The Bio Energy Tuner

This is an amazing device that you can wear around your neck or place in your pocket. It comes in a pretty pouch that the Tuner is placed in.
It emits 23 heathy frequencies that your energy body picks up and through the chakras they place those frequencies where they need to go. 
It has a bio-feedback that takes the body's negative unheathy frequencies and inverts them to healthy frequencies. No one has this type of technology. 
People report;
Increased physical and mental energy for as long as they wear it
Increased physical strength, instantly proven by muscle testing. great for athletes, to run faster, lift weights easier

Private reports from people
Below are some testimonials from this device but I want to tell you a few interesting things on how this Tuner has helped me. About 6 months ago I was out of town. There was bad thunder storm going on and I keep it in my purse as a first aid kit basically. I was driving out of town when for an unknown reason I had gotten a nad er ache. This pain went on for about 30 minutes until I remembered I  had the Tuner in my purse. So I held it on my ear while driving and within a few minutes the pain left and did not come back. It took away the inflammation. I keep it in my purse at all times.

I used the Bio Energy Tuner when I played golf today. I was amazed how it gave me energy during my game and even after the game. I was more accurate with the ball and could hit the ball farther. This device should be sold in all the golf pro shops. Lee

1. I have to tell you about my experiment last night.
I went to bed with a swollen lymph node under my left arm. Strange for me for this to happen to. So normally I would just use the Body Enhancer or the Violet ray on the lymph node to flush it. This time though I took the Bio energy tuner and placed it with the light facing down on my lymph node and fell asleep about midnight. I woke up at 3a.m, I felt the lymph node and there was no pain at all. I was really amazed, I did not think in three hours or less it could stop that pain because swollen lymph nodes become kind of hard and swollen tight with germs. Pretty cool! I thought

2. My Bio Energy Tuner, what a weird testimonial I have. I sat on my couch as I was turning on the Tuner and said to myself, "OH i can't stand this heat" I thinking this as I turned it on for the first time and all the sudden a rush of coldness flew through my body. It immediately lowered my body temperature. I have never experienced anything like that before and do not understand it. I was thinking something then it happened. I could feel it clearing energy around my chest, that I understand. Mary asked Robin who makes them and he says the Bio Energy Tuner has Ai, artificial intelligence. Looking forward to see what else it will do for me and my wife.

3. Check blood pressure before and after and at different times during the day. Example; I have the wrist cuff that does it electronically. So this morning I was sitting for about twenty minutes at the computer. I checked my own blood pressure; it was 145 over 85; not very good but is my normal pressure. So I turned on the Bio Energy Tuner and left it on my chest for 1 minute then retested. I was stunned, because it was 121 over 76. I have not had that kind of blood pressure since a teenager. Then I had my friend Mark who is 53 years old test it. I had him sit for ten minutes and then tested his blood pressure with the cuff on his wrist. It was 125 over 75. He said it was normal for him. Then I placed the Tuner on his chest for a minute and retested him without talking. It was down to 116 over 64. When I muscle tested him, he was extremely strong so much so that with all my strength, I could not get his arm down. Without him using the Tuner, I could get his arm down with just two fingers. He was that weak. I don't know if it will be the same for you or for others and I cannot guarantee it. 

4. I notice from the first day I have more mental clarity at my work and more energy after I get home since I have been wearing the Energy Tuner. Looking forward to see what more effects I might get

5. I noticed after a few minutes of wearing it I had tingling in my shoulder and neck area. It is interesting since I have a problem right there. I will get one for myself now.

6. I held the Tuner in my hand for about five minutes to feel the energy. I am very sensitive to energies. It was amazing I had tingling right in my bad tooth where I have a bad infection. In fact I had a dentist appointment a couple hours later for that tooth. I suppose it was trying to work on the infection. 
  Dr Rob ,Florida

Dear Rev. Mary
I want to let you know that the Bio Energy Tuner device we bought from you really works. I was like the ever ready bunny at work. One of my co workers said what are you taking? I showed him the tiny device and he said I think maybe I need one of those. We love your products. We are also addicted to the Body Enhancer and use it everyday. Thank you for all your help and kindness.. May god bless you for helping me and so many other people. Clay and Robyn, Warrenton MO

(Emotions and clarity)
Greetings Mary
I'm currently studying psychobiology at UCLA so I'm amazed at the  
remarkable effectiveness of these devices.
The first time I used the Bio-tuner, I had vivid dreams in a long REM  
sleep which evidently is correlating to better memory and mental  
clarity. I have a feeling it is decreasing my stress = cortisol levels  
which can equal to dozens of benefits. I also feel great mental  
clarity and less anxious.

As one client put the Bio Energy Tuner against her navel and remembers an 
> upsetting situation, she found that its emotional intensity dissolved within 
> minutes.

(Helped improve my speaking ability)
Myself I was doing my first presentation for this device. When i started to speak I was kinda mono-tone and felt nevrous. Then as i turned on theTuner to show people the light, right when i did, I became more animated in my speaking. I started to smile and feel energy as I sopke but it was someone in the audience who spoke out in front of everyone to me the difference it had just made on me. So it actually helped my speaking ability

A result I got this morning is from a friend of mine name Mark. He is 53 and has done drugs and alcohol for many years until the last 6 months. His body, physical strength, energy and mind has been deteriating. So in the morning the other day I lent him the Bio Energy Tuner. He wore it as a necklace but had it over his back not front chest. When nighttime came he called to tell him he had tremendous energy. He did not have to take a nap as he does every day, He needed no pain pills as he does everyday. His chronic shoulder pain went away for the first time in a year. His energy he said was unbelievable, no nervous energy but so much energy that he did alot of things he has been putting off. His mental clarity was great, he said he remembered where everything was and he thought of new ideas. He said it even gave him the feeling of joy and ambition. His girlfriend saw the difference in his energy also. He also said about 12 hours after wearing it he asked his girlfriend to crack his back to relieve pressure. She has not been able to do this for the last 6 months for him. So he asked her and she was bale to crack his back with him hearing in his spine 20 cracking sensations. His back got a lot of relief but he said it was the Tuner that loosened him up for it.I said sleep with it and we'll chat tomorrow. In the morning he said it was the first night he stayed up until midnight instead of going to sleep about 9pm. He only woke up one time during the night when he usually wakes up 3 to 5 times a night.

Hi Mary,
I would like to tell you about my friends injured wrist. She fell on ice going into her house a few weeks back and injured her wrist trying to break her fall. The wrist hadn't recovered from the impact yet. This morning she took me to breakfast, so I grabbed my Bio-tunner to take along with us. I had her rub in a couple of drops of Purification Essential oil on it while driving over there, and when we got seated at the restaurant she rested the wrist over my Bio Energy tuner for about 15 Mins. She was amazed at how good it felt, and the nerve flow was restored. 

Hi Mary I want to tell you I like the Tuner. I wear it when I run and it makes me run faster and longer then when I do not wear it.\
Thanks Edwin
Hi Mary
I've tested the Tuner with 9 people (including myself) so far and to my amazement it has strengthened everyone when testing it with regular kinesiology! I noticed recently that I'm weak/sensitive to dates (which I happen to love:( but when I turned on the Tuner and held it against my stomach together with a bag of dates I became instantly
strong. Other examples: I tested a woman for her moist snuff (a form of tobacco we have here in Sweden) and
it turned out that the snuff makes her EXTREMELY weak; I could very easily press her arm down with one finger.Then she held the snuff and the Tuner against her stomach and voilá she was instantly strong! And I don't mean just a little stronger but rather something like 10 times stronger!!
 When another woman held it against her stomach she felt a warmth in her stomach/lower abdomen. I asked her if she suffered from any problems in that region and she said no, but that she had her period. Makes sense!
 John in Australia

HI Mary I love my Tuner. It has helped me get rid of my phobias, depression and my procstrionation. I will be ordering one for my father.Thank You Becky

Hi Mary,
I started to try the Bio Energizer a couple of hours at a time. It is very subtle, but far I felt more balanced with it, it seems to balance out my energy field. Also I feel it elevates my mood somewhat. I have not wore it a full 8 hrs yet, but will try that soon
It has really helped my cough and cold. I've been sick for almost 3 weeks 
and the medicine the doctor gave me made me worse, I started throwing up. It 
was hard for me to watch my 9 (soon to be 10 any day now) grandkids when I 
felt so bad. The first day I put on the tuner at 2:30 by that night I was 
already coughing less, by morning I couldn't believe how much better I felt. 
I let my 12 year granddaughter wear it for a while because she was sick and 
by the next day she was almost well. I guess the smaller you are the better 
it works. Right now I just a have a little cough left but I feel great

  The "MAIN" Part of the Multifrequency" Oscillator, is Actually a Quartz CRYSTAL-CONTROLLED Oscillator Circuit. This Produces the Absolutely Pure and Ultra-CLEAR Perfect SIGNAL for the next Stage of the Circuitry. The Next Stage Has a Series of Cascading Frequency Dividers that are Perfectly Harmonic in Nature. In other words, they take the Signal Input, and Produce a Signal with EXACTLY Half the Frequency of the Input Signal. The thing is- there are 23 Stages of these Frequency Dividing Circuits (REALLY) on this Device/System. They are Listed them for You:

  Reverend Mary Seid suggested that we Use a Signal (out of the Various Multiple Frequency Oscillations) that Resonates with Bones, because that is the "Support Structure" of Our Organism. She feels that Electrical Signals have (already) been Shown to "Re-Grow" Bone, and there are so many Ill effects having to do with Bones, Teeth, Etc. which is 520 HZ, In any case, the Idea is that there are a LARGE NUMBER of Signal Frequencies PRESENT All AT THE SAME TIME on this Device/SYSTEM. They Emanate and can be seen with an Instrument which can Measure and Indicate their Shape, Amplitude, Frequency, Etc. It is called an Oscilloscope. With the Digital Measurement Oscilloscope, Traceable to the (NIST) National Institute of Standards and Technology (it used to be called the National Bureau of Standards). That means that the actual Measurements and Design are accurate to a very "Perfect" Amount of precision and accuracy, as well as repeatability. With this Instrument (the DMO), it has been verified, without any shadow of any doubt, that all of these Signal Frequencies of each and every one of these Wavelengths are being Produced by the Circuitry. Among these Various Wavelengths, the one corresponding most closely to that of Bone was selected and is routed into a Transistor. The Transistor serves a few purposes. first of all, it Isolates that select Signal from all the rest. Another thing it does, is Amplify the Signal. In other words, the INPUT current going into the Transistor is Less than the Current going OUT of the Transistor, This phenomenon is also called "GAIN"., because the Current Increases, or is AMPLIFIED by the Transistor. The (simple) Gain of this Amplifier (Transistor) is roughly 300 (also known as Hfe, or Beta). One reason WHY we want to Amplify the Signal is Also because it will enable Us to DRIVE the Multi-Colour LEDs (very well). In fact, we actually need to use Resistors to reduce the Currently (somewhat) such that the Current does not "BURN OUT" the LEDs! Then, there is (YET) an ADDED FEATURE to this Invention... There is a (Very Small) Tuning FORK shaped Out of PURE COPPER (a semiprecious metal). The Tuning Fork acts as a small "radiator" or "Antenna" to allow the Propagation of these (desired) Signals into ALL Directions around the User
  The "MAIN" Part of the Multifrequency" Oscillator, is Actually a Quartz CRYSTAL-CONTROLLED Oscillator Circuit. This Produces the Absolutely Pure and Ultra-CLEAR Perfect SIGNAL for the next Stage of the Circuitry. The Next Stage Has a Series of Cascading Frequency Dividers that are Perfectly Harmonic in Nature. In other words, they take the Signal Input, and Produce a Signal with EXACTLY Half the Frequency of the Input Signal. The thing is- there are 23 Stages of these Frequency Dividing Circuits (REALLY) on this Device/System. I can List them for You:


PIN 10 = 7.9998 MHz
PIN 7 = 499.99 KHz
PIN 5 = 249.98 KHz
PIN 4 = 124.99 KHz
PIN 6 = 62.533 KHz
PIN 13 = 31.248 KHz
PIN 12 = 15.625 KHz
PIN 15 = 3.9062 KHz
PIN 1 = 1.9531 KHz
PIN 2 = 976.56 Hz
PIN 3 = 488.28 Hz

PIN 10 = 488.28 Hz
PIN 7 = 30.517 Hz
PIN 5 = 15.258 Hz
PIN 4 = 7.629 Hz
PIN 6 = 3.835 Hz
PIN 13 = 1.0907 Hz
PIN 12 = 0.9535 Hz
PIN 14 = 0.47675 Hz
PIN 15 = 0.238375 Hz
PIN 1 = 0.1191875 Hz
PIN 2 = 0.0595937 Hz
PIN 3 = 0.0297968


  ALERT- You May Become Alarmed, when first Using this Device, as it actually will Lead you on a Swiftly Moving Energy "Tune-Up", giving Rise to Excitement Levels and Clarity of Thought, and Purity of Thought which can Produce a "State of Amazement". This will happen Every Time you Use the BioEnergy Tuner, although, Generally, the FIRST TIME is the "Big Shocker". ....Especially when You Realize how Amazing Your mind and Body Actually ARE! This Device/SYSTEM must be Used with Caution, as it may be "Startling" or "Dazzling" for Some Persons. We are not trying to Induce a "DAZE" or State of Euphoria..... Just a Relaxing, Calming, Quieting, (Yet) Energizing, "FUN", Enthusiastic, Clearly Thinking State of Being.

Joy at or call 321-525-2511

Unfortunately it is no longer available                This is my invention and co-inventor was Robin Elkins

My Bio Chi Kinesiology Meter                     

Test instantly to see which food, supplement, or any substance that is either draining your energy or giving you energy.
Now you can prove it. Walk through the grocery store and instantly test the foods to see what is good or harmful to you . See if your your mate, co-worker, friend is literally draining your energy with this meter, or maybe you are draining theirs. Even in some cases but not all it can show when your aura touches another persons aura. Show how cigarettes', are stealing your electrons.
This is a little device you hold the two electrodes between your fingers.
  Turn the dial until the red and green LED lights turn on both at the same time. Then hold something in your hand like an orange. The red light should go out and the green light should turn on stronger. This means that this orange gives you energy. That its own voltage raises your body’s voltage. Meaning it is healthy for you. Anything that gives you more energy or electrical voltage makes you stronger.
  Then turn it back to where the red and green lights turn on again. Now place your hand onto another person. You are wearing the device. If the red light goes out and the green turns on it means that this person you are holding is giving you their energy or voltage, or their electricity. It means at the same time that you are draining them of their cells batteries. Every cell in our body has a tiny battery in it and it can be charged up or drained of its electrical charge.
  If it does the opposite where the green light goes out and the red light turns on it means that his person is draining you of your electricity or body voltage. You are giving them your energy.
  If you are holding onto a substance, food or supplement and it turns red then it is not good for you, or you may be allergic.
  This is great to use in Hands-On Healing sessions to see who is really giving who the healing energy. Healing energy is electricity. God is electrical too.
  You can do breathing exercises and then you have to keep the dial turning up higher and higher on the green light as you raise your voltage.
Pet experiment; I had the lights set just between red and green. My 8 month old puppy jumped up in my lap. She is a Shitzu, a small 6 pound dog. Immediately the light turned green. Showing that her strong energetic life force increased my own just by being in my lap. PROOF!!! that having a puppy in the house makes you stronger.
Banana Experiment; I held onto an over ripped black banana thinking it would go green ( be healthy for me) but it did not, the light went red. I repeated it a couple more times and it repeatedly showed me that this banana was not good for me to my surprise. Then I tried the yellow banana still firm. The light turned green
Kissing Experiment; I was wearing the meter and we kissed. The light went from red to green. Showing he gives me his energy. His energy makes me more energetic. Proved electronically!!!!!!!!
Now on the other hand this meant that I was taking his energy. Fortunately he does not care he loves me.. However the next day we repeated this experiment and I was the one giving him my energy
  Experiments to try have fun be creative with it.
*Wear it in a bar or nightclub and know who is the energy vampire. As you dance see if your energy is raising or draining.
*If you are sitting at work and it shows the person next to you is draining you then you can see if you need to move your chair about 6 inches or so until their aura is not affecting yours. 
* While standing next to someone in a line of people, let the meter show you if you need to stand a little more apart from that person.
* Usually it shows that the sicker the person is the more their batteries are lower. So they will take your energy to start filling theirs.
* Place electrodes on plant leaves. See if Rap music lowers their energy and if classical raises it.
* Scream negative words to someone who is wearing it and see if the red light comes on ( Lowers). Then try saying loving words and see if it rises or not.
You do not get shocked with this device. Safe for anyone with a heart pacemaker or pregnant.
You can recharge the battery by the AC adapter. The circuit board uses a cell phone battery
Mary Macurda and Elk Industries, Robin Elkins    YOU WILL NOT BE WEARING IT BUT HOLDING IT BETWEN YOUR FINGERs call Rev. Mary at 321-525-2511
My Bio Energy Meter
Noble prize winner Otto Warburg states that cancer is 15mv of the cells, an aged cell is around 50mv and a healthy cell is 70mv or higher. It is important to keep up the electrical charge of the cells to maintain optimal health. Measure the electrical body voltage in your cells, your foods, plants or trees. In order to stay healthy you must eat the foods of the highest electrical values. There are a million chemical processes going on at every given second. We are huge chemical factories. If the cells enter electrical difficulty, meaning the millivolts (mv) of the cells are low, then the chemical processes that need to take place cannot occur. We need a high charge in our cells for this to work properly. 
Our HEALTHY foods are made up of positive and negative charges. This creates a battery. When you place the electrodes in the foods you want to test you can see the differences. The more live fresh foods full of enzymatic reactions, the higher the mv are. Foods that do not create a battery are the lowest mv values. You can test an orange and retest a few days later and watch how the electrical energy is draining out of it as it dies. This is the same concept as our own body’s cells. The more electrical power we have the healthier we are. The older or sicker a person the less mv they have. The younger, healthier the person is the higher the meter reads. Test yourself everyday to get an average of your body’s voltage
Every cell in our body has a tiny battery in it and the electricity energy can be drained out of it every day from stress, disease, injury, ageing, not exercising, poor eating habits, not breathing correctly etc. 
  There are ways to recharge your cells. Use the meter before and after experiments for proof
A. TheEnergizer Health Tool- This is a machine that acts as an actual battery charge to the cells
B. The Violet Ray- Another machine that acts like a battery charge to the cells. These two machines are very powerful healing devices for the body. Go to my website, email to learn more or call me. Look in the catalog if you have it. But check them out.
1. Exercise, see how it raises or if it starts to drain you. Bring it into the gym everyone wants to try it.
2. Eat the highest mv of foods. Do “Mary’s Milli Volt Diet” Do not eat anything you think is too low in voltage. If it does not register at all DO NOT EAT IT. It has no voltage or very little!
3. Breathing exercises, see how it raises. To learn to do breathing exercises properly by going to 
4. Just walk and see if your energy drains or increases. It is suppose to increase because the hips as you walk acts like a generator to your heart and charges you up. If it lowers then most likely you are sick and need to try everything to raise it up until walking shows you are charging again.
5. Sleeping recharges the cells. Check before you get out of bed and throughout the day.
6. Before and after sex, drinking water, juicing, hands on healing, holding your pets or child, meditation, over pain, praying over food, scream negative words at the person holding the meter, etc.
  Be creative, have fun but write down your research. Keep track in a book and send me your discoveries. Help me to do this research.
Everything in the universe is electricity; it has frequencies, vibrations and harmonics. Life cannot exist without electricity or voltage in the body. All of us are spinning electrons that spin at different rates of speed. We are made up of batteries, generators, transducers, semi-liquid conductors. We are transmitters and receivers of radio waves
This meter is being used in holistic clinics around the world.
To use, Hold on to the probes as shown in photo, turn on switch, then count to ten until it steadys.
Takes a 9 volt battery

My Colormesmerizer
Unfortunately my scientist friend Robin Elkins has passed on and I need someone to help make them again. If you know someone let me know. My next invention is the Rainbow Healing Pod,The Angel Healing Pod, the Energy machine radionic plate, and  Mary's Tesla Water Maker