The Bio Energy Meter

Noble prize winner Otto Warburg states that cancer is 15mv of the cells,
 an aged cell is around 50mv and a healthy cell is 70mv or higher. 
It is important to keep up the electrical charge of the cells to maint
ain optimal health. Measure the electrical body voltage in your cells,
your foods, plants or trees. In order to stay healthy you must eat the
 foods of the highest electrical values. There are a million chemical processes going on at every given second. We are huge chemical factories. If the cells enter electrical difficulty, meaning the millivolts (mv) of the cells are low, then the chemical processes that need to take place cannot occur. We need a high charge in our cells for this to work properly. 
Our HEALTHY foods are made up of positive and negative charges. This creates a battery. When you place the electrodes in the foods you want to test you can see the differences. The more live fresh foods full of enzymatic reactions, the higher the mv are. Foods that do not create a battery are the lowest mv values. You can test an orange and retest a few days later and watch how the electrical energy is draining out of it as it dies. This is the same concept as our own body’s cells. The more electrical power we have the healthier we are. The older or sicker a person the less mv they have. The younger, healthier the person is the higher the meter reads. Test yourself everyday to get an average of your body’s voltage
Every cell in our body has a tiny battery in it and the electricity energy can be drained out of it every day from stress, disease, injury, ageing, not exercising, poor eating habits, not breathing correctly etc. 
   There are ways to recharge your cells. Use the meter before and after experiments for proof
A. TheEnergizer Health Tool- This is a machine that acts as an actual battery charge to the cells
B. The Violet Ray- Another machine that acts like a battery charge to the cells. These two machines are very powerful healing devices for the body. Go to my website, email to learn more or call me. Look in the catalog if you have it. But check them out.
1. Exercise, see how it raises or if it starts to drain you. Bring it into the gym everyone wants to try it.
2. Eat the highest mv of foods. Do “Mary’s Milli Volt Diet”  Do not eat anything you think is too low in voltage. If it does not register at all DO NOT EAT IT. It has no voltage or very little!
3. Breathing exercises, see how it raises. To learn to do breathing exercises properly by going to 
4. Just walk and see if your energy drains or increases. It is suppose to increase because the hips as you walk acts like a generator to your heart and charges you up. If it lowers then most likely you are sick and need to try everything to raise it up until walking shows you are charging again.
5. Sleeping recharges the cells. Check before you get out of bed and throughout the day.
6. Before and after sex, drinking water, juicing, hands on healing, holding your pets or child, meditation, over pain, praying over food, scream negative words at the person holding the meter, etc.
   Be creative, have fun but write down your research. Keep track in a book and send me your discoveries. Help me to do this research.
Everything in the universe is electricity; it has frequencies, vibrations and harmonics. Life cannot exist without electricity or voltage in the body. All of us are spinning electrons that spin at different rates of speed. We are made up of batteries, generators, transducers,semi-liquid conductors. We are transmitters and receivers of radio waves
This meter is being used in holistic clinics around the world.
To use, Hold on to the probes as shown in photo and turn on switch, then count to ten
Take a 9 volt battery

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                                One of Mary’s Inventions   COMING SOOON
Now you can prove if your mate, co-worker, friend is literally draining your energy with this meter, or maybe you are draining theirs. Even in some cases but not all it can show when your aura touches another persons aura. 
This is an electronic Kinesiology device you can wear on your wrist. Or plug it in and hold the two electrodes for testing energy. It measures voltage of the body but you do not read the measurement as in the BIo-Energy Meter listed above.
  Place the meter on top of your wrist and use the velcro strap to hold it in place. Place the two electrodes between the velcro and the underside of your wrist on the skin.
  Turn the dial until the red and green LED lights turn on both at the same time. Then hold something in your hand like an orange. The red light should go out and the green light should turn on stronger. This means that this orange gives you energy. That its own voltage raises your body’s voltage.  Meaning it is healthy for you. Anything that gives you more energy or electrical voltage makes you stronger.
  Then turn it back to where the red and green lights turn on again. Now place your hand onto another person. You are wearing the device. If the red light goes out and the green turns on it means that this person you are holding is giving you their energy or voltage, or their electricity. It means at the same time that you are draining them of their cells batteries. Every cell in our body has a tiny battery in it and it can be charged up or drained of its electrical charge.
  If it does the opposite where the green light goes out and the red light turns on it means that his person is draining you of your electricity or body voltage. You are giving them your energy.
  If you are holding onto a substance, food or supplement and it turns red then it is not good for you, or you may be allergic.
  This is great to use in Hands-On Healing sessions to see who is really giving who the healing energy. Healing energy is electricity. God is electrical too.
  You can do breathing exercises and then you have to keep the dial turning up higher and higher on the green light as you raise your voltage.
Pet experiment; I had the lights set just between red and green. My 8 month old puppy jumped up in my lap. She is a Shitzu, a small 6 pound dog. Immediately the light turned green. Showing that her strong energetic life force increased my own just by being in my lap. PROOF!!! that having a puppy in the house makes you stronger.
Banana Experiment; I held onto an over ripped black banana thinking it would go green ( be healthy for me) but it did not, the light went red. I repeated it a couple more times and it repeatedly showed me that this banana was not good for me to my surprise. Then I tried the yellow banana still firm. The light turned green
Kissing Experiment; I was wearing the meter and we kissed. The light went from red to green. Showing he gives me his energy. His energy makes me more energetic. Proved electronically!!!!!!!!
Now on the other hand this meant that I was taking his energy. Fortunately he does not care. However the next day we repeated this experiment and I was the one giving him my energy
             Experiments to try have fun be creative with it.
*Wear it in a bar or nightclub and know who is the energy vampire. As you dance see if your energy is raising or draining.
*If you are sitting at work and it shows the person next to you is      draining you then you can see if you need to move your chair about 6 inches or so until their aura is not affecting yours. 
* While standing next to someone in a line of people, let the meter show you if you need to stand a little more apart from that person.
* Usually it shows that the sicker the person is the more their batteries are lower. So they will take your energy to start filling theirs.
* Place electrodes on plant leaves. See if Rap music lowers their energy and if classical raises it.
* Scream negative words to someone who is wearing it and see if the red light comes on ( Lowers). Then try saying loving words and see if it rises or not.
You do not get shocked with this device. Safe for anyone with a heart pacemaker or pregnant.
Comes with rechargeable batteries. Recharge by using the AC adapte