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Electro-therapy is the wave of the future in alternative medicine. These devices can bring
the body back to optimal health

Above video is the Violet Ray High Frequency device from the book : "Flood Your Body With Oxygen"  Link here for more info
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Use search engine to find your device
Rev. Mary Seid is a certified Vibrational medicine therapist, Natural consultant, Reiki practitioner & an Aura photographer doing pioneering work in the field of energy healing.  We are made up of sound, color, electricity, magnetism & cosmic energy. So, why not heal with these same forms of energies to give the body the power to heal itself.  Without electricity there is no life. Heal at Sub Atomic levels.    Come to Melbourne Florida to get free demos of these healing machines and play with the live aura imagung system, do your own aura experiment.       or Fly me to do a presenation for your group
                      Click here to read Mary's radio interview about Nikola Tesla
PHOTO coming soon
photo coming soon
Reverse Your Age using
 2 machines LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!
Reverse aging process by using the Tesla Coil