3 months. Also, that night was the first night in months I could sleep through the night without waking up. My nose had been so dry every night that I could not breathe through it, I did not know why but t is back to normal. Also, my uterus has large fibroids, enlarged, and is tilted. For about a week I had a constant feeling of vibration inside my belly. I figured it was not getting circulation, I assumed. I decided to use the machine for a couple hours one day. The Energizer must have brought the flow of blood to it because now it no longer bothers me, and I was ready for an emergency hysterectomy but now I feel I can take care of this myself. As time passed, I developed weight gain, high blood pressure and sometimes I got heart palpitations especially after eating. When that occurred, I would get on my Energizer and every time it stopped the palpitations. I assumed it was helping me digest my food. I believe it opened my circulation and raised my heart energy.  
  Also, one morning I woke up with a severe toothache, the pain went into my temple and ear, instead of running to the dentist as I normally would have, I used my Energizer for an hour and WOW! The pain was completely gone, even the ear and temple pain, the swollen gland I had was gone the next day. I am sure the Energizer moved the toxic blood out of my mouth bring in the fresh oxygenated blood. I read that a dentist uses ozone to kill the bacteria of his patients tooth in one minute and because of this, it kills their pain. The Energizer has helped break down some fat lumps on my arms that had caused pain. Also, if I get a catch a cold, I barely feel the effects of it like others if at all. This testimonial is from myself.

(Nerve pain, spider bite) Mary, We love the Energizer. I would like to report that the nerve pain and damage in my leg from the spider bite is almost completely gone. What a blessing! Thank you so much for providing this machine. I"ll stay in touch. Much love, Barbara Fraze

(Pneumonia) Hello Mary, I just returned from a very transformational trip from Egypt. I am still recovering from this. Came back with pneumonia and after sitting with the Energizer for 2 a 3 x I recovered. Now I skipped 2 days and I am tired again. So, the machine helps me with my lungs, also the O2 lack which I was born with. This helps my daughter with her skin and my father with his muscle in the left leg. And of course, my mother, Remember I told you of her operation on her left knee? Well, the wound recovered tremendously quick and looks beautiful, a part of the scar is already hardly to be seen with the naked eye!! She is so proud about it !! Her walking (lets say almost running LOL) recovered very quickly. Her knee which was very swollen due to the operation is normal again, also her ankle came back to normal thickness. Her physician is not only very pleased but wonders how she did this in such short time. She did not tell him it was the machine. She returned her supporting walking canes more than a month ago!!!Mom was operated on in January 05 and is fit to go on a spa holiday this weekend. How about this all? This is so wonderful. We are so pleased with the Energizer Health Tool, Desy  

(Cold, bruise) Hi Mary, When I first received the Energizer, I sat with it for about 45 minutes and the cold I had went away the next day. I was able to go back to work and a big bruise I had almost completely disappeared. The middle was totally gone while the other two parts were still there as marked as ever so this tells me that this machine does work. Diana

(Carpel tunnel, tennis elbow) Mary, It will be awesome to visit you in the near future. I have to tell you, I have painted this entire house and my tennis elbow and carpel tunnel have not returned. I truly from the bottom of my soul know that the Energizer cured me. Hugs and Love Suzie 

(Veins, energy, chest) Hi Mary, I am really starting to notice the effects of the Energizer! Wow! Today, I am feeling tingling sensation in my feet all day long (really might be the blood circulating properly for once!). Next my feet turning a pink color. They used to be more of a yellowish color. I am also noticing my arms tingle a too, but not as much as my feet. My hands are starting to look much better and veins on the back them have faded away (I mean not protruding out of my skin.) Today Friday, I am feeling much more energetic! And like I told you yesterday, my low G.I. track is working really well. The colonics, though I know do a lot, have not caused what the Energizer has done. Stuff comes out so much better, better formed, not as often, but more volume. Nice benefit there.
  My upper chest area is starting to clear up and the skin is starting to look more reddish colored, not yellowish like before. The dandruff stuff is just flaking off and clearing up. I’ve started placing the bulb all over this area for about 10 minutes at 105v. I also have rolling the bulb all over my belly area and groin area. And man does the bulb pickup gunk from my skin! Like you, I place the bulb over my navel.
  I really think the extra jump in voltage from 95 to 105 has made a difference too (I’ve even made it to 115v!). Or maybe that I’ve been on the machine one hr in the evening and one hr in the morning is helping too. But today, I’m really noticing feeling so much better. The Energizer kicks booty that’s for sure. I’m really glad to have this unit. Thanks again for all your help.-Scott Take care,

(Superman) My neighbor came over to borrow the machine for a couple days for her swelling. She had put her 12-year-old son on it only because he wanted to try it. He thought it was cool. She said he was on it for about 45 minutes and that day he came back and told her he felt like superman, he had so much energy and felt strong. The next day he told his classmates. That afternoon a few of his friends came over to try it. She told me she would not put the kids on the machine without parent consent. I said That’s a good thing.

(Spider veins, arthritis, wrinkles) Hello Mary, My Dad is improving and walking without a cane, my arthritis at my fingertips (no pain just swollen joints) are down by 80%; spider veins have reduced; rough skin gone; reduced wrinkles and whenever I have neck pain it is eliminated, Thank You, Stephanie

(Fibroids, juvenile arthritis) Lisa with fibroids on her nervous system. For the last year she has been in pain and the only thing that helps her get out of pain is the Energizer Health Tool her mom told me. A little 7-year-old with juvenile arthritis has been suffering in pain until she gets on the machine and now, she is pain free her mom told me.  

I have sent this machine to wellness centers all around the world and have sold hundreds to the lay persons. Some people have olet people come in their homes and use it for a donation.

This Is my blood before and after the using the Energizer for 20 minutes. On the left you can see how sticky my blood is. My red blood cells are literally stuck together meaning I had very little circulation. It is a condition called Rouleaux. On the right is my blood under my microscope unstick and flowing freely showing much improved red blood cells circulation.

I have sent this machine to wellness centers all around the world and have sold hundreds to lay people. Some people help other by letting them use their machine for donations.
   Sorry for putting so many of the testimonials that people have sent me but I am proud of them. I could not just pick a few of them out for this webpage.
Price $1775.00 call or email for shipping prices any where in world Shipping from Florida. machine comes in three boxes, the footplate, the bulb with intensity dial and the 12,000volt 30 ma transformer.
Call Rev. Mary at 321-525-2511 USA or email me at  for any questions

Below is a bio-feedback test from a customer named John. He sent me this years ago, they are tests results from before and after using this machine. I do not know the name of this scan or do not remember if he was sick. Regardless the improvement test is remarkable but not surprising to me

No longer available
This is the U-Bulb, it is also neon orange gas. This can be hung around the neck, knees, shoulders or just hold it in your hands $250.00 Contact to order
This is the bulb that the machine comes with the machine. It is the straight orange neon bulb. It is $150.00 if you want an extra one.
The concentrator bulb for flat surfaces Price $ 275.00 THIS BULB COMES WITH MACHINE
This is my blood under a microscope before and after being on the Energizer for 20 minutes. On the left is my red blood cells sticking together after eating ice cream. This common condition causes inflammation and other ailments. Now see on the right how my blood is unstuck and free flowing. This shows that my circulation has increased by bringing in the fresh blood full of oxygen and nutrients to repair the cells. This sticky means they have lost their magnetic field. The outer covering of a red blood cell is the north side of a magnet. The inside is the south pole. So since the Energizer Health tool as well as the high frequency violet ray emits a strong pulsing magnetic field then this replaces the magnetic field and the cells repel off each other again improving blood flow. As you know if you hold a north side of a magnet and another north side magnet they repel off each other. So your cells become stronger in the north side and start to flow freely unsticking blood. , dan dial, edgar cayce violet ray,Energizer Health Tool, ozone therapy, molecular enhancer, enhancer, body charger, irving peterson, body enhancer, dan, dial, molecular, myholistichealthshop, my holistic health shop,body enhancer device,bodyenhancer 
This one is no longer available