The Color Mesmerizer

                                                  Quench Your Thirst For Color
                        Pulses millions of all the harmonic colors in seconds
                             Wear your color therapy and be strong all day

The pulsing colors are truly mesmerizing. Beautiful brilliant colored rays are emitted. This device emits the color in a “straight ray” just as the sun does. Many color therapy devices do not do this. The straight ray is the natural way for the aura to except color into the physical body
What colors are your body thirsting for? How are you supposed to know? Well this problem is over. When you wear or place this Color Mesmerizer in your auric field, your body will take the color it needs and discard the rest. You can reinforcement the aura all day while at work, exercising, in a crowded room, or with someone who you feel drains you. Any illness, pain, infection, shock, breakdown, or other occurrences will result in a change in the color of the aura and will alter its strength. If the change is a weakening of the aura in a particular area the Color Mesmerizer can replace that frequency of color.

    Standard Color Therapist treatments are;
1) Standing, laying or sitting in front of color filtered lights for long periods of time.
2) Having colored pen aimed at acupuncture points.
3) Holding onto a copper probes while getting frequencies of colors replaced. 
4) Wearing different colored sunglasses.
These treatments are expensive. Plus the time the driving time it takes out of your day.

Do it yourself by wearing the Color Mesmerizer all day so the body is constantly taking the color it needs. No more worry, simple and fun wear. 

Color therapy uses color to balance energy wherever our bodies are lacking, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. Scientists, who have studied color and light extensively, recognize that colors bring about emotional reactions to individuals. Our reactions and attitudes to colors differ from person to person, which makes an interesting study in itself. Our attraction to certain colors may very well signal areas where we are imbalanced. Understanding why certain colors effect us favorably while others bring about negative feelings helps us along our healing journeys.

This can be worn around your neck, in your pocket, around your ankle or wear it as a bracelet. Or, place it on the table next to you at work in your energy field so you can absorb the beautiful colored harmonics while at the computer. Use it for hypnosis or meditation. Wear it in a night club. Have fun with it. A real eye catcher. This unusual circuitry was designed and patented by inventor Robin Elkins. Inventor of the voice mail, lasers & solar generators.

Muscle test the Color Mesmerizer to see to how it makes you physically stronger just by holding it in your hand or energy field. How to have someone test your muscle strength is explained on this back page.    Comes with AC adapter for charging or to use while at the computer    
Dimensions; 3 1/16" x1 5/8" x1/2"
Simple to use, just turn the switch to the on position.
Not to be used as a medical device but for experimental research purposes only.

What are charkas and aura’s?
The Chakras are spinning wheels of colored pulsating lights in the etheric field of the body which spins outward, producing our aura or energy field. This is affected by light and music frequencies. Colored lights affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Every in the universe has a frequency so everything is affected positively or negatively by another frequency. This is how muscle testing works. If the frequency is good for you or what your body needs it will make you stronger or if the frequency is not helpful to you then you will not feel a difference or a strength change. A bad frequency can make you weaker. Meaning your muscles will become weak. You can muscle test for yes and no questions for the mind and body. Say your real name and you are strong, then say your name is Madonna and you be weaker. The body cannot lie. If you lie you will become weaker, there is no way of getting around this. If you tell the truth you will remain strong. Muscle testing is used by Chiropractors and health practitioner to get answers from the body about nutrition, the organs or personal information, even about a past life. Hold an orange, see if it makes you strong then hold  a pack of cigarettes and see how it makes you weaker. Go through your kitchen and see what makes you weak then do not eat it you might be allergic to it. Go to internet to learn more on muscle testing

                                         How to muscle test sitting in a chair
To see an immediate energy difference is easy to prove. Place the Color Mesmerizer around your neck. Do not turn the Mesmerizer on. Sit on a chair and pick up something heavy like books pilled on top of each other on your lap. Or use hand weights. Get a feel for the weight by lifting them slowly up and down a few times like doing reps of the biceps. Do not move your body. Only your forearms moving up and down. Keep your elbows to your side and still. Moving the weight up and down only from your elbows. Feel how heavy the weight is, concentrate on the weight. Then have a friend turn on the Color Mesmerizer on when you are ready. Tell the friend to stand a few feet away from you. You do no want the friend in your energy field. As soon as it is turned start to on redo the reps again and see if the weights feel lighter. Then have the friend turn it off and see if the weights feel heavier again as before. Have it turned on again and see if the weight is lighter. If not you might need more time of wearing the Color Mesmerizer on and do it again later.

 Some peoples aura changes very quickly other do not. When one person’s auric field which extends a few feet outward touches another persons auric field also a few feet away there is an immediate chemical reaction that takes place. So you can be 6 feet away and be actually energetically touching that person This is why some people move away from a person a few feet because they feel that person is in their space.

How to muscle test standing with your arm out.
First you need to find someone to do this with you. Have your friend stand in front of you, facing you. Place the Color Mesmerizer around your neck turned off or place the front side of the Mesmerizer facing into either palm of the hand turned off. You stand directly facing him with your feet apart comfortably. Hold your left or right arm up, straight out from your shoulder, palm facing down. Do not this if you have shoulder pain. He puts his hand on top of your wrist, at the count of three he tries to push down your palm, down to your hip but you must resist with all your strength to keep your arm up. The pressure is firm and momentary, increasing to several pounds of force rapidly and then releasing. This is a test to see how physically strong your arm and your whole body is. Concentrate, don’t be laughing or joking at the time or the test will not be accurate. Repeat it again if you both think it is necessary to let him get a good feel of your strength. Then turn on the Color Mesmerizer. Give it a few seconds then have him try to put your arm down. He might feel that you are stronger, if not wait about 20 more seconds then retest. You should be stronger. Then turn it off and you will be weaker or just back to the original strength.The weaker a person is the more dramatic effect it will show. The stronger the person is the less effect you will see but no matter the difference it is increasing the blood flow to your cells. Then do the same for your friend to see the difference. Some people say “Oh it’s a trick” because they are astounded to see such a difference but it is showing what can happen when your circulation improves.
  This test can be performed on small children to adults of any age, try it on your kids and grandparents. It becomes a fun 

Learn to Muscle Test Yourself
 When most people think about muscle testing they have this image of two people working together where the person wanting to know the answer has their arm lifted and the other person pulls down on the arm to see if they are strong or weak. There are many ways to muscle test, however, and many can be done by yourself. Here is the O ring technique myself. Put your middle finger and your thumb together in each hand. Then intercircle them so your right hand circle is inside your left hand circle. Keep some pressure on it but not a death grip. Begin by asking yourself simple yes no questions that you know the answer. This gives you an indication of what a yes means to your body and what a no means. After you practice and feel comfortable you can begin asking questions that you do not know the answer for. Then try turning the Color Mesmerizer off and on to se the strength difference with the fingers
Not to be used as a medical device but for experimental research purposes only.

Comes with AC adapter for recharging  321-525-2511

It is no longer available 

These lights do not look as brillabt as the photos, it is the camera.