Alien Healing Tool?
"immediately a globe of fire lightening strikes the unfortunate professor". This is the French translation at the bottom of this photo. This is suppose to be a drawing of Benjamin Franklin leaning backward to avoid the strike of ball lightening while holding a bizzare tool in his hand. He lived through out the 1700's. What is this tool, it is not a key. Why does it look exactly like the tool that this women drew of a tool the aliens used to heal her when she was abducted. I took a pic of her tool while she was showing a slide show about her experience in 2018. However I cannot remember her name but I'm searching for her. I'm sure she would be very interested in this drawing.
Please compare this photo of this tool to the one below. I believe you will find them similar. What is it, what does it do and how does it heal?


​  UFO AT JEKYLL ISLAND                                                                                                This is a photo taken at Jekyll Island Georgia on July 3rd 2020. My friend who sent me this photo did not see what I saw. He was looking at the capsized Tanker but I saw something else. In the sky upper left that white so called cloud caught my eye. I zoomed it in and it is not a cloud. It is a space craft that is brilliant white unlike any of the surrounding clouds. Notice the blackish energy surround it, like it is emitting exhaust from its own energy source

I believe this is the signature of the artist but I cannot make out his name. How did he come about drawing this tool in his hand
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