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  Take A Tour Of Mary’s Collection of 90 Different Electric Healing Devices. Come visit and have a hands-on experience with these Electro-Therapy Devices, Featuring Nikola Tesla Technology.                     This website will no longer be available soon. When you come back, this site will be redirected to the new one, this one is under construction. The new one will have detail information on each machine and my collection.
   My background is a Certified Vibrational Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Reverend of the order of Melchizedek and an aura photographer doing pioneering work in the field of energy. I teach an electro-Therapy course
I no longer sell any machines but will lead you to who does

Rev. Mary Demonstrating Her High Frequency Ozone Violet Ray Device 
This video was taken 15 years ago, now I am 65 years old.

This video will be redone for the new website. Take a 12 Minute tour of my museum, 90 Electric Healing Devices featuring Nikola Tesla. On my new website each machine will have a quick video explanation.

                                My Ultimate Mission and Goal
   I know my reason for being here is to research and teach people how to use electrical holistic machines for giving the body the power to heal itself. Knowing about electric energies can enhance your health and life. My quote is: “It takes a lot of electricity to kill you but it only a small amount of electricity to kill germs.”
  In the 1990s, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease when I was 38 years old, and by synchronicity, I came upon the book called “The Cure For All Disease” by Dr. Hulda Clark.                                                                                       With the simplicity of a 9-volt battery therapy, as stated in her book, she truly saved my life, and my Lyme was completely gone in two weeks. This experience started my journey of teaching people how to heal themselves, with holistic electric machines. Our bodies are made up of color, sound, magnetic energies, voltage, and millions of frequencies. So, doesn't it make sense to heal with these same forms of energies?
These energy machines can be used for every ailment from A to Z, and for chronic pain.
  I have been a holistic healer for 27 years, using electric therapy machines. They have been sent all over the world to wellness centers and anyone who is in need. The success that people have experienced has gone beyond anything I could imagine, providing results for many health issues.
  Electro-Therapy is the wave of the future in the growing business of alternative medicines. These devices can bring the body back from many types of diseases and pain. 
  Everything emits a frequency; we are 99.7% electricity. We emit 127 specific frequencies, three from the brains, and 27 from the lungs. When we eat food or take nutritional supplements, we absorb vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acid frequencies. Then the body discards what is not needed.
  We are spinning electrons, “Electrical Beings” at the sub-atomic level. We are milli-volts, capacitors, and transformers. The step-up, step-down transformers are what creates our chakra wheels spinning the frequencies of light that surrounds us, our auric field. We really are just a big battery that needs re-charging from eating healthy foods, sleep, and energy machines. 

So, does it make sense to heal with these same forms of energy by replacing or recharging them when your batteries become low?

  Come Take A Tour Of My Interactive Museum With Many Healing Devices. Have a hands-on experience with 90 electrical healing devices, featuring Nikola Tesla, Edgar Cayce, Dr. Hulda Clark, and Dr. Bob Beck.

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