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Take A Tour Of Mary’s Tesla Interactive Electro-Therapy Museum. Have a hands-on experience with 65 Electric Healing Devices, Featuring Nikola Tesla. This website is under construction, videos and more pages will be added. Sign the guest book below and ill email you when it is finished or email or call me 321-525-2511  
My background is a Certified Vibrational Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and a Reverend of the order of Melchizadeck.

There are two ways to take the tour. The best is to come and see it in person.  If you cannot then take the virtual tour which I am working on now. So let us get started with the virtual tour. There are 6 pages to go through of holistic healing devices. Ill be adding pics and video so you can understand better soon. Try to imagine when you come through my front door you will  be greeted by Famous Inventor Nikola Tesla. He is 6 feet tall and is holding a plasma lightening ball. His voice welcomes you into his museum. Then in the hallway you can see many of his photos and patents. You can read the interview I did about Tesla over a New York radio show and see some of the books I've read that taught me about electricity and the body. Then you will walk into a large room with machines lined up against every wall. The first wall you come to are the self-diagnostic devices, an explanations with about each one is on the wall above it. 
The first machine we come to is the Body Voltage Meter