The Energizer Health Tool, ( The Body Enhancer)
   Electro-therapy, the wave of future    , my favorite quickest healing machine. I have studied about 50 different machines over many years and this is my most important.   

    Every cell has a tiny battery in it that holds milli volts. It has positive and negative 
charges. When that battery's voltage becomes low from stress, injury or disease, 
then it will have difficulty working properly. This device charges the cells back up 
just like a battery charge. For example when you plug in your cell phone.
Cancer is -15 Millivolts of the cells, an aged cell is -50 Millivolts and a normal cell 
is -100 Millivolts   This device powers the voltage back up in those 
cells so the chemical, hormonal and enzyme processes can work properly.
    For 15 years I have studied healing machines. All kinds of frequency, zappers, 
color, sound, magnetic, energy, subtle energy, infrared, acupuncture machines,
 Edgar Cayce devices., Tesla Machines that use Electro-therapy to give the body 
the power to heal itself. Through my research this health tool I have found to be 
the best of them. It is all the machines rolled up in one. 
     People have reported great benefits with Diabetes, People with abnormal cells,
 Fibryomyalgia, Lupus, paralysis, gangrene, edema, heart conditions, arthritis, 
sever back pain, and so much more. The Energizer health tool creates more 
oxygen in the blood because it ozonates the tissues. Oxygen is a nutrient; you can
 live only a couple minutes without. Food, supplements and water you can last days
 without. Also harmful germs cannot live in a high-oxygenated state. Ozone is a
 germicide. This amazing device acts as a cellular massage
This can create a more balanced alkaline state, disease lives in a high acidic state,
 when the body becomes more PH balance it can regenerate to normal health
Moves the lymph’s. We are 60% lymph material and the toxins accumulate in the
 lymph’s that runs along side the circulatory system. This drains the lymphatic
We are made up of electricity, we are spinning electrons and when we are in pain
 or dis-ease we are missing harmonic frequencies. This can replace those  missing
 frequencies. The copper and aluminum oscillate off each other causing a broad 
band of harmonic frequencies. The copper is at one end of the mineral spectrum with the aluminum at the other end.
When we are in pain, we have a build up of positive ions, this replaces the body with healthy negative ions, thus releasing the excess positive ions. Ever see the info-commercial where people are lined up in a convention to try a positive ion bracelet and immediately their pain is gone? 
When we are in pain we have a build up of too much hydrogen, this replaces that painful area with oxygen. Promoting the feeling of well-bring. Allows the body to release toxins at its own rate. Also emits infrared a healing wave length
This device causes electro-poration, meaning the cell membranes become more permeable by opening up the cells more so that the nutrient rich blood can rush in and the toxic waste can flush out for detoxification
Causes better hydration and makes the communication of the cells work better
This device can unstick the sticky red blood cells that causes pain, most pain and disease is the caused from sticky red blood cells and this gets the blood flowing, literally moving again.
This enhances the sodium/potassium exchange of the cells. Making the pump work better, the more electrical energy it has the more efficient it works.
Restores the natural frequency of the cells, the resonate frequency for rejuvenation of the cells.
It does not pass electricity through the body because of the glass insulation but creates a strong magnetic field
Balances and charges the Chakras, thus enhancing the (Aura) energy field
Can be used as a crystal therapy device by placing crystals on the glass to incorporate that particular crystal or gemstone frequency
* It seems to stimulate endorphin production and neurotransmitter output. This may be why there is an effect on mood/ relaxation and energy level. 
* Improves nutrient absorption, assimilation and improved memory.                                                                  
* Digestive system and metabolism improvement. 
Improves sleep. Relaxation, mental clarity 
Speeds recovery after surgery and injuries

Devitalizes parasites, viruses, bacteria, molds, yeast in the body 
Great for enhancing athletic performance                                                              
The Energizer Health Tool has helped people for the last 30 years.         Comes with flat concentrator bulb
It is in many Holistic Clinics around the world. 
This does not cure you; it only provides the vehicle to recovery. This is used as experimental and research only
Energizer Health Tool Private Reports

Thanks, Joy.
Here's my testimonial:
My mother uses the Energizer health Tool on a daily basis. At one point, she hurt her back. For a brief period of time, she stopped using the machine. She experienced pain and was only comforted when she used the machine. Her doctor diagnosed her with osteoporosis. She has opted only for natural treatment processes only. When using it, she is pain-free!!! Thank you, JOY!

None of these private reports mean you would have the same results

OH my gosh! last xmas i slipped on the ice and slammed my knee on the road. I was out of town and could not get to my Energizer untill the net day. I used it for an hour and all pain went away. Amazing but two weeks ago i went exercising and the same knee area, well something happened inside my knee and the knee cap felt loose. Well for a week i could get my Energizer i had lent it out. I was so scared i was crippeld for life or needed a knee surgery but i knew the Energizer has helped other people not get knee replacements or surgerys so i had hope. As soon as i got it i used it for an hour in the monring , had to go to work but seemed not to help. The next morning i u sed it for another hour and as soonas i got off the machine my pain was gone, it did not feel loose any more, i could bend it with no pain. My plan was to on the weekend use it for many hours but it was fine. This machine for me has always been a blessing, IT SAVED ME AGAIN YEY!! 
Joy 6/3/2010

Kidney transplant
That Energizer makes me feel really good.  As you can remember I had a kidney transplant 12 years ago,
and was worried that it might not be a good idea using something that will enhance my immune
system.  But I have been feeling really good and my latest blood test showed my kidney function
was "PERFECT"!  Actually my complete blood panel test was absolutely perfect!
My Creatin level that shows how your kidney function  was always pretty good but was excellent this
time.  My complete blood panel.....which covers everything they can check for was perfect.  
There was always several things that were off from normal but this time it was perfect
 If you ever get someone that has had a transplant and they would like to 
contact me I would be glad to tell them what I have experienced so you can give them my email address.
I only do it every other day right now but will be increasing it soon. I am just
excited that it has not had an negative problem with a transplanted kidney.  I am going to start
my mom now with the new bulbs
Thank You

To Joy
 I have had constant problems with bleeding gums. As a result, my dentist Mr M. Amir has me use a water jet, which helps. Also, I just use salt to clean my mouth and teeth.
 The last two times my dentist cleaned my teeth October and January -- my dentist was amazed. He said my gums were stronger than ever whilst before he described them as 'fragile.' Also, they did bleed very much when he cleaned them. 
 I told him what I was doing, and he agreed that it was the machine that was making the difference.
 Second testimony:

My father had glaucoma which was controlled by drops. The pressure in my eyes has been high for a couple of years. When I was checked at the Western Eye Hospital, London, in November 2007, my pressure was 27, which is borderline glaucoma. 
 I had an appointment at the eye hospital one year on in November 2008, and my pressure has been reduced to 16. This is a total miracle as what can be predicted is the pressure will normally continue to rise. 
 The ophamologist (spelling?) just could not explain why the pressure has dropped so dramatically. I started to use my machine in late March 2008 and have used it about 4/5 times a week ever since.

Third testimony (you may not be able to publish this one). The breast tumor was 12cm x 7cm and was open and bleeding. Plus I had about 6 tumors in my lungs, two under my arm and one on my collar bone. 

As the tumor was stuck to the chest, the only thing they could do was do chemo in terms of conventional treatment. The doctors have been completely amazed as I was told I would not eradicate the breast tumor or the one on my collar bone or under my arms. They are now all gone. Additionally, I am down to 2 tumors’ in my lungs, one measuring 1cm and the other 9mm. 
Thank you Joy
Jean in the U.K

Hello Joy
 PS: Remarkable things are happening as I use the body Energizer. My nerves on the top of my feet were numb for months from using my inversion table. The feeling has come back on the top of my feet. I am considerably stronger in every aspect of my weight training and am going through my workouts faster. I have a bruise that healed overnight and my mind is clearer so I am able to get more done during the day. My chronic neck pain is less and my skin is tightening around my face and neck which makes me look younger. 
The Energizer is working!
Palm beach Florida

Hi Joy
I have three testimonials.
My friend Rudy had a vesicular operation since he had stones, however a side effect was that he had to go frequently to the restroom every time he ate with a sort of diarrhea for the next 4 years after the operation.  After using the Energizer for 3 times, he did not go to the restroom the third day until later that day, which he thought was weird.  For the first time in 4 years after the operation, he began to go to the restroom normally and did not have diarrhea ever since.  
Also, my cousin which is 9 years old had asthma and after using the Energizer one time, her asthma state did not reoccur for that month and this is just after 1 session.
My older cousin had chronic colon pain for more than 3 years of which doctors had prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and fiber; this did not help for long.  After using the device 6 times, she had unbearable pain one night at the colon. She has not suffered from the pain ever since. 
-Edwin A.C

Hi Joy]
I am having success with the Energizer health Tool device. For the first time, the doctor said that the 2 abnormal lymph notes under my arm, are becoming mobile, which he said is a good thing. Also, I have a lot more energy, the type of energy I had in my 20s, maybe even more. So this can only help.

I got the Energizer about 4 years ago from Joy. I got it because I have fibromyalgia and severe allergies to pollens. I can get extremely fatigued at times. I use it and find I always feel better when I do. It definitely lifts my energy and helps me be less vulnerable to the pollen allergies I have especially during the spring. I would recommend it  to almost anyone as it helps increase health and makes your cells vibrate at a higher rate and then the cells work to take care of any health problem. The Energizer health tool has saved me money by keeping me away from needing to go to the doctor!!! I am convinced of this.
Ventura, CA

Dear Reverend Joy,
I like to hold the bulb with two hands, of course, but touch my neck where the thyroid gland is located. I keep it there about 5 minutes, and I've noticed that I do not have so much trouble keeping my airway open at night now.  You see, with an enlarged thyroid gland, there is a problem with weight over the trachea and it makes you feel like you can't breathe at night.  Also, the airway is narrower (from the swelling) and I had been sleeping with my head back and off to the side to keep the passage open.  Now I notice that I haven't done that in more than a month after I started putting the bulb on my thyroid.  For me, that is wonderful because I used to wonder if I'd wake up the next morning, or die because my airway closed and I was so tired that I could not wake up in time to make myself breathe. I am wondering if it's helping my snoring/Sleep Apnea problem.  I spent the night at my sister's last week and I was told that I did not snore until very early in the morning, and it was a very soft snore.  My sister is merciless, usually.  If my Sleep Apnea has improved, that would be the reason I wake up feeling so rested in the mornings now.

Hello Joy,
 I bought your Energizer machine last year and I am very satisfied with the results of using it every day for about 15-30 minutes. My kidney and liver functions were not optimal based on the blood tests. I had blood tests done every 4 months since then , 3 months after using the Energizer, my kidney and liver functions shows up as normal. I had a complete physical exam last month and my blood test still shows that everything is normal. I am thinking of purchasing your Energizer wand. Is this readily available , what is the lead time for ordering this device ?

My girlfriend has a problem with her thyroid. It was enlarged and could not swallow very well. The doctors want to something to it. She is scared to have that procedure done. So I put her on my Energizer Tool for 30 minutes. She did not hold the bulb up to her throat only kept the bulb in her hands. When she got off she could swallow much better since the swelling of her thyroid went down. So I’ll keep putting her on it now
Cape Canaveral Florida 

The first time I utilized the Energizer it  
alkalized and cured the painstaking acidosis I had for over six years.  
  No prescribed antacid or medicine I have used has done such a  
long-term cure:  The first time I used it, I felt much activity in my  
esophagus, a coating-like and healing-like feeling whence I breathed  
in (that first day); all those years of acid refluxes had harmed me  
internally and it repaired this part of my organ  
indefinitely. For the first time in six years, I ate Taco Bell without  
bearing the acid refluxes!

Recently, my Godparent, came to visit me from Guatemala.  He was in a  
car accident and still had a black-eye and was seeing double vision.   
Well, I introduced him to the machine and the next day,  
both the double vision and black eye was gone.  He's an MD and was  
equally impressed.  It definitely regenerated the blood among many  
other physiological activities.  His wife tried the Energizer
and like I hypothesized it "barely" lit up even at 120V.  She's a  
martial arts instructor, extremely purely-high-spirited and healthy  
person, maybe that's why the machine could offer much help =).

My whole family has benefited from the Energizer health Tool regarding  
ageless bodily pains!  I can't wait to travel to alleviate my  
  Edwin C

Hi jOY,
Here's my testimonial for the amazing devices that I purchased from you. 
Sorry It wasn't sooner, however I actually wanted 
to take the time needed to really appreciate it the most myself, and I 
believe I have seen that happen now.  I know  that the  movie "coccoon" 
was playing on cable television today, and all I can think of saying is 
that this (Energizer)is the closest I have probably come to a 
"rejeuvenating" experience like" the fountain of youth". Though my lyme 
disease isn't entirely gone, I am experiencing incredibly better health 
today than before,and am confident that even better health will come 
about soon as well.

I am so grateful for your helping me to purchase this machine with 
the (then) promise to pay from my disability income, as at that time I 
didn't quite have the full amount to purchase it. It is certainly a 
bargain though and worth every penny and more, for sure. I also bought 
(on your good advice) from you the  Scada Research RSG-2 (Bob Beck 
Zapper and Colloidal Silver Maker). 

I am proud to tell you that both of these are working out rather well 
for me, since first receiving them.

Suffering from lyme disease and other parasites for at least the last 
two years has been tough, and nothing had seemed to show any promise of 
helping the healing process in any significant way. I was experiencing 
constant head and neck pain, sore muscles and fatigue due to very low 
energy levels. I was constantly falling asleep on the sofa and sleeping 
well into the afternoon on a daily basis, that is until I started using 
the "Energizer health Tool" machine.

Now I can function normally, and with even less than normal amounts of 
sleep, and never uncontrollably falling asleep like before. It's as if I 
am now energized like a fully charged battery!

 Though I  haven't (after only two months use) actually eliminated all 
my lyme disease symptoms, absolutely unbelievable results have been 
seen, and I feel amazingly better after spending some time with the 
devices. I am replacing a mostly aching weak body, with one that is 
totally energized from the soles of my feet to the crown of my head, 
with hardly any trace of the previous aches.  I use the glass bulb to 
erase those aching areas of my body such as my face, neck, arms and 
hands, by simply rubbing over those areas a multiple of times with the 
glass bulb,  while grasping it well with either one or both hands, and 
the soothing relief it gives, is not only pleasure full and amazing, but 
lasting too.  I also had an abscessed tooth back in December  2006, that 
was driving me insane with pain that I had to take pain relievers 
throughout the day to deal with it.  Now it seems miraculously that 
there is no pain problem there at all. 

I am now manufacturing and drinking colloidal silver water and zapping 
my blood with the RSG-2,  and my previous problems with intestinal 
parasites that plagued me for so long, seem to be almost nonexistent now.  

I almost forgot to mention too, my diabetic father-in-law, Ted, has been 
using the "Energizer" a number of times and has
seen his blood sugar levels lowered from well over 200 before being on 
it, to just under 100 now, and that after only a few uses too.

 Joy, I am truly grateful for having purchased your wonderful 
machine/s, and do thank you from the bottom of my heart for your 
excellent, helpful, warm, and friendly service. Had I not come upon it, 
I would most probably still be experiencing a painful and weakened 
existence today.

Thank you most sincerely,

John D

Aloha Joy
Have not talked to you for a long time.  Hope all is well with you.  My husband Glen is getting better.  His mind is more alert.  I credit the Energizer device.
Jane is using her machine regularly and has some friends come over and use it, also, just as I do. 
We are both so popular now.

The Attack of the Hubba Habba

Listen up boys and girls. Joy was right she said one of the benefits of the Energizer is that it has a positive affect on your sex life.  I will let her fill you in on how I did it but to describe how the first attack was, it went something like this:  at 11:30 a.m.
I was at home watching TV and it was like a wrenching feeling at my groin area. My friend starts to pop up on its own. The circulation has increased tremendously down there. I why it is so good for the prostate gland.
Just an aside:  I am noticing that my vision is better.  I am typing this on my computer and I left my glasses in the bedroom and I am reading as I go and my eyes don’t hurt. 
… Mr King in Chicago


Joy, My parents have been using the Energizer for almost three weeks now.  I wanted to report that I used it for approximately five straight hours before a power lifting meet I was entered in last weekend.  Even though I’m 46, I set a personal record in the bench press at 314 pounds.  There must be something to all this stuff…
 Mike E, Calif

 Price $1795.00 and, $99.00 for shipping in  lower 48 states.   

Prices for, Canada but email for alaska and HI  call for shipping rates 

Price overseas to International countries and Bahamas is email or call for shipping rates  shipping 

This is the round bulb, 
It has pressurized neon orange gas. price $200.00 contact to order
This is the U-Bulb, it is also neon orange gas. This can be hung around the neck, knees, shoulders or just hold it in your hands $250.00 Contact to order
This is the bulb that the machine comes with the machine. It is the straight orange neon bulb. It is $150.00 if you want an extra one.
The concentrator bulb for flat surfaces Price $ 275.00 THIS BULB COMES WITH MACHINE
The Vortex spiral bulb      Price $300.00
Live Blood Analysis , microscope 17,000 times of red blood cells, not moving , clumped and white blood cells very still , meaning compromised immunity - after using the Energizer healthTool , again amazing results, almost perfect blood samples , of red and white blood cells.  Also noticed bacteria being rid of into blood stream !! 
These results can be achieved using other methods BUT not this fast ! See blood experiement below

This is my blood after eating ice cream. I figured it would make my  blood sticky which it did. These red blood cells are suppose to be bouncing off each other but they are stuck together instead. This means they have lost  their magnetic field. The outer covering of a red blood cell is the north side of a magnet. The inside is the south pole. So since the Energizer Health tool as well as the high frequency violet ray emits a strong pulsing magnetic field then this replacing the magnetic field and the cells repell off each other again. As you know if you hold a north side of a magnet and another north side magnet they repell off each other. So your cells become stronger in the north side and start to flow freely unsticking blood as in an arthritis joint. This would bring in the fresh blood and push out the toxic blood relieving pain and inflammation
This is my blood after being on the Energizer 20 minutes. See how my blood is unstuck and free flowing. Now the circulation has increased and can bring in the fresh blood full of oxygen and nutrients to repair the cells. , dan dial, edgar cayce violet ray, molecular enhancer, enhancer, body charger, irving peterson, body enhancer, dan, dial, molecular, myholistichealthshop, my holistic health shop,body enhancer device,bodyenhancer 
Email or call to before ordering any of these bulbs
DO not order unless you call at 321-525-2511 or email me first